Joel Haver - Grow [Official Video]

Опубликовано: 16 май 2020
Joel Haver - Grow [Official Video]
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I am so sorry
I am so blue
I can change that
In a day or two
I am so sorry
I’m trying my best
We had our fun, yeah
Now it’s time to rest
I feel like I’m two foot tall
Looking up from below
I might seem a tad too small
Watch how I’ll grow
And I’ll grow
And I’ll grow
And I’ll grow
Away from you
I am so sorry
Bout the things I said
Didn’t say a lot
I kinda wish I did
I am so sorry
Bout the things I did
Didn’t bother you
Kids will be kids
I feel like I’m two foot tall
Reaching up for you
I might seem a bit too small
What good some growing could do
And I grow
And I grow
And I grow
Up to you
I don’t mean to push you down
As I pull myself up
I don’t mean to turnaround
Away from all your love
But you showed me to turn grey skies blue
And you showed what good laughing could do
And you showed me how to make new friends
And you showed how good loving could mend
I feel like I’m ten foot tall
Because of you
The world seems awfully small
All the good I can do
And I do
And I do
And I do
All cause of you
And I grew
And I grew
And I grew
Did you grow too

Music by Kevin Sloan.
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  • I’m not much of a singer, but I love writing songs, it’s nice to express myself in a different medium every now and then. Big thanks to Kevin Sloan for helping me bring the song to life. Hope you enjoy!

    • Love it man!

    • I actually really like the style of singing that you do!

    • You may not think much of your singing, but it works for the song honestly.

  • Fuck, this hits hard. I'm so sorry.

  • 666 likes and 6 dislikes. Either way, I love your music, the lyrics make me wanna sing along all the way through

  • This is fucking amazing man

  • Wow Joel. I know you say you're not much of a singer, and that may be true. But that doesn't stop this from being one of my new favorite songs. It all adds up to make a very interesting sound. I mean that in a good way. I love it. Keep it up, man.

  • I never know what feelings I am going to have by the time I reach the end of one of your vids.

  • I love you Joel so glad I found u two months ago

  • This is one of your least viewed videos, but it's a great song! And, it's been stuck in my head since I heard it.

  • This is so beautiful man. You have a nice voice it kinda reminds me of Pat The Bunny 🐰

  • Thanks for making me cry my skull out Joel :) no really, thanks. This is a sweet song. You got the chords so I can play it on guitar and sing along? 😎😇🎶

  • The song is actually pretty good and I really like the concept of the video. Hope you do some more music at some point

  • iI'm covering this song at my next open mic. Beautiful.

  • I am astounded by the variety of the channel, and the variety of the number of views. I definitely like these weird animations the best, but the fact he can get 2.5 million+ and only 3.1k on the same channel is very strange to me

  • I honestly love this, its an absolutely beautiful song, and I hope you make more songs in the future

  • ♥️😭

  • This is absolutely beautiful. I'm lost for words. Are you okay with me playing this at my local radio station? (like, putting in the database so it'll play every now and then)

  • Jack of all trades, master of all

  • I'm so happy for him yknow

  • Joel Haver, you have the most beautiful talent. You can make someone smile from cheek to cheek one minute and then tear up the next-- most genuine creator I have ever seen, thank you. RIP Jack Haver, he is so proud of you

  • RU-tv is weird sometimes ... I got this song recommended after I dreamt how I lost my dad. He is quite old now, while I’m still in my twenties and the looming presence of his approaching death affects my life in various ways. I can’t really leave him because I always fear what if something happens to him and I’m not there and Ill regret it forever... but if I don’t live for myself enough I might miss some chances that maybe never come back. I didn’t really think much about „growing“ until now, that I can’t really grow up, if I don’t grow away from him. But it’s such a difficult decision and it would be so much easier if I knew how much time we have left together

  • This one I can see getting a million views either soon or some time randomly in 7 years.

  • Dude this is better than the crap they be making today

  • amazing

  • Joel's subscriber count:

  • You think there’s gonna be more music this year? 👀

  • We get it Joel. You're talented! And I'm so proud of you

  • I am part of the new "wave" of fans that have found you recently and I find all of your stuff incredible. Looking forward to more content to come. Thanks for all of the funny, vulnerable, and gut-wrenchingly awkward videos. Thanks Joel.

  • Is there anything this fuckin legend can't do? Love the song and love the channel.

