Опубликовано: 14 сен 2020
I spent a day with kidnapping survivors to learn about their horrifying experiences and how their lives have changed since escaping.
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    • Hola escribiría en inglés pero solo quiero decir que extraño los videos de las batallas de comida de hace como 4 o 5 años lo recuerdas ? 🖤

    • En español o con subtítulos no entiendo nada :'3

    • Your channels actually pretty good at first I was like okay but it's actually good

    • I would really love if you could do a video about people who suffer from POTS. I suffer from it and I would love for the world to know a little bit more about such an unknown condition

  • Can I just say how much better of a person this series is making me. Not just this video as I had already agreed with everything mentioned here. What I mean are all the ones of things that I myself have shunned or sort of scoffed at. After watching their videos and then from such a personal point of view it really just makes you accept people so much more. To not judge people on first glance as much and to see them as what they are, people.

  • What happened to them is very terrifying, it made me tear up hearing their story.

  • I thought you were kidnapping some survivors for a day

  • Half of Jan's story wasnt streamed..why? It is a huge part of her story

  • Anthony, I know you have a lot on your plate with your series but I thought asking this would be worth a shot.. can you make a video spendinga day with rape survivors without justice? I was raped a couple years ago... went to the police with evidence... I had to relive it, telling them several times. Then they had me examined. It was terrible. Degrading. They didnt care. And they never got back to me. The justice system doesnt care and it would be really nice to spread information about this. The police do not make it a priority to get justice for sexual abuse victims that arent high profile cases. No one cares about the normal Jane doe. I just want to hear what other people have done to get through intimacy and enjoy love again. It's really hard. Especially when I know hes done it to other girls, and will continue to without punishment.

  • you should make a video about spending a day with suicide survivors

  • New shane for me

  • People who disliked this video, disgust me.

  • im so happy that yall are all ok and i hope yall are not as tramatized and scared

  • These videos are really well made, loving this type of content Anthony

  • idk i think id rather food battle

  • This is why I stay inside and don’t talk to anyone

  • Guys stop saying "it was only four days." Most kids get killed in the first 24 hours.

  • Wtf

  • Being kidnapped sounds very scary, even tho I’ve never experienced it I have been sexually abused for 10 years but he in prison now.

  • “Only four days?!” Wtf? If I was even approached by a kidnapper, APPROACHED, I would never forget it. Let alone FOUR WHOLE DAYS

  • Can we talk about the fact that Alicia was 13, 19 years ago! She looks like she’s barely in her 20s!

  • "Four days, that's not that bad." Seriously? someone would say that?? Being kidnapped for any length of time is horrific!

  • Imagine being brainwashed and being tortured. They deserved a life of prison

  • I thought the title said “I spent a day kidnapping survivors”

  • The system failed these women! Holy shit!

  • I cried through this entire video. I was my grandpas “special one” for years as a child, and only last month did I really think back on it and speak to my cousins and discover they were “special” too. This prompted me to ask my younger sister very hard questions, that I hated the answers to. He called me his angel, his baby girl, everything he could to groom me. This brought up a lot of emotions for me, but I’m very thankful and lucky. I’m nearly 21 now, it will be a long road to dealing with those repressed memories and learning how to handle them, but now I know which two brilliant ladies to follow for information and guidance. Thank you

  • what hurts me so bad is that. I know how they feel and what they look like during that momment and its very scary and i just dont want to see that again.

  • Finally an episode i could of been on and i missed it, im sad hahah

  • the court system fucking disgusts me for letting these barely even people be let out of jail for their crimes. its actually disgusting

  • This is why I’m scared of men and ya bye

  • I remember watching abducted in plain sight on Netflix in 2017 and now listening her once again it's so messed up

  • thank you jan and alicia for sharing and thank you anthony for making this video.. i feel like ive gone through some emotional abuse from someone who is still very close to me today, which is not as nearly as bad as jan and alicias experiences, but this video made me hope that im able to speak up about it or at least get some closure.. sending love ❤

  • I thought the title said “I spent time kidnapping survivors” and then I looked at it again and took a big *sigh*..

  • I have met Jan she is a nice lady

  • Jan’s story is also on Netflix. If I recall I think it’s called, “Abducted in Plain Sight.”

  • I'm only a few minutes in, but I'm disappointed there were no men or women of color who were being interviewed in this video. The amount of black women who get kidnapped is so startling and it gets virtually no coverage in media. My mom even told me growing up she thought that only white people were kidnapped because Amber Alerts would only go out for white people, white girls specifically. Like I said, I haven't finished the video. I wonder if they'll make mention of this somehow? I also understand that just because they put out a casting for kidnapping survivors it doesn't mean survivors of all ethnic groups responded or were even able to participate. This is just a first impression thought I had...

