I spent a day with MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES (Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Опубликовано: 4 мар 2020
I spent a day with plurals who have dissociative identity disorder to learn the truth about this severely misunderstood disorder.
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  • 🙋thank you *@dissociaDID (Nin)* for helping me title this video and ensuring it is respectful to the DID community. -new episode of this series every single week so consider 🛑 subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.


    • Thank you for making this video. I learned so much

    • @DissociaDID I need your help... I had a few traumas between age six and eight, but I dissociate about twice a week and I don't know if that means I have DID. it seems their names are Samantha/Sammy, Vivian, Blair. I mostly stay as Lola but around twice a week usually lasting most of the day i will switch and i get the feeling of dissociation so I was wondering if thats DID

    • I don't know if you realized this in the interview, but nin and her system are VERY protective of their littles and the way you handled when the little fronted and how kind and understanding you were is something that they likely immensely appreciate. Littles are never shown in their videos on her channel and it is to keep them safe, but you did really well and were a really great ally for them. You're so appreciated!🖤

    • AnthonyPadilla hello

  • This is so beautiful

  • Just saving some time stamps: 17:07 22:48

  • No entiendo un carajo por qué está en Español el título y al final está en Ingles

  • Bro, please tell me other people see how fake this is right...

  • Dating a girl with did would be genuinely interesting from an intellectual level but on a more light hearted level it would be cool af because you essentially get to have multiple girlfriends 😝😅

  • I don’t know how to word this properly without maybe accidentally offending anyone so I’ll apologize now but when nin’s other alters appeared to be more exact her child one I almost died from a cuteness overload

  • As a clinical psych and social work grad student, I have to admit that DID is very much still a mystery to me. It is one thing to be reading about it in the DSM-5 and to actually witness how the disassociation is in reality. The best we can do, perhaps, is to be more understanding and treat people where they stand and as they expect us to. A world with more empathy and less judgment, if you will.

  • I like how Kyle *LITERALLY* needed to hide the skirt with the jacket "Of course she's wearing a fuckin skirt." Adorable.

  • So, venom and eddie brock is kinda based off them. Thats weird but kinda cool

  • The physicality and voice differences are so interesting!

  • Shouldn't everyone have atleast 2 personalities. I'm a nobody but hmu if you want to interview someone who knows astrology.


  • Deep respect for them, all of them a wonderful !


  • Awsome video, really cool people! :) Must have been a great experience meeting them!

  • i think having one extra personality would be good in some situations (not to say that its a good thing), but any more than that I couldn’t imagine being good too often at all

  • In murdoc mysterys there is an episode in witch one person has DID (i sadly don't know wich episode)

  • When you've got a job interview at 2 p.m. but you slept in until 1 o'clock- 0:39


  • sometimes when I stare off into space I am unaware of when I snap back into reality and my personality is slowly integrating back to my individual personality. I forget whose body I am in and who I am. So I 5% get what it is like. And it is scary. I also have autism so.

  • 100% fake

  • Hmm yes *Kyle the banana guy*

  • It was so interesting to see nin change into Kyle this was a really respectful video to pepole with d.I.d

  • Is this split but on youtube?

  • Oh my goodness, when dissociaDID's Little came out, I was straight up crying. Yes, you're no longer alone honey. Everything is much better now.

  • Um why Banana

  • Um I have benne in three prson before

  • wow, I had always thought it was like his personality only changed from one moment to the next, but I realize that it is like a transition. This was super interesting!

  • I’m the Primary Protector of the Hope System (Lizzy- hi), and Cadie was watching this..haha- when DissociaDID’s little started to cry we were kind of co-conscious and that just completely triggered me to front- Such a sweet thing. :)

  • Anthony is fantastic

  • the fact that little decided to come out and answer a question in the interview shows how safe and friendly anthony had made the setup AND himself

  • Im crying so much when nins little starts crying. It breaks my heart to think what these people went through in there lives. 😢

  • I absolutely love the redwood system, they're so fun and relaxed and they just seem so happy to be there educating people on their life

  • Bro i cannot stop watching this over and over

  • I love how the “kid” personality of Nin/Kyle changed from being so happy to sad and emotional. It’s so heart warming to me.

  • Trisha left the chat

  • acrylic and aether would have been good to have on this.

