I spent a day with EX-CULT MEMBERS

Опубликовано: 27 ноя 2019
I spent a day with EX-CULT MEMBERS to learn the truth about this terrifying world of manipulation and what it takes to escape such an environment.
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  • come back next week for *I spent a day with PROFESSIONAL CUDDLERS* -- thank you so much for supporting me and this series :) luv, anthony padildo ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly supports me in continuing this series.

    • cant wait to see Anthony Padilla bein' spooned... wait did I say that

    • As soon as I read the title I clicked and the first thing that came to my mind is get tf out srry LOL

    • 12:25 WHAT?!

    • You're a cult!

    • AnthonyPadilla hello

  • is school a cult and the leaders are the government

  • "6:54" I don't need anymore my work thanks to *pyptolmon. xyz* I can finally enjoy life thanks අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • I love Brooke, I'm just so happy for her. Such a sweetheart and such a strong woman. She deserves everything she's got.

  • the fact that anthony didn't put ruwan's link LMAOO

  • Whoop, team "exorcised"!

  • Slight alarm bells for me when Ruwan said that his boss agreed to be sexually intimate with him cos she was stressed out but that she "felt weird about it after" Like it could just be a consensual hook-up that she felt awkward about cos she was his boss but it kinda sounds like he took advantage of her when she was stressed out and vulnerable It's uncomfortable

  • scary

  • "The difference between a cult and a religion is that in a cult there is a person on the top who knows it's a scam, in a religion that person is dead" - quote I used to believe in to a Christian rituals but I don't anymore, but I haven't told my parents yet that I only believe in things that are scientifically proven. I think it's not right that "the person at the top" gets to decide how he wants to use other people to get what he wants by brainwashing and making everyone feeling guilty about every little thing. I am not allowed to listen to even pop music, or to dance or to go out with a guy (or if i go out I have to marry him and get it right the first time). Religion sucks, I'm glad that I live in Finland where most people are atheists though, I'm very lucky to have atheist friends.

  • I’m in a pencil cult on tik tok

  • Luv Brooke...n I'm digging ur channel...ur so fun

  • man this really gets me thinking. thank you anthony, thank you brooke.

  • When I tell you watching Ruwan actually triggered me! I had to skip the parts he was in after his first response

  • why the fuck would you make a video like this ?????

    • @Benjamin Cooke lmao ur dumb

    • 1. He made the video to inform people about cults and to hear people’s stories. Also to make money considering this is his only source of revenue. 2. No none of this is fake. These are all real things that happened to real people. It’s screwed up isn’t it?

    • yuh and after i watched it i came to the conclusion that this is all bullshit😂😂😂 fake for content... fking smh jesus christ the things ppls will fake

  • This makes me sad that they were brainwashed like this :(

  • nothing but mad fucking respect for Brooke

  • Where is her TedTalk ?

  • "ex-cult member." that guy is so obviously in that cult still..

  • What kind of sicko teaches that rape doesn't damage the soul or the spirit tho...

  • Wait a second...they both used words like "does" instead of "did". Are these cults still around? If they are, then how?! HOW HAS THE LAW NOT STOPPED THIS!?

  • "They never said you couldnt drink alchohol but if you did they would make you feel bad and you would know" lol I see where the matriarch comes in

  • I have a cult its the rat cult were everyone can be anyone we dont judge

  • The guy literally said “it’s called” like, why didn’t he say “it was called” if he was a ex-cult member. He sus

  • The only channel where I dont want to make dark jokes because its so real and I feel empathy for the victims thanks for tye good content

  • Off topic but I love the lava lamp in the background

  • Humans are so fucked up

  • I wish Brooke all the best, she's so strong! Her story made me cry.

  • Imagine being in a cult for anime boys

  • "Still young enough to believe in God" LOL 🤣😂

  • Next do former Trump supporters 😂

  • Anthony should have got a branch davidian

  • Why do you always fall from the ceiling Are you ok Do you need help ARE YOU DYING SIR

  • she laughs like a witch hahaha 😂🤣😂🤣😂 she'd be amazing on Halloween Edit: here's the timestamp: 3:52


  • Bro that ladys got such a good joker laugh

  • Mormonism shouldve been in this one too lol

  • The ruwan dude felt like he didn’t left the cult because he was being abused, he left the cult like as if he was changing school clubs.

