Опубликовано: 23 апр 2020
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  • Her: hey can we use this? *Swings nunchuck around* Him: no that's dangerous. You could really hurt yourself with it. Her: sooooo, okay can we use it? XD

  • In starting i really thought that the man who came running was austin 😂

  • she looks identical to me when i was a baby 🥺 !!! omgg

  • You both are great parents lots of love. I love your vlogs

  • What’s the song name at 7:4

  • Hi...maam/sir aim pilipino cetizen.i always watching your vlog...you have a cute couple.mis leslie is so buetiful.god bless your buetiful family love you..😍😍😍

  • I love how Ryan just don’t care with the sex talk that’s what I love people who keep it real

  • Bellamy no less than a doll💕

  • You two are the best you have taken over nice bless you all luv ya pinkie sweet child

  • They are not maried yet?

  • get well

  • Who is watching this right now

  • We’re der r now they didn’t upload a vlog till now waitng it I be watching Austin vlog we’re s urs laws

  • I am a fan of u on RU-tv

  • Waauw 💕😘💕😘Love you guys

  • Wow

  • *Ryan* : I know how you like bouncing up and down *Leslie* : This is what happens when men don't know how to control themselves lmaooo did anyone else notice that or am I just weird

  • *How can Leslie be so cute and beautiful at the same time*

  • Hope you feel better

  • Wow that's so cool to see

  • I am a fan of u on RU-tv

  • Wow

  • I rarely watch them.. but what I just noticed is.. she looks so much like Catherine..

  • That’s hard to do with numb chucks he hurt someone lol wow he is talented that’s crazy hard

  • There should b atleast 3 years of gape between 2 child.... .....she get pregnant very soon ...this is not good for her health .... even her 1st baby is very smal ..how could u paln about 2nd....its not really god .....hope she will fine and healthy in future

  • This is my first time

  • When the stretch out word haha

  • She’s so pretty Naturally damn pretty

  • Ohh my beautiful Leslie ❤️♥️love from INDIA 🙏🏻🇮🇳

  • When will u marry

  • She is not your wife

  • Hy you guys aren't married?

  • I can’t believe she’s only 21. 21 with two kids. 😅 whew.

  • Wats the name of the song anyone ?? @7:00

  • Bellamy, and Souline are water babies now if Austin and Catherine can turn Elle, and Alaïa to water kids.

  • She has back pain but carries the child! Smh

  • No matter how is the sun

  • Elle🧡 Alaia💜 Souline💚 Bellamy💛 Ace baby boy💙 Through our eyes next one🖤

  • Ok so i am not going to hate because you know I love your vlogs and I watch you everyday but can you just make a vlog about how Leslie apparently went on a beach about 2 days before you met and said I want a famous boyfriend and can you also make a vlog about reacting to the videos people are making about you please btw i am not hating i am just curious on what u are gonna say

  • 12:43 wait n just listen, thank me later. 😂

  • First of all. Get your own ideas. Stop stealing from the ace family.

  • I feel so proud of Ryan

  • This vid show that leslie dirty minded 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • You good teech your babby girl has to swim ✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • 4:32 made me laugh so hard

  • I'm a 54 year old mom.. and started with the ACE family... then L&S Now you GUYS 💜💜

  • Title:I Never seen my pregnant girlfriend this sick! 😮 Me:I thought she was your wife

  • Prayers 🙏 feel better soon

  • my fav part of them is that theyre so real💘✨i love them

  • I was literally like they should try to cook an egg....... YAS

  • All of you are such a beautiful family. Hope you’re feeling better Leslie. 💕

  • It's all a part of the pregnancy

  • When are you guys going to do a family intro?

  • Oh my!! Hope she gets better!!!

  • 😩😩😍😍😍

  • Waiting for the GENDER REVEAL! 😭😭😭🙌🏻 #teamboy

  • ryan u better make this channel to family channel

  • What's that sneeze about 😂😂

  • He really making a full as music video just because of that drink dang❤❤😂

  • when do you find out the gender ?

  • Such a beautiful family, I watch all of your videos and get notifications and Bellamy is such an angel. Take care and stay safe xx

  • I'm 100% it's a boy

  • Do they still have toby!!! But it makes me want a ping-pong table

  • Perfect couple

  • Bellamy looks so cute 💕

  • Omg she looks just like Catherine. And the baby like elle

  • Wait... what if there is a chance that Bellamy gets the eye condition Ryan had before?

  • Am I the only one that thinks the best thing he could’ve done for her was watch over the baby? As a mom myself all I would want was time to rest. What he got her is more for him and his friends.

  • Comment if you think there having a girl or a boy?👶🏻👧🏻

  • Have you tried a prenatal message to help with your pain I'm pregnant too and I hope my husband would get me some of those when I get bigger.

  • W hat is the Name of the Song in Minute 7:17? I love you Guys.....it is always funny and entertaining to me

  • Bellamy is getting so big! She's so adorable💕🥰

  • He needs to wear a fake pregnancy belly when yall work out to see how it feels while pregnant!

  • The babys dimples!!!


  • Bellamy is the cutest!!! 😍😍🥰

  • I pray for our family's Thanks haven't father for the life please God help our family s for the coronavese please we need more firth make us strong in Jesus Christ name amen

  • Can leslie do what she cook daily.

  • terrific, waste food 👏🏻😒

  • Can you guys do a vlog where you go swimming with bellamy please😩🥰

  • Hope you get better and not worst as you advance in your pregnancy. I had it too so I know how you feel poor you. Take care of yourself and the only thing you can do is listen to your body, you feel tired, go to bed, your hungry, go eat and so on and so forth. I now have my notifications on I had forgotten that part, sorryyyyyyyyyyy. Be safe everybody xx

  • ❤️

  • Leslie is always beautiful but this pregnancy glow is amazing😩🧡

  • Is it just me or is she pretty big no offense she pretty any way

    • I don't care what you think I wasn't being rude.

    • Anna Miller wtf so rude on here 😂 dont day that yeah she’s big shes pregnant

  • I wish the title was different... idk

  • Your tummy looks like your having another girl.. 😍❤️💕

  • Clickbait galore

  • Ryan getting the table for “Leslie” is every man 😂💀💀 Knowing damn well he’ll be using it more haha

  • You should marry one more time

  • “I know how you like bouncing up and down” 😂😂

  • 💗

  • 💗

  • Is it just me or did this video remind me of the ace family last video no hate I’m just saying this kinda reminds me of it live u guys ❤️

  • Don’t run lk tat gal plzzz !! Take care darling u shud be careful ❤️❤️

  • 4:30 “you know when was the last time i broke a sweat” - lesly “last night” - ryan 😂😂😂😂

  • Omg didn’t know Ryan had a yt Channel omg I’m happy I’ve found this. You have a new subscriber 🙂

  • Yes girl that’s what happen when your partners loves and obsessed with you 🥰 Mommy of two girls here 🤪💖

  • You have to propose !!! 🥺🖤

  • naamstefanie

  • Does anyone just go back and look at how they started!!!