MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement - Dangerous or Healing?

Опубликовано: 12 фев 2019
MMS also called Miracle Mineral Supplement was found by Jim Humble in 1996.
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Humble discovered MMS on a trip to the jungle of Venezuela. There, using stabilized oxygen, he improvised an effective remedy for his colleagues who were sick with malaria.
In the following years, he developed a more powerful form of oxygen therapy, chlorine dioxide, which he called Miracle Mineral Supplement. Jim Humble made MMS widely available in the form of sodium chlorite which the user 'activated' by adding lemon juice or vinegar.
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  • DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO TAKE MMS nor do I promote this supplement in any way. The purpose of this video and the comment section is for people to share their EXPERIENCE. Please be respectful and share only your personal experience. Thank you!

    • can you share the second part of this video in the comment section please because in can't find it, perhaps you-tube is censoring this

    • Thank you very much :)

    • @Dan White bulk supplements

    • As I am not working with MMS, I can't help you out there. Regarding rock rose tea any brand that has it organic and 100% pure will do, Dan! Hope this helps.

    • Do you know the best place to get MMS also, I mentioned about cistus incanus on another video. Any idea is the companies "myvita" and "natvita" are credible? Because they are very affordable. Thanks

  • 1. i have been using it for 20 years. 2. have been using it increasingly for more and more reasons. 3. has been working every time

  • It works! No matter what any says

  • I drink MMS now to get rid of the acne on my face. I find it also fixed my dandruff.

  • No I would like to know more for I just bought myself it today

  • I've been using MMS for around 3 years. I find the 'know it all' commentary from people who have never used it to be quite amusing. To be fair, there is so much misinformation about it that I can understand why people are so suspicious. I also agree that the name was ill conceived, even though devised with positive intentions. All of the smear tactics online about it are either from people who have no direct experience with it, or by idiots who didn't follow the basic dilution instructions. When the instructions say to mix 3 drops of each ingredient, let it react for 30 seconds, and then mix it in a quart of water but the user instead skips the dilution process.... well, what is there to say. What I can tell you is that I have used MMS whenever I am exposed to the flu, stomach flu or people suffering from various colds and I have not had more than just initial symptoms of any of these ailments for around the past 3 years. I keep wondering if the next exposure will prove me wrong, but I literally have not had a cold take root in that entire time - even though I am on other mildly immuno-compromising prescribed drugs. Just recently my entire Kung Fu class had some form of cold and I have been the only one unaffected. If you go to, you will find a video documenting a 700 person study (150+ of which were found to have Malaria) using MMS to treat Malaria which was performed by the Uganda Red Cross. Even though the study was a massive success, reportedly 100% within 5 days of treatment, it was disavowed by the Red Cross as a whole. Watch the video yourself. Real people and real results is my impression. The main Red Cross Organizaton (IFRC) disavowed the study, but on the same notice acknowledges Uganda in the following way: The IFRC expresses its support to the Uganda Red Cross Society and recognises that it has been spearheading prevention programmes across the country over the last decade, as auxiliary to their public authorities and in line with WHO guidelines. - Take a look at their statement yourself: You will see that the IFRC is denying having participated in any clinical trials regarding Malaria, but as you read above, it is also distinguishing itself, the IFRC, from the Uganda Red Cross. In other words, they are not denying the trial took place by the Uganda Red Cross. I know what I make of this, but leave it up to thinking viewers to form their own views.

  • No, but interested in more information.

  • I want 2 know more:)

  • This women is extremely attractive. On a separate note. Plain walls? That room could use a few paintings.

  • Works for me 2yrs and counting 😊

  • I'm using it for my oral health .!! It has cured my bad bread !! Even though the purpose wasn't for this reason . It was for my receding gums!! I don't use toothpaste anymore !! 👍😊

  • I have used this for water purification for camping. Mixed 1 drop per litre of water for a concentration of 5-10 ppm approximately. It is used for water treatment globally so interesting how the 5th Estate videos and how much negative press there is. ??? Likely because it is cheap and effective.

