How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND) - Smarter Every Day 236

Опубликовано: 31 май 2020
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  • Hey there! This one was a lot of fun to make! Ever since the lawn mower video I've been wanting to do this, and I've been working on it all week. Thank you for those of you who support us on Patreon! You bring stability to my family's life. My goal is to be a light during this time. I know the world is a bit crazy at the moment. I wish you and your family peace and love. Spread the love and help others where you can. Look for the positive stories of people coming together in unity and try to amplify them. There's a lot of disinformation at the moment so if you recall what we learned together in the social media disinformation series, think twice before you share something! Warm Regards, Destin

    • U should be a sci teacher!!!

    • I enjoy hearing you say weed eater

    • When's the chainsaw slow mo?

    • the fence scenes: couldn't it be a melting of the plastic due to friction? instead of a tension cut? a 3d printer talking.... it just looks like melting... if it's even a melting plastic

    • Hey, thanks for the great episode, can you add other kinds like twisted or saw shaped lines to the next test please. I somehow believe that they have very little or no positive effect.

  • This is why the chicken crossed the road

  • I genuinely think this will improve my weedeating around the house. Not what I expected to happen when I clicked the thumbnail for this video!

  • Shame about all the microplastics that get sprayed in to the environment whenever you cut that weed eater line.

  • Hope you get this I work for Lowe's and have found that if you soak the trimmer line in a bucket of water for 24 to 48 hours the line gets much more durable. Hope it helps you

  • Seeing the amount of elastic deformation and abrasion the line has to sustain, I can't help but wonder what the temperature is like at the end of the line. Do they do slow-mo thermal cameras?

  • What is the difference between a lawnmower and a weed eater?

  • Do y'all in the South call them "weed eaters"? In New England they are normally called weed wackers.

  • here in canada we call it trimmers

  • weedeater? you talking bout me?

  • You guy’s are talking about how it’s weed eater or weed wacker, I’ve always called it an edge trimmer because I use it for the edges of the garden.

  • Was anyone else just completely flabbergasted by how quickly and easily he started his weed whacker

  • awesome video, but please! at least, add real science measurements as legends to your silly imperial thingies

  • Awesomeness. Super slow motion is wonderful.

  • You make even the most mundane things fascinating! Thank you. You inspire me to be more curious about everything in life.

  • How to put a slow mo camera to use, good job

  • i came bcoz it was written weed on the title 🤣

  • I'm never going to be able to weed eat again w/o hearing Destin in my head "Wow, look at the angular momentum, so cool"!

  • What they hear: weed eater What i hear: wedeeder

  • its actually called a whipper snipper

  • What's the answer to the equation 2+2? W Ę Ę Ð Ę Ą T Ę Ř

  • I feel really bad for grass now....

  • Is that the actual sound of the grass getting cut?

  • i like how he actually was wearing the earbuds the entire time

  • It’s called a strimmer not a weed eater

  • 6.50 thats my mom slapping me in slow motion when i swear in front of her😭🙌

  • Not aerodynamics, but flexible body inertia causes the system lag

  • I´m interested in how you guys record the sound for the Slowmotion

  • Weed Eater Count: 46 or approx. 2.4 Weed Eats/min

  • I experimented with twisted stainless wire. From electrical Kellum grips . Breaks off violently in seconds

  • The slow mo both motion and sound give me anxiety idk why

  • 19 mins of a weed eater, nah

  • I paused to read the paragraph, and all I can say is, "Destin, you had me at Prince Rupert Drop."

  • Dustin went to war against a chain fences with a slippery noodle cutter.

  • I thought those are called weed smokers

  • that welded wire, not hog wire

  • We call them whipper snippers in Australia

  • I always thought it was called a weed wacker

  • W E E D E A T E R

  • I’d throw that guard away. I’ll take the the shots to the shin to be able to do a better job

  • Title: Weed eater 5.5 Million people: *Hmm yes very interesting*

  • Who would ever wear a full face helmet weedeating .

  • Some say he was born in Mexico, and that his father's name was Zeus, all we know is he's not the Stig but he's...4:15

  • Why u calling it a weed eater?

  • Weed eater? Do you mean weed wacker? Lol

  • Weed WACKER

  • BRUHHH.... I don't EVEN know bladeless weed cutter exist.

  • Imagine someone watching this while high Me I am someone

  • I would love to see spaghetti as a weed eater blade, please make this happen

  • In my country we just have the base or the motor with the spinning thing in front and we just put zip ties

  • Us logical Australians call it a whipper snipper because it “whips” the line in order to “snip” the grass.. Whipper snipper

  • plastic deformation of plastic

  • Why do I feel he’s making this video so he doesn’t have to weed eat his yard?

  • Your dirty lens is giving me anxiety

  • That’s a whipper snipper

  • 17:39 "I use 'em to weed-eat..." 0:28 (Not using 'em to weed-eat) More like LiarEveryDay

  • Here its called a whipper snipper

  • that paragraph earned you my subscription :) this was a really cool video and i always love watching slow motion videos

  • Ok but how many of us are "WEED INHALERS" 👀👀👀

  • So the weed eater is always SLAPPING grass EPICO I aprove

  • 16:05 nice catch

  • Cool videos!! I feel like its been forever since we've had to goggle up for science lol. As always, enjoy the bible verses at the conclusion. Keep up the great work, Destin!

  • This fool really made a video breaking down weed eaters 😂😂 I want whatever he’s smoking!!

  • clearly a speggetification situation goin on here! :))

  • No one: Me at 4am: *watches a whipper snipper in slow motion* 👁👄👁

  • Wow, weed eaters actually put off plastic litter, even if small that is going into the soil/water below. Makes sense but it's actually quite a bit. May not be a huge deal,, just means companies hopefully are making their weed eater lines out of eco-friendly products vs just plastic.

  • weed smoker

  • is that sound youre hearing while slowmotion also the original sound at the same speed? if yes, i think thats more interesting than the visual part :D

  • as a gardener you hitting the head of the eater on the concrete makes me sad

  • Weed eater in Brazil works when the police spots someone smoking weed. He immediately turns into a weed eater

  • To me it looks like the line is oscillating on its own integrity and the other forces to over and under twist the given spin.

  • 10:34... Inches? A scientist using imperial units?! I had to pause the video for this. :) Let's continue. By the way, as always, nice work!

  • Why am i watching this its 7;00 am. i dont even own a lawn or a weed eater

  • Its a trippa snippa, i mean whippa snippa.

  • Perfect horror sound effects 15:15

  • I was literally on TikTok 10 seconds ago watching some dude explain different types of grass...

  • Awesome to hear him mention The Stig.

  • When I saw the metal wire moving in a fluid like motion it definitely made me trip out 😊

  • Destin reminds me of a hillbilly version of Grady from practical engineering

  • We’re gonna get wrecked by microplastics lol