James Harden drops 40 points on the Spurs in a Rockets' preseason loss | 2019 NBA Highlights

Опубликовано: 16 окт 2019
James Harden tallies 40 points on 13-of-27 from the field, including seven 3-pointers in the Houston Rockets' preseason loss to the San Antonio Spurs.
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  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥 *NBA 🏀🏀🏀* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="43">0:43</a> 💝💕💜 👇🖤

  • Here we go again! James Harden makes sports news for a high scoring game in a game where his team loses. Last season as he scored 58 points on 1-16-2019 against the Nets and lost. I'm tired of hearing about how much Hardin scores while as of yet as a Rocket not making it to the NBA finals. One man on a team does not win championships apparently.

  • Even with Westbrook and Harden on the same team, Rockets are pretty boring to watch

  • This is why I can’t take the rockets serious how you drop 40 but lose and lose by double digits

  • It seriously cracks me up when i see headlines that say harden torches the spurs for 40 in pre season loss. Im dead

  • Give Russ the ball. And be the 2 guard cmon this play won’t win anything

  • Harden move the ball around your not Kobe fr.

  • What good is a 40 point game if you loos!!! This team will never WIN a Championship as long as Harden keep trying to win games by him self!!!! Everyone knows this. If we can see this then why can’t the Rockets ownership see it too!!! Teams win championships not individual players.

  • I hate watching harden..too boring to watch..alligator

  • ehh whats the point if you lose right

  • 2k park cheese

  • Is the L really his fault if he dropped 40 like STFU HATERS

  • LOL they changed the title cause of all these salty spurs fams

  • Same ole Shytt....smh

  • This game is the whole rockets season in a nutshell

    • jacob neuburger I agree 100%

  • We already know westbrick will cost houston lol Westbrick with 8 TO and destroy their friendship

  • His bread is weighing home down!

  • Sooo basically in every clip that had both Russ and Harden, Russ was standing on the perimeter looking disengaged lol. He wasn't going in there for rebounds. Is this really going to work. It's very early but I don't think you need a Rocket scientist to see the signs.

    • I see what you did there 👀😆

  • Birds nest in Hardens beard

  • Yea this is gonna be a fun train wreck to watch!

  • Cooked Em!! Just add the salt from the comments :)

  • When you drop 40 on 48% shooting with 7 assists and 10 rebounds and haters are still hating.

    • @lokotroko1 calling you a hater because you are hating. Either you are here to see Harden or you are here to hate on Harden. I get it, Harden, LeBron, and Westbrook are the most hated guys in the league

    • @ATL 1 you're the one making a big deal about harden stats line in a practice game. And calling people haters.

    • @lokotroko1 it is just practice. You hating on practice, we talking about practice.

    • @ATL 1 I don't, is just dropping 40 in preseason games is worthless, and losing makes it even worse

    • @lokotroko1 it is preseason and you are hating already

  • +/- -16 😴

  • Good game Harden🚀 win or lose you're going to leave it all on the floor.

  • A minute into the video, spurs are leading, but harden gets all the clips. Come on ESPN. Spurs won

  • Many many NBA players can get 40pts in a loss " cmon people 😴

    • Its ok to justify your point by adding in other stats . i like the energy👈💯

    • @ATL 1 cmon we only on thee 40pts and the L. If u knew me , hate has nothing todo with it. Basketball is Life my Ninja

    • @Graham way1.3 with 48% shooting, 10 rebounds, and 7 assists? I don't think so. It is Okay to be a hater.

    • @ATL 1 in a Loss boss Main ! Not in a Win . pick 2 off each team thats like60 for u .

    • Name 20

  • ESPN yall really need to invest in a RU-tv team let me lead it these highlights all out of order smh

    • CandyGrooves how would you fix this issue?

  • If guessBrooke has a couple of stat lines similiar to this game the regular season A meltdown of epic proportion’s will ensue this is never going to work.

  • while the spurs cooked houston as a team

  • Free Hong Kong

  • More like reheated

  • Support all teams from Texas so it's all good 😎👍

  • go read that book Confessions of an Economic Hitman. America's democracy is all phony and fake.