  • We should have scientists test MMS and use people who promote it be the test subjects

  • If chlorine dioxide is such an reactive component, why would it only react with viruses and cancer, which is extremely different form each other to begin with. Why would it not steal electrons from normal cells? And why the hell do you think the any government that is not American would prefer keeping people on chemo when those governments pay for the healthcare of their own citizens? Basically every European country could save millions and millions. Even if these "reports" had a fragment of truth to them, your logic is completely trash.

  • mms works. Been studying and using it periodically for about 10 years. VERY IMPORTANT: Drink purified water between doses (and generally, STAY HYDRATED!! Proper hydration alone can add about 10 years to your life!!) NEVER NEVER mix it with purified water that has been OZONATED. There is something else VERY special and important about it concerning our DNA and the HeLa cell (This is a lengthy subject, but CRITICALLY IMPORTANT as well). Also note that some of the detractors (the honest ones, not the paid trolls) of mms don't realize that that there are different ways to make Chlorine Dioxide. MMS is NOT CLO2. It CREATES CLO2- (notice the minus symbol, this is a CRUCIAL distinction!). Also, please purchase from a reputable dealer; there is some fake mms out there. The one most impressive thing I personally experienced was healing a mouth infection which 2 dentists informed me was going to require a root canal. In three days my problem was completely healed. Price of root canal surgery would have been $1700 Price of mms doses used to heal my mouth was probably around 10-20 cents

    • Sky Family Connector where do you buy it ?

    • Can we get links to your studies?

  • I've been using MMS for 2 weeks to treat Chronic Lyme Disease and the results are AMAZING. I was been treated by an Infectious Disease Dr.with antibiotics + anti inflamatory + suplements. Also doing alternative treatments like Ozone Therapy, Infra Red detox, etc. All costing an arm and a leg. I started with only one drop each on the first day and gradually went up to 3 drops but onlu 5 times a day. I believe in taking lower doses. In 3 days I felt a significant improviment. Much more than what I got in 2 years of antibiotics. I'm also taking DMSO and my joint pains are gone, and so is the chronic fatigue. I have a long way to go but I finally feel I'm on the right track.

    • How are you now?

    • Thank you for sharing, Shyrlei Masson. All the best to you and your body's wellbeing!

  • Where is the best place to buy MMS in Australia? ♥️

  • "It works against bacteria".. sure it does. But not only does it destroy the bad bacteria in your body, but also the good ones.

  • 1. used it 7 Years for approx 2 months 2. Arthiritis - Joint Pains 3. It worked... All my joint pains I had for years went away and stayed away - 7 years later pain free. Also as a side benefit I discover my sunhives I had for over 20+ years have also gone - I can now walk out in the summer without needing to wear long sleeves - before MMS I needed to be covered in summer or my skin would start to be covered in painful sores. Just come back from 1 month in a very hot country with 35C temperatures and never needed to even use sunscreen. Before MMS I couldn't leave the house without sunscreen in summer.

    • Awesome, Jack London! Thank you for sharing!

  • What about Oxygen Elements Plus does this work in a similar way oxygenating the body?

    • @Mark Pritchard It is not the same thing. I have used cellfood quite some time ago for a different reason - did not think it gave me much improvement. I used MMS relatively early 2019 and it worked wonder even from day 1. MMS is dead cheap. The recipe is even published on YT, you can make your own MMS if you want to, and do not have to buy it from sellers at eg. ebay; but making it on your own, the sodium chlorite is normally sold in a bit large amt for personal use. Not that it would go bad easily.

    • @Gut Feelings No worries Peggy. I don't know if you've heard of Cellfood? It's basically the same product. It's supposed to work by spitting H20 (water) into hydrogen and oxygen which oxygenates the also has many enzymes and ionic minerals etc. There are some great reviews. When you have some free time maybe you could have a quick look at it 🤗

    • I do not know or work with this product, I am afraid, Mark.

