Leeches, Exes, and Loans [Full Episode]

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Grant faces his fear of creepy crawlies. Meanwhile, Ally revisits a spicy romance.

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Ally Beardsley
Grant O'Brien
Sam Reich
Adam Frucci
Siobhan Thompson
Raphael Chestang
Rekha Shankar
Mike Trapp
Katie Marovitch
Brennan Lee Mulligan
Sarintip "Jazz" Singsanong
Irina Brodsky
Jay Fleishman
Myrte Beltman
Director - Yuri Baranovsky
Writer - Jessica Ross
Producer - Shane Crown
Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty
Director Of Photography - Justin Morrison
Production Designer - Rick Mader
HMU - Denise Valentine
Sound Mixer - Danny Carpenter of BoTown Sound
Editor - Eve Hinz


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    • *This* is easier than figuring out the fraud that creates your non-existent debt? Grant actually _uses_ the term "cognitive dissonance" right about minute five, but still... Oh _right!_ You're *_American!_* & I was wondering why they didn't do something requiring a modicum of thought. Sorry. Won't happen again.

    • I signed up for dropout just to see this series please go through with it, I’d like to see them pay off everything ❤️

    • Love the content, The free trial would be great if it didn't force me to put in a credit card.

    • I might try the free trial when the series is over so that I can binge it.

    • But I only want freeeeee things !! 😅

  • There were two choices (aside from rich parents), either be black and get affirmative action, or be really smart and compete for and get grants and scholarships. All the students who got bogged by loans, weren't intelligent enough to have gone to college. Example: If I meet a M.D., and they have huge loans they're paying off, I think, "Oh god, now I have to look up everything they say, because they're an idiot,"

  • In canada we have no debt. My uncle was a doctor, all his schooling ( over 11 years) totaled about 50k with no scholarships or anything

  • hi i have arachnophobia to the extreme... you can torture me if that means i get to pay off my student loans. (she says with tears in her eyes) but im serious

  • wtf was one of grants school pictures?

  • Grant Owes 100K Ally owes 60k Ally: I'm definetly the more broke one of my friends Myth busted grant and ally are not friends

  • Love you guys!

  • I’m dieing cause it says “bollege bumour” XD

  • I love that the cat fell out of her car

  • Can we talk about how Grant's icon at the end is Keith from Buzzfeed

  • This video was loaded like a shotgun.

  • Grant, you need Mr. Beast. Seriously, join his challenges and you’ll be paying them again n matter of months

  • Is this acting or for real

  • Ally is so fucking hottttt But also if they have coworkers who are also super in debt from student loans I would be kinda sad and jealous to not get any help to pay mine off tooooo

  • i just got a job and literally the most exciting part is that ill be able to pay to see the rest of this show

  • I would love Grant to be my waiter.

  • lol everyone's blank stare. xD

  • i'd do them both at the same time for half the money xDDD

  • she looked kinda hot in the college pictures 5:58

  • I need so much more of this in my life

  • Can I just say, this is amazing. They're shedding light on a real problem happening in America every day. Just think, how much more student debt has been incurred since the filming of this? Just to be able to live comfortably??? Kudos to you guys. We all love you.

  • Wtf $700 a month barely covers interest? That's 8400 a year in interest alone, or more than 11 % interest rate! In my country the interest rate is 0,16 % a year

  • basically what will Kevin do for Ricky's money on steroids

  • I definitely think Grant won this, he handled it a lot more even though he was terrified of it.

  • He’s scared because for grant because Sam knows ally is a sociopath

  • amazing.

  • 6:45. The Myth of Sisyphus.

  • So... If the chief creative officer Sam Reich has a son named Sam... And that same also has a son named Sam.... That son with be the Third Reich?

  • Ugh I need that leech to get out of Grant's belly button.

  • I love this, keep it going!!! I hope you guys pay off your loans.

  • The poor Dutch girls face

  • I can't tell how much of this is real and how much of this is fake - all I know is on the last few seconds, when he said they were dedicated, I found myself tearing up.

  • Its soo sad to see both if them live actually really bad and just barely surviving althou doing such good jobs, being a social media star and everything .

  • Did TruTv steal this show

  • I don’t mean to sound condescending, I mean this in the best way. She was surprisingly pretty in college, like wow. Still beautiful, just different. She looks much more mature now. Hopefully that comes across right, I think y’all understand what I am trying to say.

  • No but seriously if you really look at this. Student loans really do destroy... they are literally willing to mentally, emotionally, and physically invest and cause pain to themselves to pay off student loans.... like. Damn

  • They need Dave Ramsey

  • thank the gods i live in Britain

  • When I was years old I went swimming in a pond with my parents. I kept telling my parents I felt really itchy but they didn't think anything of it. When we finally got out of the pond my mom screamed when she pulled me out. I looked down and from my stomac, down to my legs I was covered in, literally, hundreds of leaches. I had to take a bath in salt water and pull them off.