  • When y’all gave Kyle something to cover his legs my heart was so happy 😩

  • The only thing I can say about this is WOW, the human brain is something magical literally WOW, I loved it, and dear DID people I love you, thank you padilla for hugging the baby girl I would have done the same.

  • I actually saw that girl called nin somewhere🤔

  • Watching this in night gave me goosebumps. Why did they put that music??

  • That little is so cute!

  • I am not sure about DiD and have so many questions about that. Never let them out bcs there is someone really sick. Is it possible to control it? Usually I switch to Maya who have depression but the others are often keep locked by me, I am too scary to let them out it is exhausting but I manage it somehow.

  • Yas bring that jacket over here fam.

  • Paused. TY someone hugged this child! I would've asked first just cuz they're not my child but TY cuz a hug felt needed.

  • this video is incredible and made me sub. Im going to go watch a bunch more. I see there's a tourettes one and my brother has tourette so Ill do that next

  • The little actually made me cry

  • It’s so sweet how Anthony helped support and comfort Nin, Kyle, and the Little when they were switching.

  • it’s crazy how different Kyle and Nin’s accents are-

  • i have a crush on kyle

  • can you stop breaking the roof

  • I like this guy. Very good interviewer

  • when is the next food battle?

  • Is this the bully from Shazam?

  • When Alli was asked a question and was like who wants to answer this question and then Z came to the front, if you look closely, his facial expressions kinda changed. The muscles on his eyes and cheek bones are so much more relaxed.. (which I find, obviously, super cool) And Eternal..!! Wow..!!! When they were like *"Eternal, yeah she's cool"* that was sooo sooo sooooo adorable When Kyle talked about Chloe bringing home a friend and then switched, and the friends being scared kinda hurt me. I would love to have a friend with DID (sorry if it sounds offensive, I don't mean to offence anyone). The DID system and every single one of the alters are strong people and I truly truly admire them

  • It sucks that I only know about DID from the movie split and this inspired me to learn more about it

  • Oh God Nin's little one is the purest things in the whole world ✨✨😭😭💜💜

  • Could I just say Split isn’t technically about DID. It’s more about the human brain being able to push the limits of the body and what could be a possibility if we could unlock more of the brain since we only use 10% at a time. Yes the character has DID but it’s not about DID being a terrible thing, it’s that these individual personalities in one body believe that unlocking the brain can lead to tremendous power. I think people who don’t have DID saying that that’s all the movie is about don’t really have any education on the subject.

    • Please read the comment before replying to it.

    • @SnazzyArcade I won’t debate this or argue it with you, but based off the actual reports and readings, I’ll stand by what medical experts say. Furthermore the movie is conversation is fictional and more or less a hypothetical question. And to clarify, I’m not saying the other 90% is useless nor am I saying that’s what I believe, I’m saying that’s what the movie is based around.

    • We do NOT use 10% of our brain at a time, that's a total myth. All parts are more or less active all of the time, but when 100% of the brain is active that's called a seizure.

  • can i just say that Nin is so gorgeous and nice? shes really putting so much effort into stopping misinformation about DID. Kyle seems very cool like the type of person youd want for a friend. also the little was the sweetest ever i hate that we live in a world where they have to feel fear for their littles safety :( i wish i could send them all of their viewers love and support in a few words

  • the way anthony made nin's little feel comfortable and hugged them is the most precious thing ever

  • The child alter is so cute🥰

  • This is literally Punn from the Gifted lmao

  • It reminds me of umaru chan (Japanese Anime)

  • Friendly reminder for any systems out there that you're loved and completely valid

  • How have I only seen/heard about this channel today? That’s crazy these r really cool and enlightening. Really cool how you give a voice to those who may not already

  • This is so funny man, people that actually have this are NOT even close to this shit 😂😂😂😂😂

  • :0 I just remembered a couple days ago... y was like "I'm gonna commit suicide" but like my subconscious said "Wait, don't do it, your brother and your sister are gonna be sad, and you don't want that" and I was like "You're right" aaaand here I am

  • I feel so bad fro the people who have DID. When people say things like"I wish i had DID, i want to have it! DID is so cool!" I kinda get annoyed. I get annoyed because DID forms from repeated hell and abuses for a child, and its so bad that the mind cant take it any more so it has to make another one of you! And you can get so confused that you have it and it might even hurt you. I hope all ya'll with DID can be happy and not be treated badly

  • We have DID and want to thank you for this video! Very informative and to the point

  • Dude 98lakh views and counting.Anthony deserves so much more❤sending respect and love your way!!