  • MMS IS SO AMAZING!! 3 doses..arthritis GONE

  • No, i want to learn more. Thank you for this video and comme t section. I hope it stays up! A lot of people are looking for info on how to resposibly look at the alternates to our authorized health products ;)

    • It’s literally bleach. This isn’t alternate medicine, this is poison.

    • Thank you for your kind feedback, tyler ludlow.

  • Random to comment here, but can you Make an video on allergy’s to gluten , and inflammation in the face how to reduce, and flushing female toxins

    • Why do DAIRY, EGGS and GLUTEN make us SICK and WORSEN any chronic illness? A surprising discovery… ► Gluten Free Pasta Made in 5 Minutes - How to Make Veggie Noodles - A Raw, Vegan Pasta Alternative ► Rainbow Pasta - A Delicious Gluten-Free Pasta Bowl that Your (Inner) Child Will Love! ► Skin Flare ups - “I eat better but my skin gets worse ” Why? ►

  • Its bleach. A cursory search will tell of this shams long history.

    • Yes, but who wrote these sham stories? I'm not saying one way or the other, but we often need to dig deeper to find what motivates these people.

  • Been using for 6 years, and almost daily maintenance dose. Saved my life multiple times, never leave house without it, have in my car, travel bag, and luggage when i fly. I have saved my life from dozens of infections. I have a healing center in Rhode Island and have used it to help hundreds of people. I have seen miracles with this, but its very easy to understand, its lower oxidation potential then oxygen so at the right mixture it does not hurt humans. Its already used in contact lens solution, pools, grocery stores, water purification and many other places. This is the greatest full spectrum pathogen killer known to man in regards to human consumption.

    • Thank you for sharing, jercp861.

  • So if I have the filling mercury caps in my mouth I can't take this?

    • @Kiwi Cam Actually removal causes high temperature, inducing vaporization of the material and these are not the same as just leaving it there.

    • Ask your dentist what they have to do with the fillings they remove from patient's mouths. If it were inert they wouldn't have to following such strict guidelines for highly toxic material. They want you to believe it is inert because they'll get sued if they admit they put highly toxic materials in our bodies for decades. Do your own research and look after your own health.

    • I do have amalgam filling, and MMS worked from day 1. I do not think amalgam would be oxidized as it is claimed to be inert. However, the more important thing is - from day one of using MMS, it gave marked improvement for my case. Signifying the benefit likely outweighed the concern you mentioned

    • @Debra Charles If you have or have had amalgam fillings, then mercury is also in your organs and other body tissue, so would be hesitant to do this after learning how it oxidizes metals.

    • Andron Wilburn put it in caps. That’s how I take it as I had the same concern. I have veg caps and put drops directly in cap, shake for 30 seconds and swallow it down, then drink a glass of water.

  • Hi. This is a very good introduction to MMS. 1) I took MMS (Protocol 1000) last year. (Working up to) 3 drops per hour for 8 hours for a month. 2) This was to treat an ongoing sinus related condition. 3) It didn't have the results I was hoping for, though I will probably try again as I didn't experience any unpleasant side effects. I will always have MMS on hand as I am convinced it helps for so many for a wide range of health issues - given the various affidavits I seen on RU-tv (Look up Genesis II Church). But do your research as suggested by Gut Feelings. If you are thinking of taking it I would suggest reading Jim Humble's book - MMS Health Recovery Guidebook - which lists all the protocols: qualities and durations. Also look up Mark Grenon. In the UK I have found MMS quite tricky to get hold of, as the authorities are keen that it isn't readily available. Certainly a red flag suggesting they view it as an effective substance. NOTE: Jim Humble called it MIRACLE Mineral Solution at first so that he would not draw the attention of the authorities and they might regard him as a quack. This was to gain time to compile feedback on it's effectiveness. He has now renamed it MASTER Mineral Solution and now operate in the framework of a church which allows it to be administered as part of a sacrament - avoiding prosecution!!!

