Hii babesss! I finally filmed a video with baby e's daddy hehe. This was definitely out of the ordinary for him, but I hope you guys like it! :)
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  • whats going on with his cousin i couldnt hear lmao

  • Something is off, that not how you talk about tha woman that is going to give you a baby, he was making her look bad like she is desperate and he is giving me major f boy vibes..very immature, SORRY NOT SORRY

  • They both talk so soft it’s cute😂

  • why are people hating? I really enjoyed this video, they have the same personality 😂, they mentioned multiple times that they’re conservative, they’re not like most couples on youtube. let them be .

  • Lame

  • Cuties cuties 🤩🥖 $leximc12

  • When Elijah said I’m team “T” I thought he meant that he was on trey’s side not “TEA”😂 $20eli20

  • Love your videos @arlyneee ❤️

  • I have a 6 month old beautiful baby girl ❤️

  • Please pick me❣️

    • You Guys are a really cute couple your baby will be beautiful 💕. I respect that Elijah isn’t into social media .. my man isn’t either

  • ❤️ love your videos elsy

  • Omg lol i remember when u and alo was at disneyland running around saying wanna be my baby daddy 😂

  • I love your relationship #E^2 $cheyannejankowski

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1448">24:08</a>🤣

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  • I remember the video u and alondra did and it was called something like who is most likely to and you guys said that alondra will get pregnant first but no u did😂😂😂

  • You guys are cute! I literally turn my volume up all the way and I still can’t hear y’all lol 😂 y’all remind me of the Asian girl in pitch perfect (Lilly) whispering all the time 😂😂 🤣💞

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1040">17:20</a> When she coughed 😂the first thing that came to my mind was Corona. Than the clip played😂 and it took me out🤣🤣🤣

  • Idk if it’s a VIRGO thing but I can’t relate so much to Elsy 😩🥰🥰 what is Elijahs sign?

  • Omg y’all are sooo nervous 😭💖

  • Yall should make a family channel 😫 and prank each other and stuff like that

  • I like how close they are wit each other throughout the video 😭🖤

  • idc what anyone says I absolutely love them together and I really hope it lasts

  • he sounds like Tre

  • You Guys are a really cute couple your baby will be beautiful 💕. I respect that Elijah isn’t into social media .. my man isn’t either

  • Yeaaaaaahhh and they fucked after this hahahaha

  • it seems like yaa dont know nothing about eachother LMAO

  • why does it seem like they dont know each other and since she got prego he just joining in

  • i have the volume all the way and i still can't hear them lmaoooo.

  • Is he high?

  • I just know this baby’s gone be so cute 😭😭. $AloHGod

  • How do you not know who said I love you first? That’s weird.

  • I know someone pregnant wouldn’t wanna hear this an wouldn’t care anyway but this is RU-tv! He looks so uncomfortable, regardless if he doesn’t like begin on camera, he was at a music video set🤷‍♀️ I see no chemistry I see him just going with the flow, there relationship was rushed, they look so awkward but I hope I’m wrong cause he looks like he has other girls but I do wish her an especially te baby the best

  • i dont understand why they would think of not keeping there baby thats crazy

  • Nice! You guys look like you share the same IQ as well!

  • Can I have 100 dollars

  • I couldn’t hear some questions or the answers to the questions 😂 but they are sooo cute he’s definitely into her I mean just look at the way he looks at her throughout the video 😩🥰

  • :)))

  • 🥺🤍

  • Elsy....

  • I like their vibe, I’m subscribed now 🙌🏽

  • I have to put on speaker 🔊 to hear this video

  • Im not convinced hes def in it for convinience he couldnt really say one good thing about her besides her big head and liking how she dresses ....hes just not that into her

  • U see u don’t have to feel sorry to defend your bestfriend that was before him, I don’t like this.🤮

  • U see u don’t have to feel sorry to defend yourself best that was before him, I don’t like this.🤮

    • Y’all whispering gets on my fucking nerves

  • I don’t like him he seems like he don’t know what he want, too immature. She is actually to much for him and he just believes she is no more than a big head that dress up good. I’m sorry elsy I really admire you ( hardworking person, independent, genuine, and beautiful) girl u deserve better.


  • Elsy looks so in love 😂😍❤️❤️

  • Cashapp: alimedinaaaa 😘

  • Awww I think you can definitely see the love ❤️ best wishes to you & your little family Elsy 💜💜 $kahhlss

  • He OVO 🙌

  • 🤣🤣🤣❤️ y’all funny

  • Of course he is gonna say she has a big head, he is such a little guy . Her head is normal to people of normal size . But wish them best I hope he realizes how lucky he is to catch a baddie like her.

  • So happy for you guys!

  • Y’all are such a cute couple ! since both of y’all start with El what about Elisa or Eliza ?

  • Couldn’t hear shit they said 🙄


  • I want a relationship like this 🥺👉🏽👈🏽

  • Isent he cousins with alo ex

  • My best advice is do you Elsy and E, fuck the negative comments! You guys don’t owe anyone an explanation yet y’all took the time to make a video and people still wanna judge “he’s not into her” “he’s immature” like damn y’all do you know them in person? Do you live with them!? So what if he didn’t answer the questions like you guys wanted him to answer, he doesn’t have to simp for y’all to know he loves her. You can tell he cares for her by even deciding to stick around for the baby PERIODT! He could’ve dipped and called it a day. Anyways, Elsy you’re glowing boo, fuck the haters! Keep making money moves and enjoying your relationship PRIVATE if you need to. Don’t feel like you owe anybody an explanation. These comments can be hella toxic. Love you and thank you for introducing E. He seems cool and laid back 🤟🏾

  • Y’all whispering gets on my fucking nerves

  • Proud of him for facing all viewers, hopefully he feels more comfortable soon and we can see this family grow cuter together ❤️ $treepalm

  • He doesn’t seem to be that into you... 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Dude , not gonna lie, 1st- he said first thing he noticed about her was her big ass head. 2nd- seems like SHE SUPPORTS HIM. 3rd- HE SAID SHE LOOKS mean as fuck lmao 4th- he first seen her and wanted to “ fuck “ 5th- He SAID TEAM TEA. BESH WHAT? 6th- litterally he’s not the one for you sis 7th- no wonder why she never showed him off. Smh...... he’s weird and really rude he don’t treat you like a queen I can tell this isn’t good... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 ELSY I LOVE U SO MUCH GIRL BUT OPEN TU OJOS PLEASE

  • He weird but ok

  • So happy for u!!! y’all r the cutest🥺💕💕💕 $lvxalexa

  • You both look so happy❤️enjoy your pregnancy $lexis2190

  • He’s kinda rude lol

  • He just made you sound desperate sis

  • I came from watching benny and alo and had my phone at a lower volume and now I need to turn it all the way up with you guys 😂 but ANYWAYS you guys are soo cute together ❤️

  • him : I look white. Everyone: bruuuh. You are white

  • I can’t hear shit!

  • Why are you whispering

  • One you guys both talk really really really low and Elsy keeps answering questions for "E"

    • Ok the way he looks at her though... changes all my opinions on the flags and chemistry. He loves her definitely NOT just because she’s carrying his child. I have high hopes

  • Volume alll the way up girls.

  • I don't know why some people are quick to say they have no chemistry and relationship seems forced....but who would force the relationship. I don't think they are forcing anything. Elsy and E may you have a long and happy prosperous life together and make lots of beautiful memories together.

  • You guys are so cute 😍❤️

  • Hi

  • Atleast he ain't a mayate

  • I swear you 2 are the cutest 💕 I’m so happy for you girl $marialovezz