  • I love how Anthony treats Kyle like a man, and the little like a child. It's really comforting to see someone's illness so validated by someone who doesn't have it.

  • I was diagnosed with this when I was very young after suffering several "black outs" and abrupt changes in personality and I would get in trouble for things I couldn't remember doing. I was a kid at the time but she insisted she was an adult. She could be very vulgar and act in ways that a child definitely shouldn't. I only had the one alter and it was in response to a very specific form of abuse I was suffering from that no one had known about until my therapist spoke with my alter...that I had no memory of and still don't. Once I was removed from that she eventually stopped showing up more and more. She sometimes shows up since I became married but my husband likes her and she approves of him so it hasn't ever been a problem. Honestly I think she was testing him lol

  • I have this disorder. I have 8 documented personalities, I call myself the core. I can't work because I never know when something will trigger a switch. At age 6 my trauma began and I have a 6 year old alter, I'm 60. Lots of therapy to integrate most of them. I started out with 22.

  • Now don't get me wrong or anything i like the film split maybe its cause of James McAvoy is a good actor but i understand how offensive that movie can be cause i understand how its different to what people with D.I.D have to experience

  • I just LOVE Kyle so much, he's awesome!

  • Are they for real ? cuz they speak about it like it's nothing and know everything about the other characters

  • Oh my god Nin's little's voice is ADORABLE I love him/her

  • When I close my eyes I can see my body from a third person pov it’s weird... Kyle is so adorable

  • I learned about DID when I was in middle school and ended up supressing it until recently. I struggled with it because my family didn't allow for psychologists and now I'm wondering if I missed a lot being unable to properly deal and now it's hard learning on my own to accept them. It makes me happy to know that I'm on the right path now to accepting myself.

  • Plot twist: we all have "DID"

  • I had a gf with DID and nin reminds me of her so much , lol, she only had 2 alters though (three of them all together)

  • Nin and Kyle have been always protective over the little and when they censored at the age of the little, I feel safe for them. There's a lot of bad people online here that can harm the child

  • You should have asked about how it is if one alter is allergic to something but the other is not how does that work?? If it makes sense.

    • All the alters share the same body, and allergy affects the body physically so if they have allergy, it doesn't matter which alter is fronting.

  • my dad died when i was 9

  • Omg, Nin's child one was soooooo cute! I couldn't, she was too cute. I had a cute overload :w:

  • Anthony and Nin would make a cute couple

  • Oh my god Kyle 👏😂

  • The only problem of having this disorder is when you want privacy you can't get it because you know you're alters are there watching you. XD

  • Is there like a main person/personality or are all of them like equally part of the body?

    • @Adam Tidwell Oh...that makes sense. Thank you for answering my question. That helps me understand a lot better.

    • There's a "host" which is pretty much the alter that is out the most, and takes care of most of the day to day activities, but all alters are (or should be) equal. They all exist for a reason, and have just as much of a right to front and do as they please with their time in the body (within reason, of course.)

  • why is it that i love kyle sm

  • I love Kyle lmao I think he's so cool

  • Her Child alter was so freaking cute 🥺 and she/he/they made me cry lol

  • That’s was so cool watching her switch into my guy Kyle 😎

  • For people that are freaked out or don't believe DID exists: Your brain is just meat with electricity in it. Don't be surprised when it does some weird shit

    • Lmaooo

    • @druechapman ok what is it then lmao

    • That’s funny 😂 if I ever become a professor I would definitely find an occasion to say that to the students

    • @Colossal Fossils I hate you for this

    • druechapman It literally is though. It’s like a soggy piece of bacon with less power than a lightbulb.

  • Do people with DID feel any dysphoria?

    • Many do, yes! Especially those whose gender does not align with the body's sex or presentation thereof. You can see this when Kyle comes out in this video. He is uncomfortable with the feminine presentation of the body, and specifically the skirt that Nin chose to wear. Even those whose gender matches the body's presentation may experience dysphoria due to their bodies in the inner world (basically the part of the brain where alters live) not resembling the physical body in some way.

  • Omg I've never met a person with DID. Thanks for sharing!

  • anthony was so nice when nin's little fronted aw

  • I just can’t with her little!!! When she started crying! ;-; awwwwwww

  • very interesting i enjoyed :)