Most Emotional Moments on the Ellen DeGeneres Show | Ellen Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant

Опубликовано: 15 фев 2020
Most Emotional Moments on the Ellen DeGeneres Show | Ellen Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant
Ellen DeGeneres is one of those people who can win your heart in a second! I mean, most of the times in her talk shows, she’s always doing something wholesome and putting smiles on people’s faces as well as tears of joy. Dreams have come true on her show and her audience hasn’t been left behind. Even though there are some dark days, majority of the time it’s all about love and sharing. Today our video covers some of the MOST emotional moments on the Ellen DeGeneres show as well as a piece covering her tribute to the late Kobe Bryant. Keep some tissue close and be ready for some tears!
5. Fan Can't Believe Her Dream Came True of Meeting Ellen
When we make vision boards, mostly it’s huge things that we desire. A beautiful house, a well-paying job, a fancy car, a life partner among other amazing things. For Rachel who’s a registered nurse from St. Charles Missouri, she created a mini-vison board and stuck it on her fridge. What she wanted in that list were three things and one of them was to personally meet Ellen.
During Ellen’s show, Ellen shared with her audience a letter she’d received from Rachel expressing her love for the show and how positively it’s impacted her life, her patients and her relationship with her husband, Dean. Ellen had arranged with Rachel to have a video chat with her producers but she was actually surprising them live from her show!! When Ellen was on the other end of the video chat, Rachel was left stunned by seeing her dream come true! It all felt like a dream and Rachel still couldn’t believe whatever was going on.
Her expression on camera tells it all because she literally fell to the ground in pure joy almost dropping one of her kids. Her chat with Ellen was priceless as words seemed to be disappearing from her mouth due to being overwhelmed. Her husband Dean had to step in and pick the baby from her before she got too carried away and let go.
Aside from the video chat, Ellen further surprised her and her family by revealing they had a virtual seat at the 12 Days of Giveaways show. This meant they had the opportunity to be rewarded with everything the people at the giveaway were receiving on Day 11 since it was day 11 and Ellen commended their busy working lifestyle, she thought of it as a small gift. As if this wasn’t enough to take in, Ellen breaks the news that she was paying flights for Rachel’s whole family to go meet her in order to make her dreams OFFICIALLY come true. Rachel at this point was certain she was in a good dream that she never wanted to wake up from!!!!
Who’s your biggest celebrity and what would you do if you met them? Share with us in the comment section below maybe they’ll get to read this sometime!
4. Ellen Gives Life-Changing Present to Single Dad
Cancer is a vicious disease that has troubled many over the years and at least one case has been reported within a family tree. Mario Lazo’s wife, Jeniffer, unfortunately, was one of those people that had to battle this disease. After a 4 -year struggle, she was finally put to rest and the world was touched by her journey especially because of her husband’s dedication and the support she received from her two loving daughters and her family and friends.
On the show, Ellen had a one on one with Mario together with his daughters on how the whole journey has been for them and what his late wife would make of the situation. He reveals to Ellen that her show was a great inspiration and she’d watch it to get entertained especially for the pranks. He also explained his gratitude when he received a car full of gifts for him and his family.

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