    • @AT Tatara see, thats the problem. But they suddenly care about chinas businesss though.

    • no one cares

  • He didn't really cook them if he lost though

  • Westbrick cooked

  • Dejavu

  • this title pisses me off, and i don't even hate harden

  • Did he really cook them if they lost?🤔

  • Why does it say "cooks" spurs lol rockets and the dude who titles these videos just took this L

    • Bcs they let him score 40

    • They heard you cause they changed it to "in a Rockets' preseason loss".

  • And the Spurs ate the whole rockets

  • Wheres this communists pal Lebitch

  • Even in pre-season, when Harden scores 40 the Rockets lose 😭😭

    • Sprax coming from a Spurs fan, I want to say I love it lol

  • I wouldn't call it cooking the Spurs if he lost

  • Imagine cooking a team and lose lol

  • Wait how they get "cooked" by Harden and still won?

  • I miss the 2018 Rockets 😪

    • J2x They're​ winners in my eyes so shut your dumbass up

    • @Htown Rockets "AWAY from WINNING a chip...." translation they lost which makes them losers , shut up

    • J2x Best regular season record and a hamstring away from winning a chip. But they were "losers" what a dumb statement

    • They were losers too

  • Harden greater than lebum James.

  • Westbrook gotta be better 5-13 8 turnovers smh

    • @C Dai u obviously havnt watched any of the Rico Hines runs. He def played most of the summer

    • Htown Rockets he hasn’t played all summer he’s be fine by mid season

  • imagine cooking a team for a 40 piece but lose by 14 in the process

    • Mr. Madhatter how dumb of a person do you ha ve to be to say that guy that just averaged 7+ assists and averaged 5+ assists for the last 7 seasons “doesn’t pass often” 🤦‍♂️

    • @Mr. Madhatter that's the system they play in if you have a probelem with it then tell d antioni

    • When you literally DONT participate without the ball in your hands AND dont pass often.... your team is gonna suffer

    • If you score 40 every night you’re bound to lose a couple of games. Kobe lost multiple 50 point games.

  • Last time I checked, L's are served cold...

    • It’s preaseason. Stfu

  • Westbrook is gonna ruin the Rockets

    • Make them better lol

    • maybe

    • They have lost 4 years str8🤣🤣🤣

  • A 40 point L? sounds like harden to me

  • A 40 point L? Sounds like something harden does

    • It’s preseason chill

    • @YOURRAGE'S SHOOTA #IWillSlapAr'monAndTrey james harden got a ring the rest of us don't know about?

    • renegade4288 nahh not at all u must be confused kid

    • renegade4288 bruh they’re 3-1 and it’s only preseason 😂😂😂

  • All hail China!!!

  • Now, who's cooked?

  • ESPN never gives spurs their credit, title still revolves around James harden

    • MikeBeats713 it’s preseason. Stfu

    • @Htown Rockets cause he was the best player on the court also they lost a preseason game so the game doesn't really matter

    • Harden = clicks.

    • Lil Pacci they are doing to bash him lool

    • I'm a rockets fan but I agree. Why put harden when we lost? smh

  • What kind of title ?

  • "Cooks spurs" But lost by 14 points 128-114 More like the spurs cooked him

    • It’s preseason. Stfu

    • @Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD maybe his team didn't help him ever think of that

    • @Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD when 48% shooting is overrated then you know that you are a hater

    • @Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD its the preseason and you are talking about clutch? 😂foh, i guess the regular season started already for haters

    • So true.

  • L

  • that is crazy

  • H town

  • James harden‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Dude is goin all out in a preseason game....

    • @unkown knowns Harden has made more free throws than field goals in both the regular season and the playoffs... the only "MVP" to accomplish that feat

    • Kryptochroniconolite dats wat great players do go back nd look how many free throws ai and mj had..

    • @unkown knowns numbers lie.. he averaged all those points from the free throw line lol

    • Kryptochroniconolite he averaged 30+ in the playoffs last year i wouldn say he burned out last year was more capela nd cp3 fault

    • @Con exactly why he always burns out in postseason