I Survived On $0.01 For 3 Days - Episode 3

Опубликовано: 10 июл 2019
im sorry... :(
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HIDDEN COMMENT: i see the hidden comment


  • I’m sorry 😭😭😭😭

  • How was that a lie you were teaching us about entrepreneurship so it’s not a lie

  • You should do this again because this is a fire concept

  • These are my recent emojis 🤪😂😭👍🏻👕🤧😵🤑🤕🤢🤤

  • Why buddy

  • 4 mins in still moning about not really lieing

  • Them Illuminati money

  • Time to delete it buddy

  • Sorry about that buddy

  • Please do more episodes dont worry about the hate i really enjoy your content and plus in the real world you sometimes have to lie to start out.

  • Thanks for being honest

  • It’s fine chill bro not buddy 🙂🙂

  • You didn't really like because he already had the clothes and bought them before the challenge started. Btw I love your vids no hate

  • I’ve really enjoyed this why are people so salty

  • I'd greatly enjoy if you deleted your channel

  • your a cheater... I believed in youuuuu

  • hahahahahha

  • liar! you said you must be honest you said you were in a something class. Hypicrit.

  • Buddy

  • Those who said lie Fuck you

  • Wasent the hole point to see how much money you would make so you still did what any business man doese

  • People who subbed after watching this series(me) | | \/

  • Always Be Ehonest

  • 9:23 pride flag in the top right corner

  • Ryan: Im gonna delete my channel if i lie! Also Ryan: *Lies* Ryan Again: *Doesn't Delete Channel*

  • The h is invisible in abe. That's the english language for ya.

  • I like how haily was just sitting there


  • Y failed BUDDY

  • 11:09 anyone else notice that guy with some soccer skills in the corner?

  • ok boomer

  • Camera man: dude we gotta do this vid Ryan: *Having mental breakdown* Oof

  • How do you have the guts to do that stuff WOW!!!!!!!!!

  • he littered haha

  • Ryan: surving off 0.01 for 3 days episode 3 Also Ryan: USES PHONE

  • You should continue!!

  • Buddy

  • A always B be E (honest) its H not E

  • he couldnt think

  • I was correct it isnt that easy to earn money.

  • Continue this series you technically are a entrepreneur or what ever you “lied” about ok so just continue it for the people who like it you’re true fans don’t care about that lie

  • Buddy buddy buddy buddy buddy

  • Buddy

  • Technically speaking...it WAS an entrepreneurship project. He started with a penny and worked his way up to 50 something dollars... Hate if u want...but I'm sticking with that lol

  • Wasted…

  • imma make so much in ayear

  • I did not care


  • Ryan: it’s the day to make things right! Proceeds to tell the man he completed the challenge from 1 dollar to complete even though it was from 1 cent to complete

  • didn't he say he would delete the channel if he broke the rules I do not want him to just saying

  • he would have been better of just actually finishing it no hate though I love the channel


  • 4 minutes of filler "GReAT"

  • For me it was fun and i didnt care

  • Buddy

  • He should have continued the challenge everybody didn't need to make a big deal about it now you ruined it for all the people who want to see the challenge.

  • Flip all of you that said he was lieing now he couldn't finish the video for all of you wusses

  • Abe stands for Alway Be Honest. It’s a lie!!

  • 😂

  • Do you think I’m a liar? *AAAAA-* *sad music starts playing*