Опубликовано: 30 июл 2020
Juicy J - ‘GAH DAMN HIGH’ ft. Wiz Khalifa
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Juicy J
Wiz Khalifa
Gary Vaynerchuk
Lena The Plug
Fahim Anwar
Dani Goffstein
Juliah Taylor
A Psycho Films Production
Directed by Joe Weil
Executive Producer(s): Sam Canter & Darin Stewart
Associate Producer: Fred Coates
Producer: Geenah Krisht
Director of Photography: Philips Shum
Production Designer: LB Minnich
Editor: Nathan Castiel
Sound Mixer: Jack Goodman
1st AC: Octavio Estrada
Color: Philips Shum
Rollout by: VOTO
Original artwork: Struggle Inc
Photographer: Edgar Daniel
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  • I have a home now, since Feb.4th still no job.....yet

  • This is how my whole time unemployed and homeless has been lol since end of 2016 until now!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • “...Because I got high, Because I got high, Because I got Hiiigh, La Da Da Dap Di Di Dop Da!”

  • 🔥❤ u help made me boss

  • need more of these videos!

  • Police ain't stop popping me since I was a baby they treat me like my dad I was a baby

  • Juicy J gonna be 80 years old still pushin out videos

  • Fuck he needs stay home tf

  • yo wiz went off tho

  • This how me as a ghetto youth wanna live lavish

  • This shit whack af

  • His accountant is gonna have a fuckin heart attack lol

  • Where can I get that outfit?

  • no for real people are like why is youtube so popular and ma-fucker it's God damn MTV we asked what happened to MTV and it's fucking youtube now

  • This nigga still partying

  • So the moral of the story is get fucked up but dont get so fucked you fuck up.

  • so fucking funny! haha XD

  • I like wiz ok, but he musta been real high to think his shit was cool

  • Best song and video

  • juicy j damit fuck me why did i not do it in the first place lol at the end well duaaaa dude if i was you i would be on that shit like no to tomorrow man but still hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahaha 😂

  • 🔥🔥🔥😎

  • All the way Mane.

  • Juicy J

  • Lame

  • Wiz want happen to you

  • Fucking Amazing

  • Огонь

  • Vibin with this whole song until #gary smh

  • Juicy J is so gah damn high hes playing games with the ps4 turned off

  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-rzOTAvj41so.html

  • Lol that robe is dope af. doesn’t even look like a robe with that dress shirt and bow tie

  • No one: Wiz: ashuapanashupanashonoana 😄 Ashsuapsnasahashshananspposha 😛

  • gotta love this dude, one of the realest

  • Wiz Khalifa ruins this song. I cut it off right before he comes on.

  • This is for those lonely hearts

  • Juicy still got it.. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Nice touch Adding Gary in the end, great motivation... Boss Up ✌🏽

  • This just goes to show lil B was LIGHTYEARS ahead of everyone else

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • he shoulda got gucci mane to do a verse to

  • he said good k. yeah good stuff k2

  • Time to quit all drugs.

  • Juicy j x wiz beat collab ever always The plan Medicated Blindfolds TAP Stop playing !!!

  • O.G. Juicy J is A True Legendary P.I.M.P!

  • Why all the good songs too short. The official release of this song is like 2Min 30Sec...

  • Hes married since when? 😮😮😮

  • BOB time is meditation time apparently (8:08)

  • Bro, I love khalifa, but his part didn't fit with the song, and was fucking wack. Riff raff would ave been a better fit... Rerelease this song. It's a hit. I'm disappointed Wiz...

  • I got no words but this is some "Masterpiece Theater".

  • Ayy Juicy Juice like ur humour, when u gone be dropping trippy gangster heat

    • U still that nigga from the 90s give up never will will does not give up will copy that

  • What a perfect video and the thing is badass for the pandemic

  • Lmao @adam22 in tha cut

  • RRe-Settomy Dog-genius

  • when you're intelligent, creative but crazy

  • Both got millions of dollars and those black genetics and look like those average dudes. C'mon guys. Weights and treadmill or go for a run - even I got the time to do what I got to do to look like a grown man and I still have to work 9 to 5 and can't just do some random stuff to make hundreds of thousands over night. And Yeah - I'm also gah damn high all the fckng time. Keeps me sane while home office and home workout is the only thing I do besides making love to my girl. "I really had the time to find out who I am." And who you are? Just a rich bored dude?

    • You like guys with big muscles or something fruit cake

  • 🔥

  • Now how tf is juicy J playing the PlayStation while its off (1:26)

  • I love everything about the video. Both the documentary side of it and seeing that he's doing well through all of it, but then also the music video had me dying the whole time.

  • trash man any real lyricist would put you whack rappers to shame for real your awful

    • That's not what we are going for here dip shit

  • Nigga tried to sell me homegrown, I'm like, "Nigga, nice try" 😎

  • Gary V

  • I love this song when I heard it on the radio, now with the videos it's even better! Great video! LOL!

  • Juice like "back tf up, I'll just get all this mane.."

  • Curb Yo EnJuiceIazm

  • ❤️

  • Lol😂♥️

  • 💙💢💥

  • 3:40 and 4:07 sounds like when someones locking on a missile on u in gta LOL

  • So i listened to this today not high. It cracked me up. Now im high and im trying to not bust out laughing and wake my family up at 3a. 😂😂😂

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Juicy J is a fine wine...gets better with age

  • I think this is the best music video of 2020 LMAO

  • when i first heard this track few months ago...i was like "yeaaaa" ok, slapped it in the whip all nice like...and now seeing the video! LOL,...he got Gary V in their too! When 36, used to come thru the TUC, on promo bids for the radio, or if they had a show in town, or close by....I got to link up with them, and chill, and smoke, and stuff. Three 6, was just as great in person, as is their music is good! REAL TALK! Thank Juicy, for all the years of head bangers since 1996! **seansmokes**

  • 👏😂

  • Juicy knows how to make a good music video 🔥🔥

  • Juicy & Wiz 💥 one of the best duo in the game. 2 legends

  • I love u juicy j

  • Juicy J/Wiz/Lex Luger legendary collab is back 🔥

  • Always keep a cigarette lit...

  • Keep up the good work fam💯 I'll appreciate if you can leave a like and comment repost on my most recent post 🙏 thank you in advance #beforethealbumbeforethefame streaming on RU-tv now send me a feedback ❤️

  • juicy j and jessy j, I'm curious what the daughter's name is lol. jenny j?

  • Lesson: Never pass up on an investment opportunity that sounds too far fetched.....even if you're too gah damn high

  • I show up and show out I show up and show up and show out

  • Lex Luger on tha beat GAH DAMN LEGEND

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • If you can be famous, succesfull and loved for being high all the time, you know you hit the jackpot 😎✌️

  • Yoooo did not expect Gary V in this haha that was cool.

  • Went from Bombay to D’usse... woof.

  • This beat will make a nigga run through a wall at the party. Juicy knows how to make dope beats.

  • The #agelessone

  • #hummmmmmm

  • This nigga been rich since the early 90's.

  • 🇧🇷

  • Honestly, im just wondering if he’s high.

  • whats good f a m i l y

  • Wiz is trash. Fucked this song all up

  • Straight from nawf Memphis to a damn mansion in paradise. Please Lord get me out of Memphis!!!

  • Rap game David Ruffin.

  • Hardest beats dog always!!!!!!!!!

  • From three 6 to more dope ass shiii, juicy J my childhood and I love listening to this manss