Moonlighter - Between Dimensions DLC Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Опубликовано: 5 июн 2019
Baby Moonlighter, born on May 29th, 2018 was a quick learner. Despite the games market hardships, this young indie title proved to be a strong contender in the intensely competitive gaming community. With continued growth, Moonlighter gained trust and appreciation from its fans thanks to the numerous updates it sprouted - the More Stock Update, Adventure Update, Friends & Foes, and more. Now, entering its adult stage of life, Moonlighter is ready to show off its own offspring to the world! The Between Dimensions DLC will populate the game’s world with new monsters, a new dungeon, plenty of new gear, and trick weapons. Be sure not to miss any of them. Trust us, you’ll be amazed!
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  • Where can buy dlc in switch?

  • So I guess "this summer" means "whenever we feel like it" ? I know it's on pc already but.... pretty sure it's October outside right now. Maybe you meant next summer?

  • Where can I buy the dlc?

  • I'm a huge fan of Moonlighter and have beat the game 3 times, but this trailer is really vague. See when I saw that there was a dlc coming out in July for steam i was excited, and then I saw that this had come out too. The only problem I have with this is that its now September and there has been no official release date confirmed and I'm starting to worry that this dlc is not coming to the Switch. If you here anything of this shoot me a reply.

  • I dont get it . If you buy the regular game the dlc is inside ?

  • So in other words the dlc isn't out for switch yet

  • is this dlc for switch out? or is this on the switch not an dlc?

    • That's what idk either I haven't seen in in the Switch Store yet tho

  • You know what else was born May 29th? Splatoon .-.

  • I can’t get the dlc for switch, is it out yet? I have the physical copy

  • Kind of disappointed. I paid full price for this game when it came out (and this game is way overpriced for what it is) comparing it to other indie games the content you get for the price is minuscule. my first time playing the game I beat it in under 10 hours and then after that there was literally nothing to do. I ended up playing another 20 hours grinding to get 10,000 kills because guess what, After my first playthrough I reset but apparently they didn't think to keep kills as a game tracker so I had to do 10,000 from scratch all over again on the new file. Artifical play time like that does not justify the price they set it at. I was excited to see DLC coming out but you want me to pay for that too? on top of the game which was already overpriced? wow. Hollow Knight was 100% hand-drawn, 3 free major DLC updates which included hours of content and boss fights, and without the DLC had an extremely large open world for you to explore and conquer with very little grinding you had to do. and was half the cost of Moonlighter. ALL MADE BY 3 PEOPLE. I'm not saying that every indie game should be like Hollow Knight but come on guys if nobody complains about pricing that is why more and more companies just get away with charging more.

    • @SquidDaddyy No thanks, I already played Getting over it. it was pretty good.

    • It's literally a $20 game. Get over it.

  • My mom got me the game card for this from Target. Now, I am 34. haha But, I started playing and am 100% hooked. I actually played last night, until 1:15am. haha You need material to build weapons. But, you also need money. But, sometimes, you need money to use your pendant, so you can escape a dungeon. So, you have to keep that in mind. You sell material to get more money, but you cannot sell all of it, because you need to for your weapons. It is a back and fourth thing. I freaking love this game. Switch games like this, make me feel like I am a kid, in the early years of video games. Super fun.

  • One of the best games on Switch, instant addiction. Would love to play more new content!! :)

  • Did they fix all the bugs?

  • Will I be able to upgrade my shop even further? Customize it in a way? Please, something more for the shop keep part of the game too ❤️

  • Love the documentary-style narration in this video!

  • So when pikmin 3?

  • Just bought this game yesterday and I am loving it!

  • NICE!

  • Apenas lo acabo de comprar y ya tengo más hype por seguir jugando XD

  • That was something quiet and different. Comparing an indie game life cycle to that of a nature documentary. It's clever and it sounds like they got the narrator from The Stanley Parable. Thanks.

  • spotlighter moonlighter

  • I've been playing the physical edition on the Switch from Signature Edition Games. It already has this stuff. I thought the Switch version of the game just came with the DLC included?

  • narrator game me small little big planet flashbacks

  • I waited since it was speculated to come out on switch cause it’s really good. Recommended 420%

  • Kurzgesagt switch

  • wanna have this on m0bile

  • The intro to this video killed me with laughter ! Love this game !

  • Is this game worth it?

  • I just bought the game last night not knowing about the anniversary

  • Zelda?

  • I got this game a week ago and got max money in NG plus (banker is broken). I'm very exited for this :)

  • This game looks so cool. Wonder if it runs on the Surface Go

  • *Spotlight uh Moonlight yuh*

  • This game has SO much heart.

