Mowin’ & Throwin’ - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Опубликовано: 31 май 2019
Winter is over! Summer is coming! Join the Mowin' & Throwin' party game fun coming to your Nintendo Switch! Compete with your friends as lawn gnomes in a frantic, surprisingly fun, friendship ruining yard mowing/wrecking contest!
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  • The way House Pixel Games has produced such a high quality game like Mowin n Throwin with a small local dev team is part of a larger trend I am noticing with indie game developers that can seriously compete with the larger AAA studios these days even though they have smaller teams. This GameBin post kind of sums up that trend as well:

  • Nintendo I'm going to say this once PUT WALUIGI ON SMASH ULTIMATE now

  • No offense but why is every Switch game not made by nintendo basically indie

    • The video game world changes fast, who knows what's next?

  • هاي

  • I’ve never been a fan of paying more than 2 dollars for these Mario party mini games released as full games.

  • I’m disliking this trailer because of all the things Nintendo did to Waluigi #RespectWaluigi

  • They missed the opportunity to call the game turf war

    • That was a possibility but we named a level Turf Warfare instead.

  • Really think you w

  • I would like you to have a game of mario & luigi partners in time + aventure lemmy koopa

  • Nintendo for The next new ssbu Newcomer will It be Banjo and Kazooie,Neptune from Hyperdimension Neptunia,Sans,Cuphead,Dante,Rayman,Shantae or Erdrick?

  • Support online multi-player?

    • Unfortunately, no. Use Parsec, a screen sharing app, for online play.

  • Nintendo PLEASE make the gamecube classic for the switch you are missing out I'll pay 100 dollars for that

    • Don't count on it they'll probably release another Pokemon game out next year. Pokemon Orange and Pokemon Grey...

  • Mario and Luigi partners in time DX Plz we neeeeed

  • I want naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 or jump force

  • Add apex legends to the nintendo switch it would be a great addition and people would love it

  • Hey Nintendo can you make Mario transformer characters in super smash Bros ultimate

    • Ryan Melendez-Sanchez ...wha??

  • Begging for p5 on switch (day 3)

  • Hey Nintendo can you guys make a reboot of earthbound and please put naruto on the Nintendo switch and dsi

  • #waluigi4smash

  • Eurogamer Caught Selling Illegal Nintendo Bootlegs & STOLE The Money

  • Am I the only one that heard a Smash Direct was coming today?

  • 0:49 they must have eagle vision

  • Form

  • You can put gang beast forma nintendo switch

  • Do a video of super Mario 3d world Deluxe

  • In smash ultimate can you please put Rayman as a dlc character thanks.


  • Add Netflix on Nintendo and also the member ship should be free, you already spend enough money on games and the console

  • Hey Nintendo, you should update Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch because I want you to let us switch items like from Mario Kart Double Dash but only with one racer to switch items when you update Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. And I also want you to let us use the on and off item switch to like turn on or off items. Like for example I like the red shell and blue shell and I turn them on and I don't like the green shell and banana. So I turn them off and the ones I like I leave them on and the ones I don't like I leave them off. And I want them to be in Single Player, Multiplayer l, Online Play and Wireless Play. And one more thing that I want to tell you, instead of using the Y button to accelerate I was thinking that you could make the Y button to let us switch items while racing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe like in Grand Prix, VS Race and in Battle Mode (Revamped).

  • Fans

  • When I looked at this comment section for the first time, I was expecting hate comments on them removing making Brawl remove his Nintendo videos.

  • ¿what happened with the nintendo plus the cell phone?

  • Please allow Omega Labyrinth Life overseas, Nintendo!

  • Nintendo can you make a deal with squear enix to make a remake of final fantasy 5 and 6 and a remake of super mario rpg

  • Who would pay for this garbage?

    • @abrahamWCE They're horrible games but at least they're not shovel ware.

    • Anthem and Fallout 76 are the real dumps!

  • Nice

  • gta for switch

  • Can you make a wizrobe mask in zelda breth of the wild

  • Play SiriusSam collection

  • Play Sirius Sam Nintendo minute

  • Play Siri is dumb Nintendo minute

  • lame

  • And we have more junk. Wow I get better looking games on my cell phone these days.

  • Danganronpa in Nintendo switch and too Yandere Simulator plis

  • Begging for p5 (day 2)

  • Funny party game.

  • Please ask Altus if it's ok to have persona 5 on the switch

  • Um... I liked this game! We should buy it sometime.

    • Available on Nintendo Switch, American region! Have fun!

  • Waluiji

  • -I cant wait for the piranha plant DLC-

  • Nintendo please put super smash Bros on first person on the Nintendo vr

    • @Nodto Modley it was just a joke lol

    • It's not going to happen nor should it.

  • Nintendo man up and get waluigi in smash bros

    • We all want him.

  • for some reason the voices remind me of skylanders

  • Nintendo faz mais jogos de splatoon

  • I would like to report a visual error in botw.when you go into links house and look out the window towards hateno tower, the base of the tower disappears entirely. Thanks Nintendo if you read this

  • For super smash bros ultimate for one of the dlc characters can bandana waddle Dee be a dlc character

    • The dlc is already in the works

  • Oh cool they made the minigame from Mario Party 6 into a full game

    • House Pixel Games That’s awesome. Didn’t expect a response to my joke but it’s a nice fun fact :)

    • We were very inspired by Nintendo and others!

  • Sounds like my father on Sundays. Let’s play a game called mowing the lawn

  • sabotage your friends!

  • When my parents wants me to cut the grass