    • Hard to get? It's fucking Bleach. It's poison.

    • Awesome, spatelier! Thank you for sharing!

  • No, but would like to learn more....thank you

    • Awesome, thank you for your interest, yogaqueen0830!

  • I WOULD NEVER GIVE THIS TO A CHILD! Can this damage cells or anything in the body? I thought oxidation is bad for cells ....

  • Hi, found out about MMS in about 2011 through a group of people who had used it to help alleviate a number of health conditions, we all found that too high dose does lead to detox symptoms. Low dose, say, a 3 drop mix in a glass of water every hour seems to be gentle enough. It helped me to reduce severe fatigue symptoms. Occassionally i use a 5 drop mix as a maintenance and it helps within a short time to clear breathing issues. Its cheap to get, i do recommend following the protocols and take it gently, personally have found MMS to work really well.

    • Awesome, P S! Thank you for sharing!

    • Will add, for skin issues like sunburn, have used MMS sprayed on the skin to alleviate the burn sensation, even insect bite itch. In summer i have a small sprayer bottle with a MMS mix kept in the fridge because chilled keeps the MMS entrained in the water, so if someone wants to do say, a 3 drop x 8 dose day, one 24drop mix to 8 glasses of water, kept in a sealed container in fridge works well.

  • Whats your instagram?thanks

    • I am only active on facebook | /PeggySchirmerHLC

  • GUT Feelings - posted information so people could investigate Andreas Kalcker's book "Forbidden Health: Incurable Was Yesterday". Why was it removed? This would answer a ton of questions people may have of Chlorine Dioxide (also known as MMS). The book is a very easy to read but scientific understanding of what is happening to the body when taking Chlorine Dioxide. This book has scientific references, written TESTIMONIALS and actual protocols. Why was my post deleted or hidden?

    • Interesting! Thank you for sharing, electro dave. Your post might have contain "spam" words or links. Then it lands in the SPAM folder automatically...


  • Hello peggy, We Started with mms one week ago for reasons with endometriosis and for better hair growing, but we both got constipation from it. Do you know why?

    • I believe because you are dehydrated. It happened to me aswell. You need to drink more water and you need to take electrolytes.

    • I do not work or recommend MMS. So I can't help you out there. Here are a few video that might be interesting for you to watch: Healing Endometriosis is Possible for You! Here's how to ... ► Constipation Medicine - This diet helps to get rid of your constipation long-term (no medication)►

  • You' re a beautiful girl!

    • She’s literally promoting drinking bleach, she’s not beautiful she’s literally insane

    • Awww....thank you, Elena Sistemi!

  • I used it 6 years ago during my backpack travels through Asia. I had severe food poisoning. I looked like a walking zombie and lost a lot of weight. In Thailand, I found out about MMS and I ordered online. Literary in 2 days I was back to normal like nothing happened. Afterward, I cycled it a couple times following different protocols described by Jim.

    • @Gut Feelings The main thing with Chlorine dioxide if I got it right is polarity. It attacks and dissolves neutral or positively charged tissue. But there is a buffer due to electrostatic that doesn´t allow it to get close to negatively charged tissue (the external side of the cellular wall of normal, healthy cells is at -30 microvolts if I remember right). This could be one of the reasons, if this is true, why it effectively cures tancer.

    • Interesting! Thank you for sharing, Sen Yeun.

  • No...but interested...

  • No but I m interested

  • Hey ,feeling lucky to see u sharing this viedio ,I come from China , my British bf recommend me this ,it’s not easy to get in China but I got it ,now trying it to heal my skin problem .Thank u so much for sharing !

