Minecraft Dungeons - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Опубликовано: 9 июн 2019
Discover an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe! Brave the dungeons alone, or team up with friends to survive truly spectacular battles! Up to four players can fight together through action-packed, treasure-stuffed, wildly varied levels, all in a quest to save the villagers and take down the nefarious Arch-Illager!
Learn more about Minecraft Dungeons for Nintendo Switch! bit.ly/31emthC
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  • Minecraft the rpg

  • Is it free?

  • I looks different

  • Minecraft but it's Diablo 3

  • Steve

  • why do I think when the game comes out they will add a character from that game in super smash bros ultimate

  • Minecraft 2?

  • Is this gonna be Two or more players or what?

  • So if we have a regular Minecraft account, do we still have to pay for this new one



  • Wow cant wait to get the vita version of Dis...

  • I wanna buy this so bad...

  • Después de esto, es posible que steve aparezca en smash bros?

  • *I'm uninstalling fortnite*

  • Idea of Steve being in Smash Bros maybe?

  • Je viens de la vidéo de agentgb

  • Do we have to go down until Level 16? "YOUR MADNESS ENDS HERE BETRAYER!"

  • My body is ready

  • ❤❤❤❤

  • When I was 8 my mom like minecraft

  • Thats really cool from Minecraft games like this!

  • Add Geno and Steve and Alex or else I will cry

  • God gave us a gift

  • Mojang or Microsoft?

  • Diablo: **exists** Minecraft: **hold my beer**

  • Hope there will be herobrine in this game

  • Make enemies harder to beat because I saw them getting one hit

  • Sin

  • Steve is mightier than Thor!

  • Wow. It actually looks pretty fun.

  • Is there a Steve skin?

  • Microsoft: Hey Sony like our new game? Nintendo has joined the chat Sony has left the chat

  • I realy hope this would come to a 3ds

  • Not going to lie. This looks fantastic.

  • Please say Steve is in this

  • Man dis diablo texture pack looks nice

  • The Binding of Steve? Enter the BOWGEON?!

  • Me: *watches this* My Wallet: "Somebody is going to re-create this in OG Minecraft the day after you buy it."

  • man zombies and skeletons die in one shot of a bow? really

  • Knack 3 babe

  • The Legend Of Steve, Breath Of the Diamond Sword

  • Diablo has some competition


  • Minecraft Diablo?

  • I love the ragdoll physics of the monsters in the game when you kill them. I'm really looking forward to this game!

  • 2010: MOBA is everywhere 2019: Diablo is everywhere

  • So from what we can assume for boss battles Redstone Monstrosity : Preultimate/Final Boss Arch Illager : Final Boss and/or commander of Monstrosity Herobrine : Potential secret boss The Unnamed One : Potential Boss and/or misunderstood hero? Ravager/Illager Beasts : Potential Miniboss

  • ....and dragons

  • I never knew i needed this until now