Mr. Marbles Is Toothless

Опубликовано: 13 дек 2018
Again I apologize that this was not the video I had planned on making today and Marbles is doing really well, it just felt like the right thing to do to look after him as closely as I could today and yesterday after his surgery. Here are some answers to some questions that I know people will ask in the comments:
Mr. Marbles is a 10 year old senior chihuahua who weighs around 4.3 pounds. It is very common in not only chihuahuas but of many toy dog breeds to have dental issues, this is due to their teeth being very small, crowed in their mouth, and when food particles get stuck in there it can lead to tartar, plaque, gingivitis, periodontal disease, all kinds of complications in their mouths just like humans. It can also vary in severity from dog to dog, some might have many teeth at an advanced age and some start needing dental work at 1 or 2 years old. I tried for many years to take as many preventative steps as possible like cleaning his teeth with a small brush and with wipes, making sure he has things to chew to keep his gums and teeth clean, but it was sort of just inevitable at some point. He has had many operations to remove teeth to keep any dental diseases from progressing and keep his mouth healthy. The reason we needed to see a specialist (and shout out to the woman that did his procedure her name is also Jenna and she was just best ever) is because unlike larger dogs (or people) small dogs' teeth are so little and delicate in the back that in some instances their jaw can actually break during these procedures. So as you can imagine, along with having some pretty awful levels of discomfort (he was doing a lot of sniffling as well because it was bothering his nose) this was kind of an intense procedure for him and the recovery has been pretty different than the other times when he's just had some teeth pulled. I'm very happy though that we were able to get these last teeth out for him before things progressed any further in his mouth that would only lead to more problems for him so my guy is toothless. Thanks for understanding that this has been a little bit of a different week.
I also just out of pure transparency wanted to tell those of you who so kindly and generously donated to my friend Mac Declue's gofundme 4 years ago, he was my roommate when I lived in Boston, a wonderful friend of mine who actually was the one who gave Mr. Marbles his name while we lived together, thank you from the bottom of my heart again for doing that and allowing him to get the absolute best treatment he could and allow his family to be by his side. His battle with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain cancer, ended this past Sunday and he is finally at rest. It has been a heartbreaking week, I'm sure you can relate as I imagine many of you have lost loved ones to cancer, and it has made taking care of Mr. Marbles, a dog that he named, a whole mix of emotions for me. Mac was so loved and he will be so missed. I apologize that this is not something that would usually warrant an entire video but, it's been a lot. Thank you for your understanding and I'll see you next week.
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  • We have a cat who had to have all of her teeth pulled at six months old because she had a severe case of infectious stomatitis. I found this out five days after we adopted her when I took her to the vet for her initial wellness check. The vet said it was the course of treatment with the highest likelihood of success, so we went for it. She's now seven years old and is a chonky love bug who runs the house and has everyone wrapped around her paws.

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  • My Lil Man (11 year old mini dachshund) had all but his lower canines removed earlier this year. He would have had those taken out too but they were too deeply rooted lol. He is LOVING his new special wet food life. He gets excited and tries to play and bite and it’s so weird but adorable. I feel for you Jenna! It was tough to see him go through at first!

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  • I know this is old now but I can relate to this. I’ve had my chihuahua since 2005 and he had problems with his teeth sometime last year and had to get most of them removed. He’s still so happy and full of life and enjoys eating his soft canned food now.

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