  • Reminds me of wizard of legend

  • Yay! Loved this game

  • I love Zelda: Link to the Past.

  • Is this free or paid DLC?

  • Never played MoonLighter. Didnt seem to have too much content at first. I'm still curious about the shop aspect of it, though I'm glad they're putting major attention to the story/combat/dungeon/weapon/etc. Is it worth getting? Sincere question. I've been on the fence about it since a lot of people said before it had little variety and content at first.

    • Yes, it's very good and addicting. Feels very packed on content as well, tho I'm still early on in the game.

  • Love this game! It's time to pick it up again!

  • I haven't played Moonlighter so I can't comment on whether or not the game is good, but claiming that it's "one of kind" seems to be a bold faced lie. Moonlighter is a rogue-like RPG, and there are hundreds if not thousands of games in that particular genre, so how can it be a truly unique and one of kind?

    • they were referring to the amount of updates and dlc i believe

  • well i do really like the game, so i'm happy to see its getting more content!!

  • Whoever came up with this bizarre trailer idea should really rethink things... this is another top down adventure platformer, its not 'one of a kind' and 'truly different from the ones around' there are hundreds of games in this style.

    • believe they were referring to the amount of post-launch effort and continued work on the game on 4 platforms

  • BEST... Trailer...Ever

  • Spotmoon uh

  • Moonlighter: A game *completely different* from the ones around! The Binding of Isaac: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Cool now multiplayer

  • Will this upgraded version be released for all consoles or Switch only?

  • basically, pay more money for the rest of the game, thanks

  • Waiting for the physical version then I'll buy it. That's if it ever arrives..

    • Moonlighter is available physically in Europa and USA

  • maybe if the game was better, too bad that aside from the music, its total trash.

    • @Dylan Rimmer I played Superman 64 and Sonic 06, I know what dumpster fire games are too

    • clearly you've never played an actual trash game before

    • And to add to this, upon beating the game, I had also come to fully realized many of the upgrades to the shop and the town were completely pointless and didn't add anything to the game, all you needed really was materials to upgrade your gear so traversing the dungeons didn't become a tedious slog of HP sponge enemies. The music is fine, I loved the music. I don't care about graphics, and I did not care about the story.

    • @11 bit studios I spent my time to beat the game, only because I didn't realize it was going to end with the alien and I thought the mechanics would advance sometime between the forest and desert dungeons. It didn't, and the bosses became way too easy after the forest boss to the point they were a joke. The shop mechanic, which is why I actually bought the game, was wayyyyyyyyyyy to shallow for my liking. I eventually realized I only beat the game so I could tell my brother not to waste money on it like I had, with a full opinion under my belt.

    • :o Like, total, total trash? :( We did our best developing and publishing it - and after that, we've made tons of free updates. Sorry you feel that way - but thanks for the feedback. *<Sadly walks away>*

  • Me: I'll wait to buy Moonlighter. New Trailer: Releases. Me: Well, forget it! I need to buy it now! My wallet: What have you done?

    • @11 bit studios : ) You: "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." Me: You cheeky little...

    • Yes! It worked! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง Enjoy the game! :)

  • I bought it a while back, only had time last week to start playing and it's great fun! I was surprised at how well balanced the merchant and fighter mechanism worked together, worth every cent.

    • So great to hear you like it! Thanks a lot! :)

  • Hopefully this dlc patches the framerate stutters that happen every couple of minutes like clockwork, regardless of a screen full of enemies or a nearly empty section of the village. Game would be a decent 7 or so without that, but borderline broken as is. ( Switch physical edition up to date patches played to completion last month)

  • So I'm confused, is there no release date for the DLC? I looked around and heard summer?

    • There is no date, yet - but we're going to announce it as soon as we're 100% sure. :) Thanks for your concern!

  • A very good game but is too short :( hopefully these DLC’s make it longer.

    • 11 bit studios Haha I most likely will. This game was worth the wait! I remember asking for the switch release date since I just couldn’t wait. Glad there’s DLC content. Keep up the good work!

    • Glad you like it, Antonio. :) DLC will add some content that will more hours to the base game. Hope you're gonna like it as well! ^^

  • I'm so annoyed that I bought this on PC while it was discounted but still haven't started it and now it's on sale for Switch ahahhhhhhh

  • Wait this game has companions? You had my curiosity, but now my money

    • Yup, one of our free updates added a Companion system. :)

  • I remember that the main issue with this game was the lack of content on its release date and I am glad to hear that the game has been updated so frequently since a year has passed. I am definitely going to pick it up today

    • Yup, we've added tons of new stuff - and we're not done, yet. :)

  • Yay, literally just bought this on sale, and it's getting more content! :D

    • Awesome! Thanks for your support!