    • Please know, Nina, I see MMS critically. I would rather go for a more gentle body-friendly approach first. Have you seen these videos? Eczema - What Really Causes It & Most Powerful Do’s & Don’ts to Start Healing Your Skin NOW► Eczema Treatment - The 3 Best Foods & Supplements to Boost Your Skin Healing► 🎧 Playlist - Celery Juice 🎧

  • A few years ago i took it to neutralize H Pylori and symptoms of gastritis. I had to stop it only after 3 days because it was so strong it worsened the pain in my stomach. I think it can be effective for bad infections but it is also very harsh and must be taken with great care and start with low doses. Your gut also needs to be in good shape in order to withstand it. I used citric acid or lemon juice to prepare it but upon adding the lemon juice or citric acid it gave off a nasty irritating gas.

    • @Kiwi Cam to avoid nausea etc it's now been advised to use hydrochloric acid to mix with sodium chlorite, not citric acid.

    • I also tried it in 2011, but reacted quite strongly in terms of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea to the point where the pungent smell of it made me reach. Since then I've only had a few times as a very low dose water purifier in the Amazon and I couldn't taste it. I don't know if just reacts more with certain people or conditions. I've shelved it for now.

    • Thank you for this consideration. Certain supplements are great for everyone but too harsh for me aa well when it comes to the stomach. I will reconsider my trying it.

    • I understand.

    • @Smooth Trooper Thank you for your comment! Have you had personal experience with MMS?

  • Yes I have used it. I had blisters itching coming up on different parts of my body. I drank it but found most relief from adding it to a spray and it is the only thing that stops the itch and heals it. Drs tried everything. They can't find a cause but the spray with mms really works for me.

    • Interesting! Thank you for sharing, Bernie Vickery. Do you use it externally only?

  • As I am a recovering from Ulcertive Colitis I am very careful what I take as I don't want to trigger it. My husband has been CDS for the last twelve due to Myeloma & Prostate Cancer nothing conclusive as yet with results. I am interested what you think in my case with UC?

    • @mariam baker I do not recommend to take MMS in any case. I am very sceptical with this chemical but wanted to stay open minded because clients and Gut Feelers talk about seing improvements with it. Blessings to you, Mariam!

    • @Smooth Trooper thanks. It's funny as I have always had a gut feeling, excuse the pun, to not take it but never knew why. :-)

  • Not interested... rather work with healing foods

  • It kills the virus and bacteria - and - all living cells it meets. it means - the healthy body cells too. it doesn´t travel through the body and search for a cancer cell, but it kills every cells in the blood. You may do a test - put a drop of blood to it and you will see...

    • @Viliam Masaryk Sounds like chemotherapy, but somehow that is legal despite being highly toxic and indiscriminately killing

    • Where is your proof?

    • @Viliam Masaryk Then why is it in mouth wash and toothpaste and some medical drugs? It's only harmful when you don't pay Big Pharma for its use.

    • @My Thoughtless Thought There are special tissues which have "negatively charged"..f.e. muscle, hearth, nerves..but is is for a purpose - to make a contraction or a signal. It changes every second (hearth), every contraction (muscles), with every noise (ear cell), with every thought (neurons) and these tissues are not sick. That also means, that MMS must kill the hearth, our nerve system or muscles least with every movement they do.

    • @Viliam Masaryk not true there is a lot of literature which supports this statement. Read the book Cardiac Electrophysiology: From Cell to Bedside E-Book: Expert Consult

  • I'm interested in your opinion of a diet of eating for a weak heart. The doctors are wanting to put a defibrillator under my skin on my chest and I want to be able to have a chance to heal my heart if possible through a better way of eating and exercise instead. Thank you so much for all you do I appreciate all your videos 💜✌

    • dont take advise from a crazy lady telling people to drink mms which is bleach

    • @Gut Feelings What you are doing, promoting pseudoscience, is disgusting. And you are a drain on society.

    • the creator of the product was a part of scientology, who doesn’t believe in modern medicine. also the government isn’t scamming you, chlorine dioxide is literally bleach, IT COULD KILL YOU.

