Опубликовано: 6 фев 2020
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  • You’re almost at a million subs! Keep it up!

  • It’s been 1 full year of your brand hump me daddy new car

  • First in one year anniversary

  • Congratulations!!!!! U deserve it & more!!! Blessingsss!!!

  • First of all congratulations on your 300K and second of all congratulations on your new car keep it up Anthony you came a long ways baby

  • Congrats Anthony!

  • YOU GOT 701k NOW

  • is that beat from off the uk drill trio

  • Congrats bro!

  • Such an inspiration, im a single mom and working 2 jobs. This car is my dream car for me and my son. 💖💖 slowly but surly getting there!

  • BRO do a I raced faze rug and brawadis video please!!

  • He could have vlog this on day time. People would enjoy the video much more. We barely see anything

  • Smash like botton for more videos

  • I like the white interior

  • 14:17 booker looked so sad 🥺😂

  • 13:50 😂😂

  • Probs to papa rug

  • So many stupid people in this world watching this crappppp

  • who’s watching this in quarantine??😂.

  • Cuz he won like 3 10,000 challenges lmao

  • Your not brawadis or faze rug stop copying

  • Copy cat

  • funny video bro, can you maker go deou-deou-deou like distorted lmfaao 12:15

  • It’s crazy how I am thinking of getting this as a first car because insurance on the glb is insanely low and then Sherman got one

  • Antony guys I am so happy His bank account :(😥😭

  • Congrats Sherman you deserved it because you worked hard for it :)

  • The glb is such a sick car

  • Me

  • You know you wouldn't have got this far without rug and brawadis

  • Bro your crazy

  • N now 3 months from then he at half a mill

  • Congratulations bro you deserve it✊🏽💯

  • Me

  • Sfv

  • bro that’s a mercedes GLS

  • This guy got offered an I8 didn’t take it and bought his own car

  • I wish I could be like this oneday its my dream to be successful youtuber what u need to do is subscribe that are mean alot to me

  • 4:48 it sounds like a uk drill beat

  • Congrats Sherman you deserve it

  • How do you guys get paid

  • Congratulations bro who remembers when Brian gave him that Mercedes

  • Nah fr Anthony aka sheramthevern he iinspiers me my family doesn't have alot of money but because of you u inspire me to do good and get on a daily grind ❤️💯

  • Should have good the a class .... still nice

  • Its so ugly ngl...

  • Seeing how genuine it made you happy , I came to subscribe

  • Love you Anthony

  • Love from England brother x

  • It’s mama rugs Mercedes

  • Gangsta

  • Yo subscribe to sherman, we tryin to get to 1 mil

  • Please upload new videos...im lockdown.. if u can't upload i will hnnn... Sherman

  • You missed out on that ambient light package

  • 2015: people cough no one dose anything 2016: people cough are you ok 2017: people cough do you need a cough drop 2018: people cough drink some water 2020: people be like when people cough ahhhhh runs he has coronavirus get your hand sanitizer and your kids and your masks save your toilet paper 2021: people no one cause all are died jk 🤣

  • How does he get the money for this car lol. He uplaoded like 2 vids last year, not tryna hate. But Congrats anyway Sherman

  • Dude how did you break your heart earrings straight down the middle?!!??

  • bought a mercedes and dosent know how to act😭😭😭😭

  • glb or gla?

  • I subbed a while back and was waiting for this day lol happy for you my guy! Stay real! Do an actual reveal for the car though I wanna see

  • I love ur car.

  • Isn't this mama rugs car, I saw she had this before . In a vid with rug I saw it , video was about "hiding mama rugs car" on faze rugs channel

    • Vancity BBYG mama rug is 2017 and Sherman is 2020

  • Nice bro

  • Papa Rug a G


  • U should gotten an AMG

  • Beast

  • My guess is that he was doing paper work all day and by the time he got it and wanted to show it, it was dark af, but he just wanted a genuine real reaction from rug and Brandon haha

  • “You can see me driving this why? Because it’s built like me? Like a hamster “ 🤣 y’all are too much! Congrats by the way!

  • You're car is sick love this car it's my favorite hard work live up always

  • Congratulations bro hard work pays off ❤🔥

  • Your definitely bout too buy a second car after u win this law suit against keem and the two lying clowns😊

  • What I wish my parents bought vs what we have. Congrats on the brand new car.

  • He bought the car using the money he won from faze rugs challenges🤫😂

  • Congratulations man so glad ur able to buy ur self something nice but remember to keep up with payments and insurance bro Ik that’s the boring part but u done wanna have bad credit from this card idk what I’m saying tho I’m only 18

  • Anthony getting a Mercedes Benz for his first car, while I’m getting a Toyota Corolla that my parents owned from 2005

    • At least you getting a car 😂

  • lol buying it was a dumb financial decision you couldve wrote off the lease

  • How much did your car cost

  • you have a lot of ads

  • Brandon and Brian really out here looking surprised like they didn't pay for it we all know Sherman ain't got no money

  • No hating bro but out of all the benz in the world you got that one.....🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Anthony do gaming vids or make a second channel I’d like to watch you play rust

  • Accord was better ngl

  • Congratulations Sherman keep working hard.

  • Sub to me xd

  • Shii🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Anthony: *buys a freaking Mercedes* This Video: *Doesn't have ads* 😆

  • Yo Sherman killin it fr hella respect in a week this guy got 23k like his cousin Brian faze rug make like fuckn 1 mill but still hella mad respect fo you Sherman keep grinding 🔥🔥🔥🤘🏽🐐

  • Rip cuervo if this dident make u cry then you and not an oh on faze rug His bro or sherman

  • Congrats Sherman for accomplishing your goal

  • Shermantheverman you should upload another video I find them really entertaining, and also you should do a holiday video

  • I love this guy mann.. hes the type show his car at night.. holy moly this guy is awesome.. like srsly i love sherman😂🔥🔥

  • Fuck you Anthony

  • Fuck you Anthony

  • Fuck you Anthony

  • Fuck you Anthony

  • Mashallah bless up Sherman

  • Keep up the Grind bro💯🔥Keep it up💪🏽😎

  • your new car looks so awesome!

  • Sherman remember that you crashed faze rugs dad golf cart into the tree why did you made the tree bleed you run out of control from 50 miles per hour that’s just sad.

  • Flexing like his cousin rug, that's all this family does.

    • @Sum Ting Wong Lol

    • I didnt even know he went to charter school tbh, i thought he completely dropped out of high school to piggyback on his cousins success lol

    • @Sum Ting Wong Crazy

    • Yep, Mira Mesa High School San Diego, I literally sat next to this dude sophomore year when we had history

    • @Sum Ting Wong Lol, some how I can see that happening.

  • Your rich it Is not affordable