  • There is a RU-tv error.... This should have 1 Billion views

  • I wouldn't have expected it. But these songs are pretty good. I mean ballad for you is a banger for sure. Good work Joel

  • Perfection

  • Love you, Joel! Found your channel a week ago and have watched almost every video. You are hilarious, your stuff is brilliant, and you seem like a genuinely good guy!

  • Glad you’re finally getting properly recognized.

    • 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • God damnit im crying in the parking lot of a chic fil a..... thank you joel

  • Gosh dang, this has been in my head for days, now. It's very touching. I almost wish it didn't make me think about my own life so much. Everything about the production of this just hits that tender spot. I don't have the words to do justice to what you have made. Just know, this is special.

  • ❤️

  • Quality

  • feels hit me

  • I wonder if you know how powerful your song is. Like what you really mean in a universal perspective.

    • It definitely isn't only about my dad, I realized that after I wrote it

  • My dad passed away three years ago and he wasn’t the best person but he was a person all the same, and I miss him. I don’t know why I’m saying this stuff but I’ve watched a lot of your channel recently and while you’re hilarious and creative and driven I think something that’s really your strength and that really shows through your work is your willingness to be vulnerable and that your making things cause you need to. Anyways this song is relatable for me and you’ve inspired me to start getting back into doing more creative stuff again. Thanks Joel and sorry about your dad. Just from the videos I’ve seen of you two it’s seemed like he wasn’t easily embarrassed and was always up for a laugh and I think those are two very valuable things he gave to you. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    • @Joel Haver God bless, I hope you find comfort

    • @The Rodestarr im sorry to hear that... I’m 25 and my dad is 84 and I try to spend as much time with him as possible, knowing that some day he won’t be here anymore. The certainty, that the majority of my life will be without my loving and caring parents sometimes makes me really depressed and then I feel like there’s no reason to go on with my own life after they‘re gone. It hurts, having to „grow away“ from them, to find my own purpose in life, but I suppose that’s what I’ll have to do. Thanks for this thought inspiring song, @Joel Haver

    • @Joel Haver this hit me in a different way because I lost my dad when I was 10. I hardly knew him but his absence really did affect me in many ways. I’m 22 now, I’m just hoping that I’ll be fine. That I’ve grown.

    • I’m both glad and sorry that the song is relatable. Losing a parent is incredibly hard, I’ve found that the creating has helped me cope the most. I’m happy I could inspire you to create more. My dad and I were best of friends, always making each other laugh, he saw the channel as our project and not just something he helps me with. Warns my heart to see it thrive now, he’d be so happy.

  • Duuuuuude that was amazing!

    • @TheMidnightSpark thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear you like it enough to play it on loop

    • I've had this song on repeat for a few hours now it's that good! WHY WAS THIS ONLY RECOMMENDED TO ME NOW?

  • I just discovered your channel and instantaneously fell in love. Joel, your creativity is just wonderful. keep it up and thanks for all the video.

    • Thank you, happy to have you around IronCucumber! Many more videos to come :)

  • This is brilliant Joel, both musically and visually. Regards from Spain.

  • Glad i stuck around to your channel after i saw "Island". Theres something very personal about this channel i dont get with bigger mainstream channels. Keep up the great work!

  • !.....Crying***** 💓💖💓 Good song, Great Love..

  • Do you have a playlist for your songs yet🤔🌈

    • @Joel Haver thank you my good sir👍👍🇺🇸🌈. Keep up the amazing work😄

    • Made one just for you! I decided to not include my raps and jokey ones, because then it'd be tonally all over the place. Here it is -

  • awesome work

  • I loved it Joel. Your Dad was such a fun loving person💓. He is always with you. Remember that. Big Hugs💓😘

  • We all love you buddy! Keep up the great work, your drive and passions will light your path💕💕

    • 💕💕😁 much love brother! We’ll see you soon I’m sure!

    • Thanks Zane! Love you and miss you!!❤️

  • This was touching

  • Simply beautiful. I'm still crying.

  • Please.

    • @Joel Haver have you done voice acting for other channels?

    • You okay?

  • Joel you're hands down the most underrated RU-tvr I watch. Quality acting and writing, and this is jokes too. Keep killing it man

    • For sure!! Joel is a true original artist in a world of copy catters

    • I concur! I am glad he is finally getting the recognition he deserves.

  • Joel, this is beautiful

  • You have the voice of an angel