    • ddizhere this woman is not a doctor, so do not take advice from her. she has not gone to college to become a doctor and doesn’t know hat is best for you. do not listen to her, mms is literally bleach and can cause major damage to your organ and tissues.

    • @Crystal Bishop thank you I will look into that

  • I have not heard of it but I’d like to learn more please!

  • No I want to learn more.

  • No...would like to learn more....thanks

  • Took MMS for 2 months which got rid of an impossible sinusitis condition that made me feel like I had allergies yet I didn't test allergic to anything. I had incredible congestion, sinus inflammation causing breathing problems and sleep disturbances FOR 50 YEARS!!. Once or twice I took a bit too much which caused a bit of nausea and diarrhea but I just backed down a bit and no other issues. I've had more reactions from eating too many fruit than taking too much MMS. My husband reduced his back pain (he's had spinal fusion surgery almost 2 decades ago) by about 90% ..he always complained about the pain and never does now.

    • @susan harns I sale it on eBay..ericreynos0 is my eBay name

    • @christina sirr你能告訴我你正在使用的協議嗎?我甚至不知道在哪裡購買。

    • @Christina Sirr do you ingest DMSO? What's the dose? Thanks

    • @Christina Sirr Interesting! Thank you for sharing, Christina Sirr.

    • Christina Sirr, thanks for your quick response. Yes, I have snoring issues too. Can you tell me your protocol you are using. I don’t even know where to purchase.

  • No but interested

  • More please! You are not going to believe this, but my Mum and i ordered MMS for the first time last week! You have impeccable timing.

    • How did it go?

    • :-) Ha, thank you! I can't wait to hear back from you, Natalie!

  • Im on my second month of MMS, my body is becoming more and more flexible, i can feel more of my body, body pain has reduced significantly, neck and upper back pain is slowly reducing. big improvements i think.

    • @Tyler mel MMS is good for so many things, but 18 drops is just too much. Anything with excessive intake is bound to give bad side effects. More does not necessarily mean better results. Sometimes gradual dosage over time is better like protocol 1000, 3 drops per hr, 8x, per day. Also, one also need to do detox using castor oil a few times at least a year to supplement things up.

    • @Tyler mel why did you take 18 drops? Its way too high

    • I've been using over a year along with a few friends. Over the summer I flew to see one of these friends and at end of destination I acquired raging head cold!! My friend dosed me up with 3 -5 drops not sure..? and in 1 hr. no cold! Now fast forward 9 mo. later I came down with crazy flu symptoms while taking a daily maintenance dosing (never miss!) and it helped but didn't totally kill what turned into a nasty cold. It helped but not like prior...? I finally got brave and took 18 drops in six oz. of water then 1/2 later I puked. I'm wondering because I have continually dosed daily, has my tolerance to drops gone up..? So curious to know what the deal is..?

    • Interesting! Thank you for sharing, Mr Hankey.

  • 👍👍👍👍💖

  • No, want to learn more.

  • No. Want to learn more

  • I tried it for a couple months, no difference

    • Hello, Did it cause any damage to you at all ? Thank you

    • For what did you take it for?

    • Thank you for sharing, Sonia!

  • No, I’m interested in learning about it.

  • I used MMS for a month. It was the first thing I used to help with detoxing my body; I took it internally. I found that it helped improve my digestion and it helped with breathing issues that I was having. I plan on doing it for a longer amount of time this summer. You have to be careful in how you use it. If you can get a hold of Dr. Humbles protocol's, you should and follow them to the letter.

    • @Anna Krause activate one drop and mix with 8 ounces of water.. take 2 ounces of the solution.

