K/DA - I’LL SHOW YOU ft. TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, Annika Wells (Official Concept Video - Starring Ahri)

Опубликовано: 27 ноя 2020
Listen to Ahri’s emotional ode to her journey of perseverance and the true meaning of following your heart. K/DA presents the official concept video for “I’LL SHOW YOU.”
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Featured artists: TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, and Annika Wells
Written by: Riot Music Team and Bekuh BOOM
Korean translation by: Lydia Paek and Minji Kim
Produced by: Riot Music Team
Executive produced by: Ahri
Mixed by: Riot Music Team
Mastered by: Riot Music Team
Vocals performed by: TWICE, Bekuh BOOM, and Annika Wells
Vocal production by: Riot Music Team
Additional vocal production by: Oscar Free
P/C Riot Games 2020
내 눈에 비친 창문
눈을 감아
바람이 부는 곳에
날 데려가
Wanna be myself
Wanna leave this hell
Stuck in a place between the space of heart and mind
시간을 쫓아 꿈을 찾아 흘러가
And so am I
Sit on the floor
Thinking I’ll stop
Can’t take no more
준비될 때
크게 난 roar
That was the battle but this is the war
I’ll show you what I’m made of
Rise to the occasion
Got fears but I face them
And I’ll show you what I’m made of
A heart full of fire
Looking at a fighter
I got a way it depends on the day
That I forget I’m the best that’s done it
Hard on myself put my heart on a shelf
Cause I forget that myself needs loving
어둠에 가려진
기억 모두 이젠 잊어
Cause I know that I can make it out those days
Sit on the floor
Thinking I’ll stop
Can’t take no more
준비될 때
크게 난 roar
That was the battle but this is the war
어둠보단 밝음이 더 크잖아
They say some moments you wait for all your life
어두움이 지나 밝은 하루가
You know the darker the day the more you shine babe
두려워 마
And I'm not cause today


  • Bop

  • Y’all ever consider making an animated movie or nah?

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  • TWICE how did you get here!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Sabias que evelin y ahir son mis preferidas a y tambien akali kaisa no por que en popstar no cata nada sola baila jo

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  • There is to much colors my EYEBALLS ARE ON FIRE!!!

  • KDAの声当ててる人がアイドル(TWICE)で固まっててホントのアイドル使っててふげーってなった

  • Who still enjoy this song? Me!!

  • kpop eh?

  • Me after watching WandaVision: Who's doing this to you, Wanda? Ahri: I'll Show You Wanda Maximoff: No

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  • He's sad because he remember the normal kda and the normal he😭😭😭😭😭

  • Thought I was about to get Rick Rolled at the beginning

  • Miyeon?

  • Mais attendez, dans l'univers de kda les stargardians existent, séraphine a un poster d'eux je crois bien. Mais ils existent en fiction ou en réalité ? Prc que sinon ahri, c'est pas censé en être une justement xD ? Apres peut être que dans ce mondes les meufs renardes c'est commun je sais pas ^^'

  • Phutangena 2 lines lang yung binigay kay SANA ko😭...

  • God Jihyo was awesome

  • ayyyye 9 million

  • I absolutely love the song and video but I wish they gave kda new outfits for the songs.

  • People talking about this being depressed and I'm here getting goosebumps for this awesome concept - it gives a mysterious vibe

  • I love you ahri ❤️😘😻

  • I can literally hear Jihyo She change dher voice a bit so she won’t get caught by the other fans

    • @canUhearDat i mean her voice changed a bit but i could still her hear

    • bruh what do you mean, I laughed at this comment so hard lol 🤣 I can hear all member's voices especially Jihyo, she's not hiding it lmao. And why would she hide her voice


  • кто русский?

  • She looks so depressed xD

  • Me overthinking in the shower:

  • 1:03 I Like This Part

  • I love you K/da

  • Off to kms

  • holy this video is 4k...

  • evellyn: lust ka'isa: greed akali: pride ahri: sloth

  • I love twice but (g)i-dle suits it better.

    • aqui no cantan las kda osea por que comparar? ah y viva twice joder

    • The whole point of it is to show k/da is not a set group its not stuck to one singer its flexible always changing, also twice could have done so much more with this if they had a normal producer and it was only twice members and no one else featuring Still jihyo voice stands out nobody can beat her powerful full voice

  • It would be good, if ahri moves her ears a lil

  • TWICE k/da unit

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  • This song will be useful for motivating us to achieve our goals this year

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  • T T

  • Please do not throw KDA. This music is wonderful!

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  • In the lore she is korean and no Chinese

  • this game is going to be like fortnite in 2022

  • No lie, she looked like a Barbie doll in some scenes

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  • 2021 listenings?!..

  • i love her "shine" love her saying shine

  • Listening to it: Happy, feel bad for other people, and enjoy the lyrics Feeling it: Sad, know how other people feel, and understand the lyrics Everyone thinks about music differently so don't say that every song is happy and enjoyable. Some people relate to music videos or find them sad. A happy song, might be a song that was someone's moms favorite song and could make them sad. And some songs are sad and people can relate to it. And that's how I feel with Ahri's song, I'LL SHOW YOU. Not all songs are happy for everyone. This is my pov from this song.: I've had the same probably around 10 friends who've always been there for me and who I always played with. I've had them all since probably around September of 2020. But that all changed today. I'm positive I lost them all/most of them today. My neighbor closer to my age: doesn't include me 95% of the time. My youngest neighbor: ditched me to hang out with the girl who doesn't include me. My older boy best friend: always playing Fortnite and doesn't talk to my friend group anymore. My boy best friend who's a few months older then me: microphone's broken and probably has another one by now. Youngest boy best friend of my age: always hanging out with the boy who's microphone is broken. Two best friends who are sisters: are never online anymore because of school and different time zones of 5 hours. And the rest of my friends, I don't even know who they are anymore and we don't talk anymore. I've recently been playing with a RU-tvr named Orse and have been feeling a lot better because I'm not lonely anymore. I've also met some new friends by playing with him and talking to people in his streams. Today I decided that I'd break away from my two friend groups and stay by myself. I may have been crying after I said it, but thanks to Ahri's song, I'LL SHOW YOU, I've recovered in under an hour and feel like myself again. I'm glad to say that I'm proud of my choices and believe in myself, all thanks to K/DA, Ahri, and her song. This isn't for the likes and this isn't a made up story. I'm here to tell my story to the world and help others who may be going through a hard time or maybe the same thing as me. Good luck to all struggling, K/DA and I believe in you!

  • surprises me nayeon doesn't share the chorus with jihyo

  • I ll show you

  • is k/da

  • see look OK

  • Ah üzümlü Ahrim

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  • Ahri

    • I ll show you what immade of rise the to occasion got fears them and I ll show you what made of a hear full of fire looking atfighter

    • Drop

  • L ii show you


  • The start remember me rick roll

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  • These feels are my Ahri Main’s face after her MVP performance promotion and subsequent 0-11 run in the new tier in Wild Rift T.T

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  • Ahri

  • I love you


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  • a queen collab with a queen !!


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  • After I read a comment that said„Ill show you a tomato“ I can’t listen to this song anymore

  • البنت الي بالفيديو ويلي ما ابتسمت طول الامفي اسمها اهري وهي ما عندها لا عيلة ولا اصدقاء يمكن للهسبب طول الفيديو حزينة ومو مبتسمة

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  • 1:21 คุ้นๆนะ

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