I Insulted FaZe Rug and Brawadis Every Hour of the Day....

Опубликовано: 11 апр 2020
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  • the ball do be changing color doe. 2:05

  • 10:50 he nailed it😂

  • 7:56 he fell

  • At 30 secs I see the light trun off but I’m not sure if some one was there

  • Illuminati is real

  • The Dorito part was my fav 😂🤣 and when Anthony did the "how GTA5 NPCs walk" hilarious

  • The dorito part😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • he cracks me up omg😂

  • ive never seen so many fucking ads in one video

  • Good job

  • Definitely not ugly just saying love your videos

  • 31 secs to 35 secs the light turn off behind Anthony like so he can see

  • I can finally enjoy life with the help of, *e z g o o d p a y .c o m*

  • أغنيه أحمد أبو الرُب !!

  • I thought he is gonna say clickbait but he didn't

  • Hello everyone

  • anthony’s laugh is more funnier than my life 😔

  • “Wait is that a cop 👮‍♀️, naaaaa” 😂😂😂😂😂😂👍

  • Every vid:like my earrings get them here.....lollll

  • did anyone notice that at 0:31the light turned off LOOK AT THE LIGHT NEXT TO HE DOOR IN THE BCKROUND

  • Faze Rug and Brandon are cool and funny but Sherman a comedian Sherman’s vids funny as hell 😂

  • 8:09 Ur welcome.

  • anthony gonna hit 15 mil before brandon hits 5

  • I so wanted to say how wonderful you are doing on your weight loss!!!!! I so would not be able to stick to it the way you are.!!! I so think that you are so strong to be able to stick with it !!!!way to go !!! Love you and your family so much..... 😘😘😘❤❤❤

  • مين جاي من فيديو أحمد أبو الرب

  • ابلعع كوبي رايت ياالحبيب🇸🇦🗿

  • 11:54 that's just rude

  • You are not ugly

  • 8:20 intro

  • No hate to Brandon but that crop top do be kinda fucked up😂

  • In 0:32 u can see that the light turned of by its self like if u see the light end in one of o think brawadis that light turned of by it self

  • I remember the tic tok rug did that same one

  • Flirt with Jackie challenge

  • Sherman is me in the family😂😭😭

  • flirt with .

  • “These are my real bones” 💀😂😌💅

  • Wooow it's the boy

  • Love you your so funny

  • The light turned off in the beginning of the video

  • This is how me and my cousins act 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😭😂😂

  • I like the sweatpants Brian is wearing I would be wearing does 24/7

  • Damn

  • | Like if u want Sherman too keep posting | | V

  • No you don’t look ugly u look good

  • No you don’t look ugly u look good

  • I tried using your code and didn’t work 😓

  • “Brain head up double Chen showing “😂💀

  • Do a video u vs brian who can draw better Nickelodeon cartoons.

  • Your videos are all about annoying people 😂😂but still no hate

  • Brandon was low-key mean asl lmao

  • You got insulted by Brandon every hour. No offence.

  • Awwww he was being so mean to everyone😩

  • Love you dude nice video

  • Is the jewellery real

  • Sherman's kind of bad at b ball

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  • In 31 seconds the light turns off

  • This was funny.😄👍🏻

  • Yo. You wanna use my beats in the background of your videos? It's free bro

  • 👹

  • Flirt with Jackie in front of brawadis

  • Sherman The Ugly Verman

  • That dorrito one was cold😂, dats tuff

  • Ayee congrats Anthony on your weight loss !!

  • Oh what a good video

  • Bruh ur Chanel is trash n boring🖕🏼😡😡

  • “I paid 50 bucks for this cut” bruh I pay $15 & if I’m nice I’ll give them a $20😂

  • At 8:09 you could see Brandon’s butt to the bottom of his toes

  • Ready for Part 2

  • The doritos on rugs nose had me dying

  • Why are ur vlogs always so chill lol

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • No basketball tournament

  • Clickbaiting pos

  • Funniest bit was when he screwed up the ping pong score

  • Flirt with jackie prank !!!!!!!

  • Your funny bro....your like tht cool homie that you can go back and forth talking s#$t.... its always a funny video...🤣👍 the dorito joke had me rolling bro!!...

  • When they say smash the like button it means have sex with it the thumb is the boner

  • Yo how does it feel to touch a horse

  • Hey

  • 10:35 Brian was going to throw napkins at Anthony

  • 9:05 dorito nose

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  • Damn there’s so many ads

  • Skull trooper ⚰️

  • You always look good and funny.

  • Make a video about your diet routine and workout routine it would be very much appreciated by the way love the videos keep it up!!!

  • "when brian said " why are you still here?" that had me laughing so hard

  • can y’all please make a video of your family tree! like how each of you and your cousins that are always in your videos are related and stuff like that? who is brothers and sisters and who’s parents are who’s. please make a video about that! love you and all your cousins on your videos

  • I love you

  • flirt with jackie in front of brandon prank

  • lmaooo love your vids sherman, you funny

  • Wow dude this vids are fire! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Good job on the weight loss

  • Is alcohol part of the diet?

  • You should tell Jackie that you guys should flirt with each other for a Brandon prank

  • Make a video about like your workouts

  • Anthony flirt with Jackie every hours in front of brawadis

  • 0:31 the light behind him turns off 😳

  • BTW I am doing a cooking challenge at home and we are all cooking a meal and getting it rated out of 10 I think you should try it with everyone.