    • You should contact Andreas Kalcker. He should know what the best protocol is for post conditions

    • @Rosemarie Cruz Thanks a bunch! I'm honestly so hopeful i see results in my health xxx

    • Natalie Gow no I did not retain water. It actually assisted in getting my kidneys to filter better probably because I used lemon juice as the activator. I forgot to mention that. . Also, because of the requirement that you eat 30 before dosing which was hard to do, I ended up drinking more water or I would make a smoothie and sip on that while dosing. I would start dosing at 6 or 7 am so I could finish no later than 2 and eat a snack and then a dinner of raw fruits and veggies.

    • Rosemarie Cruz hey girl! Did u find u were bloated / holding on to a lot of water retention while taking it, as it is sodium? Thanks! Xx

  • No, but I'd like to learn more.

  • according to wikipedia it kills people, i'll just avoid it

    • you should try it first

    • @Kyle Butler the tens of thousands of testimonials do not come from charlatans.. don't be rediculous. MMS is the cheapest medicine out there .. besides our bodies makes this chemical.

    • @Kyle Butler I know of two scientists who extol on the merits of the benefits of chlorine dioxide on gut health. Dr Stephanie Seneff and Dr Andreas Kalker ..which scientists are claiming that there is cause for concern using CD ?

    • @Kyle Butler yep. i've been reading about catch-all diseases too, there's one called 'candida' which is almost a real thing, i mean people do get yeast infections, but the books about curing candida are just basic elimination diets. another catch-all for irritable bowel syndrome is 'leaky gut' and there is a healthy diet for that to improve your gut health. basically people go on diets and their symptoms improve so they believe they had these conditions. also many people want to sell expensive stuff for these invented conditions. another guy writes popular diet books for common conditions and calls himself a 'medical medium', basically 'not a real doctor' and he gets messages from 'spirit' regarding health issues. i wish people didnt try to dupe eachother.

    • Oh, and also look up what is PLACEBO, just in case you don't know. That's the biggest reason why so many alternative medicine fans feel better after using some of the "miracle cures". And remember, there is NO ONE single remedy for several different diseases. Anyone who claims such thing is an obvious charlatan. Just cancer alone comes in so many types and forms that we need many types of treatments specifically tailored to that specific type of cancer. And that's still just cancer. Now imagine all other diseases that have absolutely nothing in common with cancer. Using one "miraculous" substance for myriad of diseases is simply a bullsh*t. Anyone who could invent this (it's called a panacea, an universal remedy) would receive a Nobel prize and become a multi millionaier. Only if it was possible...

  • No, but I want to learn more.

  • No, but l am interested.

    • Dorian Connell don’t do it! It’s basically bleach and many people have died from it and it’s not proven to work

  • A normal person can take this regularly , I don’t heard this ever before

  • No, i never took it => i heard from it , but because i never get sick since my epstein barr i stick with whole plants first ;-) and Yes i want to learn more => that's without question => i find everything health related interesting . i can sometimes listen for hours to interesting things here on RU-tv from health to the micro cosmos to spirituality etc. the only sad part of it is => i only have 24 hours a day => i need multiple brains to compute all the information :-o or try to stay alive forever (forever young , alphaville) ;-)

    • Me too, need more brains eyes and ears to take in all this info 🤔

  • No, want to learn more

  • No, I would like to learn more.

  • Yes, have heard about it, my aunt in Mexico produces it and has help many people to heal. I took it couple times from her only but now that you are in to it Peggy I want to formally try it, oh yes!

    • Hello @Isa Fuentes I am also Mexican, estoy interesado e preguntarte sobre tu tía que dices que ha ayudado a gente con MMS es posible contactarla?

    • I do not recommend MMS! In the video I do share some concerns about taking MMS but I want to stay open-minded as people have been reporting healing benefits to me... :-) I would not give it to children though! There are many super-safe and healing whole foods like celery juice out there which can be used instead.

    • Isa Fuentes does she recommend it to children?

  • No, I am very interested in learning more about MMS. Thank you!

  • First time I hear about MMS. It sounds very interesting... I’d like learn more about it. Great video!

  • No, I would like to learn more.