  • You should do interviews with people with seizures

  • I watched the documentary about Jan and I could never imagine what she went through I’m glad she got through that smh

  • I love the fact that some people think 4 days are short, I mean it's almost 100hours dudes

  • She said she was kidnapped 2002 bro she looks like she was born in 2002

  • That moment when you did learn how to knit during quarantine...

  • That one guy who was watching torture videos live managed to save a life. It's very bizarre.... I would like to know his story

  • what a blessing for these people. That they are still alive today. This is no coincidence. Jesus is with us, through the good days and the bad. come at me atheists and feminists.

  • Why I don’t like neighbors. Even though he goes to my school, and we’re friends.

  • Jans story is on netflix. Abducted in Plain sight

  • omg i saw jans story on netflix with my mom but i thought some of the events were different. i didnt know she was gonna learn horseback riding thats really interesting.

  • omg i live in herndon-

  • I’m a survivor of rape and kidnapping. It lasted 3 days and I was taken from my home state of Kentucky to Florida. I was a virgin and was 20 years old. At every hotel along the way, I was forced to undress and do what he told me to do. He tried to get me pregnant so, ‘I would have something to remember him.’ He had a knife and threatened me daily with it. He would cut my legs if I didn’t move the way he wanted or if he thought I wasn’t listening to him. He would hogtie me and gag me when he left me alone to make sure I couldn’t escape. He threatened to w**** me out to random guys for extra money. I thought I was going to die and the only thing I could think about was how much I wanted to tell my family I loved them and that I was sorry I couldn’t be there for them when they found out what happened to me. This happened in 2009 and I still have nightmares to this day. I thank God that I was able to get back home, but not a day goes by that I don’t deal with a heightened sense of anxiety. I don’t trust people as easily as I used to and I don’t let my own kids out of my sight now. I start to panic if I lose sight of them for a second. It’s a daily struggle when you’ve been through something like this. I hope any other survivors of this are doing well and never forget you have others that have been through it too. Never feel alone and like you are the only one this has happened to, because I’ve been there and it took a while to get to where I am today. I’m still not the same person I was when this happened and I miss the girl I was before this happened. I just can’t seem to find her again...yet.

  • when alicia said pittsburgh pennsylvania i panicked even more cause i live there 😬

  • I wasn't kidnapped but I was manipulated and sexually assaulted by a teacher whom I trusted very much in high school. I was 16. I'm 19 now and I still can't believe that it happened - I still blame myself a lot for it as well. I absolutely cannot imagine what it would be like experiencing something like this, and I especially can't imagine being told that my thoughts and feelings regarding that experience aren't valid. These women are so incredibly strong and brave for sharing this with everyone and trying to save others from becoming victims. ALSO, STOP VICTIM BLAMING. IT DOES ZERO GOOD FOR ANYONE.

  • I have been kidnapped more than once.


  • You should do an interveiw with the founders of Dixon Cider

  • She came to my school and told her story!

    • which

  • God, Anthony's such an empathetic sweetheart

  • When I was in 6th grade my friend told me she was an alien and would erase my memories of her telling me she was an alien. I literally had to sleep in my parent's room for a couple nights. The child's mind still likes to believe in magic and ghosts and spells. Of course they could believe other things, too.

  • I was kidnapped by my own dad one day for 16 hours and I was terified and he sexually assuted me i got back home after running out of his car and my mom asked what happend i told her and she and my sister said that i was being stupid and that i was probably just playing with my friends that was one of the hardest things to deal with

  • I'd love to see an interview with women suffering from endometriosis. It's such an understated disease that's downplayed by those who don't have it. It'd be great if they had a platform to bring it to light.

  • I think I saw a documentary on Netflix about one of these surviour victims, the older one. Her story is so sad and I hope she is having a better life now. It’s horrible that so many bad things like this happen in our world. This is crazy how brave these people are they are so inspiring that they got through this and are helping other people.

  • I hope we change the system, its so broken and it boils my blood.

  • can you spent a day with corona survivors?

  • Law enforcement needs to step it up. 19 days? A year? 19 years? And another year? These assholes need to go to jail for life. These predators will never stop. They need life in prison and no parole.

  • Wasnt there a documentary on netflix about jans story? Or am i going crazy

  • I almost feel like this series is some form of social movement towards awareness on all of these interesting topics.

  • My question is why did people dislike this like bruh

  • I thought you were kidnapping survivors

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 all I have to say about this episode.

  • theres actually a documentary about jans kidnapping story on netflix

  • I wish nothing but the absolute best for these incredible women. The justice system's way of handling these types of crimes is repulsive and shameful and needs to change.


