I spent a day with NETFLIX REALITY STARS (Love is Blind, Too Hot to Handle, The Circle)

Опубликовано: 14 июл 2020
I spent a day with stars from some of Netflix’s biggest reality shows to learn what it’s really like to be a reality television star.
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  • come back next week for *I spent a day with RU-tv’S BIGGEST LEGENDS* -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.

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    • Hey

    • what happened to DissociaDID?? She hasn't posted in 3 months, you were her last interviewer, can you check on her?? After all that hype she went into hiding and didn't say anything.

    • Hi.. would you want to spend a day with people with alopecia? I kind of want to show my friend that she can be brave in a world of different mindsets, and i'm thinking you're the perfect person..

    • Can you do "i spent a day with bisexuals" next???


  • I want to see Joey, Shooby, and Anthony in one room for an hour.

  • Awesome...agree People Like this

  • chloe: i was a bit nervous about them showing my ditsy side chloe im sorry but they ONLY showed your ditsy side

  • Do spend a day with kid nation

  • There is this one guy, that has bought all the Sox’s and foot pictures of every 21st century celebrity :)

  • Kinda real sad Shubam wasn't with Joey

  • So I don’t use Instagram but I’m sure your content there is as amazing as you are.

  • Too Hot To Handle is the only one of these shows I didn't watch any of, but Chloe seems like such a treat! It's awesome to hear about how the show helped her recognize the importance of setting boundaries and sticking up for yourself. Also not surprised to hear how many male influencers make that gay foot fetish money.

  • It’s not said enough but The Circle was hilarious 😭😭

  • Did anyone else get scared by him doing the "falling from the ceiling" thing

  • WHO HATES ON CHLOE?? I watched the show and omgg she is adorable! He ditzy-side is what makes Chloe herself and its so cute

  • I've seen all 3 of these shows 👁👄👁 I have no life lmaoo

  • 15:40 it's been an hour and I still cant stop laughing

  • Joey is great and all that but we need an episode of strictly just Shubham 😤💀

  • My favorite Netflix thingy reality thing is Nailed It, it’s quite good.

  • I don’t like reality tv, there’s already enough made up drama at school T^T

  • anthony you really make the best content ever!!!!! i recently got to discover your channel thanks (for once) to youtube algo....so you might blacklisted..but not to this bitch here :D

  • I forgot how loud Joey is lmaoo

  • It was weird to see his old hair 😂

  • God bless you so much gorgeous

  • Shooby was god same with Joey so I'm ok with Joey winning

  • I have so much respect for Chloe for so many reasons

  • Joey has a funny personality bro I laughed so hard when he was talking about the socks😭😭

  • 11:11 Learned? Should of already learn of knew

  • “Fans only” accounts 😂 That was adorable omg, love this one 😂👌🏻

  • for 2 days i m binge watching all your videos.. u re amazing at what u re doing! great inverview as usual



  • Omg Joey!!

  • I saw Joey and Chloe and I screamed i-

  • Second comment: Make a Reddit •_•..... I’d be glued to that shit-

  • Too hot to handle is basically no nut November

  • Love Joey 💙

  • I like this episode 😂😂😂

  • Chloe is funny hahah

  • Wowww I like them 😍

  • Joey is so sincere I've text with him before

  • Chloe seems so much more down to earth in this video than on the Netflix show 😂

  • chloe gives me life.

  • Yessir our boy JOEY

  • bring new serous to youtube


  • plz plug merch in description


  • I remember at the beginning of the circle I hated Joey and by the end he was one of my favorites 😭

  • How many people like Netflix? Let those who like it leak. 👇

  • Thx Anthony Padilla u made me smile and u just creat great videos!

  • Am I the only one who was like, OMG ITS HARRY

  • “Everything is FAKE scripted I’m heartbroken how could this be? I’m DONE” 8:08🤣

  • BB USA

  • I love Joey!

  • We don’t skip ads on this channel. Even if it’s kfc

  • love how ✨poop✨ is now selfcare

  • Shippin chloe and anthony..

  • Anthony you are freaking amazing. Love your work! :) xx

  • Lauren and Cameron ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ The best couple in reality TV show I ever saw.


  • I fucking love Joey

  • Who else thinks that the guy who bought Anthony's socks is just sniffing them while watching this video😂😂

  • That jacket tho! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Why do i ship Anthony and Chloe now ;-; Clanthony Anthloe

  • So no joe exotic.... okay

  • I watch every single episode of this series. I love it. Keep it up with the great work!

  • I thought Joey was an actor, I’m so happy he is him lol it’s wholesome to me a true broski

  • Who ever that solo girl was in the interview... Why did she do that to her lips... She looked 10x more beautiful before. Now it just looks like she is all fake plastic. I really can't stand the whole puffy lip botox people are into. Does anyone find that crap more attractive than her more natural beauty she had.

  • They put the audition notices for reality TV shows on casting websites so of course they're going to get people that are actors haha

  • i got a Netflix ad before this lol...

  • happy people buy worn socks ❤️ love everyone

  • I could be wrong but Anthony seems like he’s always GRINDING. Do you ever stop working? Thanks for all the videos you put out bro, and i like the ones on the gram!

  • Not the brightest spark in the book

  • The circle guy is up such a character lmao

  • highly recommend this video just for the lauren and cameron ending

  • Love your channel! Much Love!!❤️❤️❤️

  • love this channel, but my goodness.... sooo many ads, I don't mind ads, i get they help his channel, but there should be a limit....

  • I always forget he falls through the ceiling in the beginning

  • He totally switched from Raycons to airpods halfway through

  • Jooooey :D

  • I really wish you asked them more about the audition process like how they found out about the show and how they applied

  • Best episode ever!!!! I laughed my ass off about the socks hahaa Ppl love to hate reality tv but honestly, when life's too stressful or when Uni work is getting too much, those shows are the best to relax. And Anthony - you brought all my favorites! 😋👏🏼

  • I got an ad for netflix right before watching this video. How ironic. Lol


  • I auditioned to be on The Circle season 2 but idk if it's coming back, and tbh I barely have any social media and zero "influence" or "following"

  • I like all of these people.


  • Also, OMFG i knew i loved yal lol i used to sell used socks... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Came here because of Mykie. Stayed for your energy. WOW yal are the definition of a power couple. I can’t wait to pause her to binge your channel a little bit lmao. Also, you picked my fav people on all of these shows haha. I LOVED CHLOE & LAUREN so much.

  • thanks for all your quality content man!!! great work.

  • Cameron a real one for enduring knee discomfort for this.

  • I don’t like how Netflix copy British tv shows

  • the circle is actually a british tv show too

  • Haha my real name is Alana so that’s funny

  • Joey is a frat boy with the most pure soul. One of a kind.

  • I really loved this episode

  • I wish someone wanted to buy my socks :(

  • I watched and finished all but “Too Hot to Handle” I started watching and haven’t finished it yet!! They are all great shows!!

  • IDK why I laughed so hard when he Anthony said Fans Only account

  • I'm so glad Lauren spoke up about the racial conversations always making the cuts. When I watched Love is Blind it I wasn't sure if she really was fixed on it or if the film crew just kept pushing it.

  • This is the only place where capitalism vs socialism will have the same traction as baths vs showers. And I. Love. It.