  • Why is "clitoris" censored like it's a bad word?

    • demonetization, if he had said it without the censor he might've lost ad revenue on the video.

  • Ruwan gives me Ryan Howard vibes (From The Office, specifically post-S4)

  • 0:51 the girl on the right looked like shawn mendes and that scared me

  • I want to make a cult, a cult where we protect Brooke cause she deserves the best, she is amazing! ♡

  • Love seeing a vid like this hitting 200k likes lol keep it up anthony much love 💙💙 down with the demonetization

  • "is it drugs? yay!" SDKJFHVSEOIFHIOE LOVE HER

  • This is so horrible. The fact that people take advantage of the Bible and people who haven't yet found God to litteraly rape them is disgusting. Jesus loves you guys, remember that He doesn't want you to be chained down, He wants you to be free and experience the amazing things He made in this world. No one should have to go through any of what these people have. Love you lads👍

  • Jesus: *shaking his head*

  • im sorry but the guy is weird like i get it you were toght that but thats gross

  • I'm honestly disgusted. It's weird because I've always thought that I somewhat was good at detecting vibes from someone. I did notice how Ruwan (who apparently started his own cult) had weird responses to Anthony's questions, but I never thought he would've started his own cult. Jesus Christ.

  • I thought my parents were strict because I have to watch everything fricken filtered. From trolls 2 to the new Adams family. But that sucks what she's saying. Also I'm not even aloud to get pets to my name rn because they want me to serve a mission.

  • i think you should spent a day with DR Zakir naik he is the person who choose islam after experiencing alot of religions please i hope you read my comment bro :) as a muslim i am telling you that

  • Shrek is the best cult Proove me wrong.

  • She reminded me of Leslie Knope

  • the guy is definitely still brainwashed

    • Ikr.. I feel something uneasy about him

  • That woman is so, so strong

  • I think it was very irresponsible to include Ruwan, who has his own cult now (!) and is pretty much promoting it here. Especially because these videos have such a large and young audience.

  • when Brooke started crying i started crying, she seems like such a kind soul.

    • Anthony described her energy perfectly and i really hope she recovers/heals as much as possible.

  • Gothard is satanic, these sociopathic people join cults and sometimes later on form their own

  • i feel like im watching a documentary😃😃😃

  • If you ever want to do a bipolar episode I'm here

  • anthony paDILDO lmao dis guy is funny as heck


  • Spend the day with people who have OCD

  • his website is creepy af

    • its cus it was him promoting his own site lmao and anthony deleted his link in the description

  • I'm a satanist search it up

  • what about the dolphin cult DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬DA🐬


  • Ruwan's vibe threw the ENTIRE video was very scary, it felt like he would take advantage over someone just because they wanted to Idk he just seemed scary, a perv, and like secretly evil you know just a very uneasy feeling 😔

  • IS IT DRUGS!!! got me dead 😂😂

  • I encourage everyone to start your own "cults" of happiness and love to make this world a better place, it's scary how much humanity has degraded, even with a brain this big we can be worse than animals... What a shame, love to all ❤️

  • We stan brook

  • Bruh cults sound so scary but I guess I count as being in a cult since I’m Christian lmao

  • I love her laugh reminds me of the joker, and I love the jokers laugh 😂

  • You should do spending the day with emos next if so interview me please!