  • I see how it is: (No offense to Grant fans, I love him too) It shows that he made really poor decisions when it came to college, he went to a PRIVATE college, probably OUT OF STATE so it’s way more expensive for him, and he didn’t try for programs such as work on campus or something. So when he gets out of college, he has to pay a crap ton of money. I’m not sure if he did get a grant or scholarship but it’s also sad for the guy. Well maybe there are personal problems to why he couldn’t do these things but $95,000+ is indeed a loan he’ll be paying till death. Grant, call Mr. Beast

  • is this meta?

  • Useless degrees=a lot of student loan debt

  • GRANT GRANT GRANT GRANT You went to school for ACTING so PLEASE keep acting like the challenges are so much worse than being in this insane amount of debt. Clearly what people want to see is you suffering (sadly) so don’t make anyone think this is nbd!

  • @ellen !!!

  • This is fascinating, but also a terrible idea?

  • Dammit they just sold me on drop out when is this all going to be finished cause I'ma binge.

  • It's cool to see all the college pics. I bet both Ally and Grant had a ton of fun in college! (The loan payback is the hangover)

  • 0:00 - 3:48 is amazing, incredible to actually see how it truly began

    • @Buchanan Games I know, but I'm pretty sure they just watched dire consequences and ricks money and thought " hey we could do that again!" Good show though.

    • HavokBWR ..I meant this show 🤨 ..obviously

    • Pretty sure it "truly began" 10 years ago with Rickys money.

  • “I saved $2.50 but then I spent $11” Damn I felt that

  • *Laughs in scandinavian*

  • How much does ch pay them anyways?

  • 4:23 is my new screensaver

  • This kinda looks like ungraded log.

  • I'm re watching this from the beginning and realizing that Shane is the one who set up the entire premise of this life ruining show and holy crap

  • This was fucking great. Please do more

  • Those debts are horrible. Hey, are you willing to learn something for 100 000$, ok, come to college

  • These guys are awesome

  • Why does the intro to this series sound a bit like the stranger things theme lmao

  • i got an ad of this show before the video started lol

  • holy shit ally got off easy

  • Here in Canada, college really isn’t that expensive, maybe like 1000$ to 2000$ a session.

  • I wanna go to the restaurant grant works at

  • Me: Ally's was a thousand times wor... [Sees Grant post leeches] OH SWEET MOTHE OF GOD

  • Damn! I thought you guys would've earn alot from CH

  • this was so personal

  • 6:00 wow long hair

    • indigolabs indegoshark Looks ALOT better, in my opinion anyway.

  • The answer is don't go to a college where you have to pay $20k/year for tuition. I attended in-state for 6k/yr, and scholarships paid for everything, and I mean EVERY THING.

  • I want to see the remade but its katie... as every character... being like a caricature of everyone

  • America's so fucked up. Student loans shouldn't need to be a thing. How Americans think it's the land of the free and the greatest nation on Earth is beyond me. Its straight up dystopian.

  • Ally!!!

  • I’m not going to college

  • woa.... this is getting real...

  • Ally was hot back in college

  • So grant could've gotten "grants." But instead, got loans.

  • Soooo good!!!


  • I never realized Grant was gonna be so fucked up after those leeches

  • This needs to get repeated for others too, it'd be great to this turn into a huge series that lasts for years

  • Sam’s observation was on point. Although Grant’s outcome is visually scary, what Ally went through emotionally is something I wouldn’t see my worst enemy experience.

  • I think it’s messed up that she only had to talk to an ex and he had to literally bleed out because tiny animals were ducking his blood

  • My favorite part: the loan officer or whatever being so uncomfortable. Least favorite? "No it wasn't" Ouch.

  • "I paid for a bell pepper in dimes"

  • This is an incredibly smart idea. Both a solid show idea and a solid solution to a problem. Played this game well!!

  • How the heck did the FDA approve of these damn leeches?

  • I feel bad for Ally but that blood on Grant just looks illegal

  • After this episode i expected them to put some donation links in the description, but they didn't :/

  • Leeches... are FDA approved. wtffffff

  • grant's was phisically challenging but ally's.....damn i felt tha so emotional

  • Get me on the show now

  • I’m glad I have parents who are paying for my school. Sadly this is a world where you have to take a risk and take a loan out in the hopes that you will get a job that can pay off you loans. I still think it works but you need to find a good job but taking a philosophy or acting degree is not a good major. My older sister went to college and dropped out 2 times. My brother worked hard and got a scholarship.

  • God i love Ally lmao

  • Damn, Grant had it hard.

  • oh jeez now I really want to get dropout, these two are amazing, as is this show

  • I am so sad about Dutch girl.

  • Philosophy degree? hey, I'm getting that too!

  • *the shit they do for money*

  • They are one of the stars of a 13 million subscriber channel and they have to work a second job

  • Ironic paying for a show about people getting money

  • Brennan's face at 9:01 he's just like not even shocked anymore

  • I like the idea of having a test tube baby