Mold Tesla Dismantle: Shorter and Sweeter

Опубликовано: 8 май 2018
Well here it is boysss, our first Tesla dismantle adventure with Angela the p85d, cut down for those with too much work or short attention spans. Check it out on your lunch break or something...
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  • I'd do a couple of things differently: 1. Use a respriator full face mask 2. Use pokeproof gloves on top of those nitrile gloves 3. Cover head and shoes, too 4. Wash & desinfect the interior first, before you spend 8hrs inside dismantling it from inside and many hours afterwards handling the separate parts 5. Inventorize and sort the parts, fasteners - prepare ample room in the working area ahead of time 6. Set up a part wash & desinfect station for treatment of parts after dismantling before use, and ideally, storage - too

  • Wow these cars are poorly made.

  • Elon Musk aint pleased

  • Hi Rich fair play to you & your buddy for salvaging & recycling Tesla cars. My brother's brother-in-law Brendan salvages old cars in County Kerry, Ireland. I am going to tell him about your RU-tv channel. Don't think he has salvaged electric cars yet. Best wishes from Dublin, Ireland.

  • How on God's green earth are going to put that thing back together?

  • get the mask with the "exhale valve"; you'll thank yourself...

  • just got into your page.. your dope af bro!!! appreciate you!

  • This is a good advertisement for the auto shop owner, he obviously knows cars

  • Thanks for making such videos. Big fan of your channel ..I am from India.

  • Someone should swap a tesla with a cummings diesel... and roll some coal in front of tesla :D

  • electrolytic bath...

  • I would go insane trying to keep track and remember, what I removed, what is still good, what isn't . what is missing etc! amazing!!

  • Can you get new interior from Tesla because I need some more

  • I actually love the long video

  • Rich you should open up your own Tesla repair shop with the RU-tv money ur making. That would be awesome.

  • This guy is an auto tech of some sort no way most people out there have the time and patience to do this. Not worth my time in my opinion. Also Tesla has a terrible reputation for fit and finish so as soon as water gets to those electronics they are toast.

  • Have ever thought about approach some 3rd party manufacturing company to replace some parts.

    • Phantom096 He has no say in it......if you have the ability to manufacturer stuff he can't do any thing....

    • Pete Le Boydre Elon Musk would never allow that.

  • Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed

  • Let it be known that my phone experienced the Boot Loop of Death (Nexus 6P) while watching this video. :)

  • nasty

  • I love the Idea of the tesla but I hate the execution - not the vehicle itself, but the tesla companies policies regarding parts and service - the parts for these cars are ridiculously expensive and its easy to see that tesla doing its very best to create a sealed system where once you own one, you are their prisoner financially if something goes wrong. I dont like the idea of not having any options parts wise. Bless Rich for doing these videos, like he said no one else is doing it, but I believe this is largely because of the expense of the parts involved. @rich youre one ballsy dude, having a car as technically advanced as one of these and not having the dealer as a course of last resort for a tricky problem would scare the sheet out of me, especially after spending 20k on something that will likely need almost every electric component on it replaced.

  • thats the fakest slip/fall

    • you didn't see the bruises afterwards

  • pmsl@chabka34"you have some car on your mold"

  • cant wait till you get 100k subs, been watching for a while and thanks for keeping us entertained and informed but mostly entertained, keep up the awesome content

    • Carl gotta keep up the meme worthy annotations ahaha

    • you are welcome, glad to have you with us on this journey

  • whats with the donation link?

    • care to clarify your question?

  • This is so fun to watch. Quick question: Where did you get your training from? Im really interested in learning

  • this is how you dismantle a car for the first time, just video/document it so you'd know where to put evrything back again, and stream while you're at it, XD

  • I'm waiting for the 12 minute version

  • I cannot for the life of me work out why a company that prides itself on being at the forefront of electric car design would use resistors to control a fan motor. Its pretty poor in this day and age using resistive control an ICE car but in an electric vehicle where every watt is valuable its inexcusable. PWM control is highly efficient and very cheap.

  • The computer is likely salvageable but you are going to need figure out or get someone else to properly clean it, I've salvaged computers that have been left out to rot and still managed to have some of them working in the end despite being full of leaf matter ect.

  • Did you ever put power on the flooded car to see if anything comes on?

  • wow , how much computers in it ?

  • Il bet you brake the record to hit 100k subscribers in a short time

  • Tesla will not tow my boat and range over 600km with the boat on tow, they are a gimmick at best. My 4x4 does on one tank of fuel. Suck on this Tesla.

  • Yaaay Carl!

    • cheers :)

  • Plastic fantastic

  • Start as a kid by trading your toys instead of begging for them.

  • too busy hard to follow ! Live

  • I love how carl left in the part about how we gotta respect him, since he's the editor and this is edited. Respect Carl, respect. Also how is Rich using a drill to dismantle a car LMAO, its 2018 a cheap 12v impact would be so much better

    • "respect my authoritah" :)

  • soon 100k