  • Man, this has me feeling really confused, like the ways I relate but not on the same level of extreme. like are cults on a spectrum? Like how do we classify what is a cult, if everyone has different experiences? Do we base it off the BITE model, or like 5 principles? Wouldn’t all those measurements be relative? Its weird because I have experienced many cult type things from my former church; deep shaming/guilt for minor things like questioning or disagreeing with “gospel”, gaslighting & condescension, controlling what you wear, rituals, (re) education (Anything that questioned critically was labeled “antimormon”, University institutions, bible & BOM taught as world history despite secular evidence suggesting otherwise), limits on who you could marry, anti-intellectualism (“doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”), standards about color/piercings/facial hair etc, no coffee or tea, waking up super early for seminary (education/indoctrination), Fear about leaving, etc. but the biggest thing that stuck out was fear of demonic possession; I was taught that satan has power of you when you “sin” and that you would be “inviting the devil”, so like I was scared shitless of demonic possession. to the point that I wouldn’t even touch myself until I was 19 years old. My blessing (like a mormon horoscope) told me how amazing, influential, and chosen I was, only to then tell me if I stray from teachings of the church Satan would destroy my happiness and heaven and the influence on those in my life. My parents” oh your taking it too serious” then in the same day explain that “satan has influenced you, you are immoral without the church etc”. I felt so manipulated and blindsided by these types of things (when I left) ,on top of teachings that it was my job to keep mens thoughts pure by dressing modestly (and that I could prevent “bad things” by dressing modestly), bishop interviews about purity, and an instance a family member slapped my chest “bc cleavage was showing”. Their are also issues of disowning lgbtq+ kids. There was the expectation that you commit your life to the gospel, yet there wasnt this deep geographical control, isolation (aside from maybe those in utah/idaho), and physical abuse (in my experience). There are many people who are kind and loving but even now I see some cultlike things they say or think that imply they have experienced thought reform. On one hand most everyone who is a member of lds is like “nah its not a cult” bc its being compared to jonestown or one of these, but then former members lean towards it is bc compared to being outside the bubble it is quite culty (& my family wasnt even molly mormons). So In my experience culty on the spectrum but not when compared to sacrifical rituals or straight up pedophilia+ trafficking (though early history of polygamy of young wives raises the question about this one). Which makes me especially confused when I relate to some of the things discussed in this episode, but werent really mentioned in the exmormon interview? Like everyone has a different opinion on whether LDS/mormonism is a cult, and Idk I feel there must be some spectrum or subjectivity to the definitions bc there were some things in this video that I deeply related to.

  • Holaa soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas saludos!

  • _is it drugs? Yay!_

  • The woman’s laugh is so amazing

  • I'm sorry, but my instinct is telling me that Ruwan is still brain-washed. I mean, look at his body language and listen to what he's saying. He's talking about rubbing someone's area, normally an uncomfortable thing to even think of unless you were in a relationship with them, and he acts like he's talking about a dream he had the previous night. Like...wtf?

    • I agree, I don’t believe he is a “ex-cult member.”

  • 6:27 this is exactly what political cultists do too

  • Th suspense music is annoying

  • 4:39 no it's not great

  • Is it drugs😂

  • This woman is so amazing she's a genuine person she's so funny I love her omg ❤️❤️

  • I am so glad I am not the only one who got terrible vibes from that guy. There is something so deeply wrong and scary with him. It is so unsettling.

  • The way ruwan never considered how the women were impacted by this and only thought of himself is highly disturbing...

  • i like the woman. she seems cool.

  • When she was describing the grooming to Anthony the look on his face was absolutely heartbreaking because the look of horror of what she was describing. He looked like he was going to cry.

  • Brooke is truly a strong individual and i wish her everything good in life. The guy however makes it seem like cults are good and worth it which is so toxic to so many people who are struggling from the trauma of being in a cult at some point in their life

  • 17:48 Yeah boi. Awkward laugh extreme.


  • 18:38 I am so sad she hold herself so bad not to cry what a beautiful soul :(

  • 14:20 I understand her reaction at that time I mean when I talk about bad disturbing memories I Laugh and trying to control my emotions

  • 12:05 I don't like this guy. Something is really wrong with hım believe me. Is He a Cult leader or something? Bc cults are not a Paradise it is not. It is abusive and horrible

  • 10:11 that's Fucked up man

  • Anthony: oOokAaYyy ~ 😂 I’m wheeezzing 😂 Lmfaoooooooooo I cant take some of Anthony’s questions seriously... aside from that~~ for those who went or are going through this, you’re not alone and you have many on your side ❤️

  • The guy is a complete dumbass, should’ve only done the interview with Brooke

  • one taste sounds like my kinda cult

  • Brookes so amazing

  • Brooke was so authentic, glad she came through such a harrowing experience as such a wonderful person!

  • Rape does damage your soul and your spirit. It takes a lot of time to get out of it.

  • I might be wrong but Ruwan looks like he had a good time

  • i mean of course cult was introduced by an *american* im disappointed to be from florida