Jail Cell Cold Open - SNL

A group of prisoners (Kate McKinnon, Kenan Thompson, Pete Davidson, Chris Redd, Michael Keaton, Kyle Mooney) discuss why they got arrested.
#SNL #EmmaStone #BTS #SNL44
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  • My high school used a photo of Tekashi 6 9 (probably screwed that up to no end :/ ) for their production of Little Shop of Horrors in the dentist’s office scene.

  • Had to watch this again. This is so funny scary and sad and bizarre at the same time because it is almost too close to reality and you wake up and say to yourself is this really a Bizzaro alternate dimension I have woken up into? !

  • Beetle juice, Beetle juice, Beetle juice.

  • 😂😂😂

  • I want Tekashi69 in this 😂 OMG HE’S THERE WTF. I was NOT expecting that

  • Snl just is a unfunny political sketch show.

  • Tekashi69 saying "ist stoopiiid" lmao this show the best to watch high

  • I was waiting for Bill Cosby

  • 1:06

  • "You want a reenactment?" 😂😂

  • I agree. There are problems in our family and we need to be sure we all work to pay our bills. This is more of an agenda for how we engage in a discussion between family and men or women when they choose to take care of our homework or school activities with kids.

  • Hahahahaahajahahahahahaha

  • Gonna add d tRUMP pretty soon then it'll really get bad!!!

  • Where is BTS???

  • Pete Davidson looks better with a bald head and a three-piece suit. It actually makes him look like an adult.

  • WHERE IS BTS VIDEO?????????,

  • Michael Keaton, I don’t know where you’ve been, but I’m so glad you’re back.

  • 00:02 Never thought i'd hear those words on SNL. Maybe they'll pass the message on to the real MSNBC.

  • Hahaha his beard tho

  • free 6ix9ine

  • This is my favorite cold open

  • Young ass audience

  • Kate does psycho so well it makes me question her sanity.

  • Cut it out ✌️👉👍

  • My nigga, Michael Keaton

  • That was dumb da dumb dumb dumb da da dumb stoopid I hate 6ix 9ine

  • Could’ve used a different actor for 69.... Pete would’ve been a better 69... she kind of botched it

  • Blood sugar drop there, Keaton: @5:00 "...'cause I'm an acold dactual James Bond Super Villain..."


  • Tekashi 6IX9ine was charged for statutory rape, but I think the censors decided against that.

  • Pete looks so fine in a suit and bald.His voice actually hot in this skit

  • Wheres MadTv?

  • I don't like this julian is a hero

    • He wiped his shit on the walls of the Ecuadorian embassy...that cancels out everything else...

  • Portraying Assange as a supervillian 🙄🙄🙄. SNL punching down with the US military

  • Julian Assange ain't bad. He has given us the truth behind all the governments of this world

    • Lies!

    • Chip Mahgilify why?

    • @Denzel....you mean the TRUTH about humanity....it's looking you in the mirror. Julian deserves nothing less than to be shot for treason, and thrown into an open pit.

  • Julien Assange is a public hero. The media either ignores him or mocks him as in this skit. And it's no wonder, SNL is just another show owned by a man with extremely deep pockets whose interests are threatened by Assange's existence.

    • +Chip Mahgilify The media has done a great job of painting him as a "backwards right-winger". Yet he's always published information that impacts both the left and the right, because Wikileaks is about exposing corruption, whomever it may involve. And it has never once been an average Joe. It's rich fucks.

    • Julian is a first class piece of human GARBAGE...it's the hallmark of a anti-social hacker, who is STILL licking imaginary wounds, and like the coward he is, hides behinds skirts and a computer screen to exact revenge(rolls eyes).

  • Boycott SNL!!! Oh wait. No one watches anyway.

  • Wikileaks is the greatest engine of free speech since the printing press. Julian Assange is a hero. He 'attacked the military' by exposing torture and illegal murder. They publish true information about bad governments. WL = free speech. SNL used to be anti-establishment. Now its old man propaganda. Amazing its still on the air.

    • @Mal...your as delusional as Manning and Assange. The truth is, your anti-social, anti-culture, and most likely a VERY unhappy person. Now go get your sex change operation on the gov't dime while you still can...NOW Jesus Loves you(rolls eyes)

  • Julian Assange a villain?

  • What sane person can sit through and watch this garbage?

  • Assange is not a criminal.

    • Rapes/sexually assaults two women “not a criminal”

    • I do agree, Assange is not a criminal, he is simply seen that way in the eyes of most countries

    • +Chip Mahgilify Protection of the freedom of speech. Obviously you don't value this.

    • Richard Lafond - I agree. Julian Assange is an international hero. ✨🌍🌎🌏✨

    • @weinernose...say's the little man who is morally and ethically BANKRUPT. BURY that cockroach Manning and Assange together in a nameless plot, and fill it with shyte.

  • Pete Davidson plays a great bald Pete Davidson

  • Every where you look

  • Why are half of them dressed regular 😑 for fucks sake

  • Thx SNL good stuff😁😂😀😉

  • Why doesn't SNL do a skit about AOC? There's a ton of material there. Oh, right...

  • What's ironic about the porn star needing to distance herself line is that Linda Marciano, once known as Linda Lovelace, said after she escaped from Chuck Traynor, she sometimes had to hire lawyers to protect her from other lawyers because so many of them kept trying to rip her off, as if her having been a porn star meant everyone was free to screw her any way they could.

  • Lolol that was the funniest snl I’ve seen in awhil

  • Oh that arieanas boy

  • 500,000🤟🤑🤙

  • Love seeing Michael Keaton!

  • Michael Keaton looks like Jon Voight. who another ass kisser to trump nation.

