Korn - Finally Free (Official Video)

Опубликовано: 15 окт 2020
We’ve teamed up with World of Tanks Blitz, and traveled to the Burning Games in our new official video for "Finally Free." Experience it now through October 31 in the World of Tanks Blitz free-to-play game. Download it here: bit.ly/kornxwotblitz
Listen to The Nothing 🔲 lnk.to/thenothingkorn

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  • shit

  • damn

  • !!! !! !!! !!! !! !!!

  • So... finally free guys??? So happy for you... all my love for the band

  • Yeah

  • Vaya buen rolon y más aún con el WoT Blitz ufff una belleza

  • Love it

  • Every fan of KoRn must comment this video: ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-WupRNV-XvB0.html

  • Korn is back! This song rocks!

  • Korn остался в прошлом как и WOT. Всему свое время. Не все продается за голду, время такое.

  • Пишу тем кто не понимает как пятка пробила и даже УНИЧТОЖИЛА семёрку ,всё очень просто: она (пятка) могла попасть на стык бронелистов и выбить двигло, после чего начался пожар и т.д. но главная версия что он попал в боеукладку-ОФ или БП ну или хотябы ББ и она сдитанировала приведя танк в полное уничтожение а в боеукладку легко взорвать ОФ (осколочно-фугасным) осколки через механизм поворота башни попали в боеукладку- то сдитанировала

  • я свободен словно птица в небесах!

  • Я один понял что 85% комментов это не русскоязычные? (Ты крутой если долистал до СЮДА!!!)

  • This looks SO real, but we know that the TANKS are all not real... Or are they?

  • Mr. Davis what happened to your beautiful Mic stand?

  • Мда,совсем не то,жести не хватает(

  • Whaat

  • афигеть а получше игру не могли найти для клипа) киберпанк например) как ваще картошка это сделала??

  • I miss this, this band was my last concert of 2020, since I have missed 6 bands and muther fuking OZZY! We need mosh pits again!

  • I like koRn since the first album, but why this "World of tanks"-Shit? -.-


  • Omg

  • OMG! That was bad ass! #kornfan

  • Прям так представляю, как посреди репы парни из Korn всё бросают и бегут катку в танчики прогнать.

  • Sorry guys but this song is a pile of rubbish.

  • Man, your Nickelback is broken.

  • Джонатан Дэвис гений

  • man, this sucks too much. Korn is one of the bands, imo, that didn't age very well

  • I dont like drummer ....

  • I had mixed fillings at the beginning, but then the end made love it 🤘

  • когда шмальнул по танку за любовь

  • KoRn always makes killer music videos

  • Ну зачем КОЯН рекламирует эту помойку? Для меня это удар по моему фанатскому сердечку(

  • Вахуй я Олени

  • Korns sound just don't age. Always at the top of their craft.

  • "Finally Free".

  • Se nota el cambio machin, se fue la obscuridad, 😞. Korn👹. I miss you

  • Finally rock n roll is alive 🔥🔛🔥 🤛🤘🤜

  • хрень

  • 2:43 most epic shit ever.

  • Jason Momoa

  • Ребят, все те кто так же как и я охуевает и думает «ну как так?». Это мы виноваты, пиратили, не катали концерты. Им тоже надо кормить детей.

  • I have been a Korn fan since 1996 and I have to say that The Nothing is their best album in years. I love the production and Johnathan seems more passionate than he has in a while.

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • So many bands hit a certain age and they start playing songs that are definitely written by other people. This is and example

  • 💯❣️🧠🎶

  • Korn is Back!

  • I know im in the minority here but I find every song on their new album very mediocre. 2016's Serenity of Suffering was far superior.

  • I was down with this song before world of tanks was

  • Норм👍 Танковый биатлон есть кому открывать)

  • Weirdest sellout ever

  • la wea random Xddddd

  • Ya no son los de antes😞😞😞😞😞😞 ya no Like korn

  • Som fodaaaa

  • Great and Awesome song, but boring video

  • I love Korn, and this song is awesome, but when I need some hot tank on tank action I, being a man of culture, watch Girls und Panzer.

  • Non Essential...

  • 1er comentario en español? No se, da igual, gracias a WoTB conci esta joya de grupo musical

  • Omg..that sucks ,

  • I love korn. In the 90s

  • That was absolutely a fantastic music video I love it 🤘 thank you KORN amazing job

  • VideoClipe Of Die Yet Another Night!

  • Я в шоке что они держатся, красавцы! За трек everything i've known отдельная благодарность, по сей день в плейлисте слушаю!

  • Nice! I always thought this should have been a single, one of my favourite songs on the album. 1 of the better albums since untouchables imo.

  • i think the premo victoria is low better from wot :) SABATON ONLY

  • Since long ago untill now Korn videos will never disappointed.. 🤩

  • Damn, I'm so disappointed. This is NOT a song you use to promote a game. It killed the tragic meaning of it, and made it a joke. I love Korn. Have been a massive fan for nearly 20 years. I know everyone of their songs on every single album, and this is the only video that disappoints me and it's only because they twisted the meaning of this song to fit a video game promotion.

  • Пушка клип

  • Да когда уже барабанщик сменит свою идиотскую причёску...??

  • love this song

  • 😃

  • tento gostar, mas toda vez que vejo o baixista sinto dor de barriga

  • Damn for 2020 being shit there is alot of good rock this year.

  • Hey thats not possible, Spike ist not too op to kill annihilator wtf

  • Wojtek Wachuda in KoRn video 🙂

  • cool vid! odd choice for a single imo (didnt feel this was one of the "stronger" songs on the album), but rock on my friends! long live korn!

  • It's softer than I expected. ... 😐😑😐 .. That's what sh-

  • Classic Korn with a pinch of Death Metal. I like.

  • Wow! Great tune guys!!

  • 🌟🅰️⚀🌟

  • This is awesome. I love Korn and I love World of Tanks. I'm an 8 year veteran of the game. I don't play the Blitz version, but still, to have Wargaming getting music like this for their games really kicks ass. Come play World of Tanks so I can destroy you. I could use the easy kills. My gamer tag is Major_Mistake.


  • Дядьки по ходу в танки переиграли

  • This is who Anders Friden wants to be. great song. Jonathan, you’re a fucking legend man!

  • Oh boy Wtf is going on ? this is fcking Pop man, what a crap. Ok it was a long road from the life is peachy till now but........what a downfall

  • Annihilator.....Man i though you broken.....Why you get beated by just FUCKING TIER V TANK???????

  • Sensational the clip of this one, but now make the video clip of "The Darkness is revealing", is one of best music from this album.

  • embarrassing to watch

  • THIS IS KORN!!! 🖤🤘🏻

  • лайк,подписка

  • why does it sound like a song from a previous album?

  • Meh!

  • I knew it! This song deserves a video. So different vocal melodies

  • deftones and korn dropping something in 2020. making this shtty year a little better for me.

  • I'm glad I was around back in the day. This shit sucks. Everything after life is peachy is trash.

  • Клип прикольный получился. Событие уже давно прошел, а клип только сейчас смотрю

  • Лайк если зашёл узнать, что за группа такая из-за WORLD OF TANKS BLITZ. Приглашаю в клан от 50% "DELIVERY" [DLVRY]

  • Круто. Но блин это реклама World of Tank. И где же фирменная подставка под микрофон. И у корна поменялся состав группы?

  • This music sounds as bad as world of tanks.. I dont play games anymore ... Wasted time and money 😎