  • Gosh, I can't imagine remembering all that. At least I have no memory of all my trauma.

  • is Jan the one who has the netflix documentary?

  • Ojalá supiera inglés para poder entender algo :'(

  • anthony is so understanding and such a good listener. i love these videos because he always manages to be as respectful as possible

  • the oldest ladies story is ✨confusing✨ 🧍🏼‍♂️

  • Ur weird

  • These rapes and kidnapping sentences are exactly the reason I am a third wave feminist

    • And also men can get raped it just doesnt get reported as much or isn't on social media so when men get raped its often unheard

    • @paul Fungus idk

    • what os third wave.

  • When I first clicked on this I thought he was one of the kidnapping survivors...Idk yet though I didn’t watch the video yet

  • I was almost kidnapped in target by two large men because I wasn’t paying attention and my mom kept in telling me to get close and I kept asking why they followed us all across target and kept whispering things like “ that’s it that’s the one” to each other

  • Al of this men were pedophiles the guilty ones are the depredators always ALWAYS, victim blaming is as bad as defending the depredator is so sick this world is so sad

  • These woman are so strong being quite young i got confused on one of the stories (the alien one) since they kept switching but that didnt change my opionion even tho i didnt quite knkw what she was saying i still felt so much sympathy for her just bc i knew shr was kidnapped,thsi goes for the other story two both woman are so strong and deserve AMAZING lives as a reward for how strong they are the deserve the world and nothing less

  • I have never so bad for anyone in my entire life

  • this has happened to me about 7 or 8 years ago by my own dad luckily i got adopted by me step-dad i'm glad me and the 2 girls in the video are safe ngl i looked like anthony was going to cry and i was cry btw love your vids anthony

  • Humans...

    • No, rapists. There’s a difference you know. You see, humans have feelings and can feel empathy for others. Rapists are not humans since they can’t care about anyone other than theirselves. I should know, I lived with one without knowing it but luckily he’s gone now.

  • Maybe you should spent a day with feminist so there’s more awareness to the topic and even more now because of what’s happening in Mexico it would help a lot ❤️

  • i feel bad for these women :(

  • the girl who was told she had to have a baby had a movie made about her

  • I find the lighthearted background beat kind of offensive to these stories

  • Why would someone kidnap Jan? You saw the pictures to right? Or they just must have only had that picture to show what she looked like. Either way she didn’t deserve it, nobody did. The kidnappers should get kidnapped by police.

  • Bless all these survivors 🙏🏿

  • Bro i read this as ^I spent the day kidnaping survivors^ lol

  • No one: Me: mmm now I want a quesadilla

  • jan has a documentary on netflix about her kidnapping called “abducted in plain sight” it’s very very interesting and i highly recommend if you’re into that sorta stuff

  • jan actually has a documentary on netflix about her kidnapping it’s called “abducted in plain sight” i watch it about a month or two ago it’s rlly rlly good and interesting if you’re interested in that kinda stuff

  • I didn't get kidnap however I start getting stalk by a person my parents knew when I was younger. When I turn 18 he starts acting like a creep following me home at night and always texting me and calling me when I didn't want to speak to him. I caught him pulling up to my house when I went on a morning walk and it clicked. He was stalking me, I was so fed up with him I finally text him once and for all speak to me ever again, or show up at my house I'm calling the cops and filing a harassment report. He stopped, but when he sees me in public he constantly staring and refuses to stop staring. Sometimes I do wonder if he would try to kidnap or try to kill me because his behaviour is scary and not normal. He also put me on the spot and made me uncomfortable enough to give my cell phone number when I didn't want too. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO CALL OUT THESE PEOPLE WHEN YOU FEEL THEY MANIPULATING YOU OR CROSS YOUR BOUNDARIES. I thank god every day I call him out because I feel his behaviour would escalate to criminal activity just saying. It grosses me out that he saw my mother and me again and he starts acting like this when I show no interest. No woman ever responsible for a man's behaviour he can control himself he chooses not too.

  • My cousin got kidnapped in Mexico and since we were visiting the kidnappers knew that our family is pretty rich and they kidnapped my cousin and they threatened us if we didn't give them a lot of money they would kill my cousin my mom had to pay I don't really know the rest but my cousin is fine now and she's studying to be a doctor

  • One of the reasons why i love staying at home 😁

    • Well someone can just brake in to ur house

  • Oh, I didn't see "with" in the title lol I was about to say.

  • bro these people went through Hell

  • These types of freaks are everywhere, and are sometimes closer than they appear. Be cautious and aware of everything. Please stay safe gals and guys ❤️

  • This should be a tv shiw

  • OMG it must be so horrible... oml

  • there's way too many adds...cant focus and listen to their stories properly cause they deserve it:/