  • Why is she sooo hot in this?


  • No, Sorry I didn’t see Batman in Michael Keaton, I saw Beetlejuice. Beetlejuice is one of my favorite movies from Michael, and I want a Beetlejuice 2 and a Beetlejuice Stern Pinball Machine.

  • Hats off the Michael Keaton,..you wanna get nuts let’s get nuts. Batman doesn’t always keep it professional.....sometimes he likes to get personal.

  • lame, stupid. not funny. yawn.

  • propaganda

  • Kate McKinnon is hot !

  • This just isn't funny. SNL was once great. Sorry, but the truth hurts.

  • #dissentThis you can't say this here dissenter.com/download

  • 6ix9ine is in the vid and the time count is 6:09 6:09= 69

  • Is there a bathroom around here, cause I really have to take a Wiki-leak 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😂

  • We call him a hero, you call him a super villain. SNL must be in the "club." :O/-

  • That 69 one got me

  • The whole cast and writers oughta be in prison...for felonious boredom.

  • But my password is letters and numbers

  • 😁😁😁

  • hahahah this was great, good to see a killer opener again!

  • that wasn't very funny

  • this has to be one of the only channels on youtube that can get away with uploading videos shorter than 10:04 on a consistent basis

  • For the rainbow dude, they forgot to mention the rape... Wasn't the girl like 13?

  • A guy who showed the bad side of the USA eat they USA people still call him an evil guy that’s fucking great

  • 2:21 😂

  • At 2:37 my OCD was killing me because her hat is slightly wrinkled lmao

  • Straight face gang wya?

  • when Kate said that line I lost it hahaha

  • This could have been so much better.

  • Why did I get creeped out yet excited for Micheal Keaton

  • iPod?

  • I thought Tekashi was arrested on pedophilia charges ? no ?

  • I keep watching for a sketch about MSNBC'S Velshi/Ruhle newscasts. *wink, wink - nudge-nudge*

  • Julian assange, bitches

  • I live in London in Ecuador..try figuring that one out...🤣🤣🤣

  • U guys dragged Lori through the mud in this im dying

    • Lol no she did it to herself snl is just gonna make sure NO ONE FORGETS that's all 🤣😂

  • Lol, Hilarious! It is so funny how the old farts at NBC corp so transparently attempt to peddle government propaganda, trying to play “influencer,” trying to convince people that whistleblower Assange is the enemy of the people for exposing the deer-in-the-headlight-style-helicopter-murder of journalists and first responders, and the accompanying coverup. Not too subtly, they deliver their talking points by having the Assange character say, “I’ve attacked the US Military... cause I’m a super villain!” (pretty lame dialogue.) Very comical attempt at manipulation and political “influencing”. CBS Corp. is the lamest! ROFL! Old Farts!

  • Kenan: "Hold up, You paid $500,000 for USC?!" Lori: "Oh Yeh, That's not including the 300 grand i blew on tuition." Kenan: "Oh My God, What did your daughter major in?" Lori: "Communication" Kenan: "Ooohhhhhhh....." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Keaton quoted his famous Batman line and no studio audience members noticed. 😩 they were prolly expecting a big audience reaction. Nope

  • Is this actually considered comedy?

  • Tekashi 👍

  • This skit is too much.......😮

  • ITS CHAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice to see snl doing something honest for once instead of leftist propaganda

  • LMFAO !!!!! instant classic

  • Little bit of me died when there was zero reaction to the Batman reference

  • Watch collateral murder video from youtube for facts. Just to be clear US troops started shooting at 9 individuals from Apache helicopter for, i want to say no reason whatsoever, but honestly one of them mistook a part of camera seen round the corner as an ”rpg” ,in bagdad 2007. Several of them were killed shortly including reuters 22-year old cameraman Namir Noor Eldeen.They shot several bursts to civilians even after they were wounded and crawling away. It might well be that 8 were killed at that point. 40-year old Saeed Chmagh journalist from reuters a father of 4 children survived first rounds and tried to escape but got shot as he ran. Saeed got wounded and crawled some meters and the helicopter crew were hoping that he would grab a gun so that they could shoot at him again. Then a minivan comes and people try to help. They carried Saeed to the van and all the time US troops were asking for permission to shoot them because they might have been collecting the guns, which were never there.. Finally they got permission to shoot again and they shot the civilians trying to help the wounded. To summarize atleast dozen died and several got wounded includind 2 small children that were in the vans frontseat and could have been easily seen before they started to fire at the van. Then US groundforces came and drove over Namir's body and soldiers in helicopter laughed about it. They found the 2 wounded little children from the van and one of the soldiers says that it was the parents fault for bringing their kids to a battle. Only one that end up in jail were the person who leaked the video. And now Assange for publishing it and for creating a platform for people to see what those in power don't want us to see.

  • “I’m a loco.”😮

  • Michael Keaton looks so young he might want to play Batman again. He is the best Batman so far. And if Christopher Lee at 90 could be a fighter in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, they can make Jack Nicholson work as the Joker. He was THE Joker. Others have played the character but none was as true to it as Nicholson.

  • Michael Keaton is so cool 😍

  • $100 to anyone who can tell me Assange's crime

    • The public needed to know

    • Hillary's leaked emails, remember when Trump was elected

    • He's been accused of giving away state secrets in the U.S. and rape in Sweden. He also had a habit of threatening the Ecuadoran hosts with some mysterious device he claimed to have that could cause the embassy to explode if he activated it; hence, the reason for such a hands-on arrest. Some people would rather be respected than loved and if they can't be respected they'll settle for fear and loathing.

    • Being a poor embassy guest that would not clean up after himself or his cat.