Mr. Miyamoto & Mr. Tezuka Spin the Wheel - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Tezuka Spin the Wheel at #E32019! What fun facts will these two reveal?
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  • Spanish?

  • Miyamoto can be a bit of a perfectionist, but he's not that bad of a person overall.

  • Your welcome😆😆

  • scorpion and sub zero joins super smash bros,mr.miyamoto?

  • Hearing them laugh added ten more years to my life.

  • Miyamoto said Yoshi. Tezuka says Yoshi 1:56 - 1:57 PLEZ like its funny

  • My controller is drifting It makes me cry

  • It's amazing how they can still chuckle over characters they've seen every day for 30 years. They LOVE their jobs.

  • Please add Waluigi in smash people want him

  • I can't wait!

  • tanks for all Miyamoto

  • I didnt knew they work with umbrella

  • Can you guys put Sans and papyrus in Super Smash Brothers please do it please Sakurai

  • These two are so precious, protect them at all cost

  • These guys are legends! 🤴

  • Arigato Miyamoto and Tezuka senpai!!!!!!!

  • Miyamoto is my ideal. I want to make games just like him when I'm older😄

  • yay! ^^

  • My favorite character is Link

  • It’s like watching 2 you tubers on a Friday night

  • Two old child playing a roulette game. Most epic video ever made!

  • My favorite part 😂 0:32

  • If this was a continuous series focusing on Mr. Miyamoto & Mr. Tezuka shenanigans, it would be the first ever RU-tv vlog I would watch religiously.

  • They should do this with the botw sequel, it would really help us fans try to theorize!


  • Tezuka intimidating as a Hammer Bro is the best thing I seen from Nintendo Media today.

  • But theres no multiplayer!!! lol


  • 0:51 so mario is an edgy teen in love with a princess

  • This makes me think Iwata ls alive

  • Love these guys, thanks for all you do for us.

  • Right guy is Kamek ?

  • Tezuka looks like he’s straight from animal crossing what an adorable man

  • They’re so awesome together, I enjoy them both.

  • next time invite yuji naka

  • Its adorable when they speak english, they do it just to let us know that they are greatful ;w;

  • I love the 2 together. Miyamoto did a good Yoshi voice. And Tezuka did a.good hammer bro impression.

  • You will be missed Miyamoto

  • I can't get over how happy Mr. Miyamoto looks. He seems so passionate about games!

  • Man I love Nintendo just so much Joy.... Miyamoto is God 👌

  • It's so nice just to see two people having fun and a good time.

  • Nintendo is the best. I don't care what anyone says.

  • These men are so funny! I can’t wait to pick up super Mario maker 2.

  • Wow, Miyamoto has really good English But I guess it’s normal since he has has been in front of so many English-speaking crowds.

  • Its so sweet to see the people at Nintendo enjoy what they do :)


  • Miyamoto-san is the Keanu Reeves version of video games ❤️

  • If I could meet anyone, it would be Miyamoto.

  • That was so cute omg

  • I need to give these guys a hug.

  • Someone plz make a meme out of this


  • one of the options was new addition and i was hoping for them to leak new dlc rumours 😢

  • Love the yellow glasses!

  • This is what happens when you love going to work every morning...

  • Put Ray man in smash

  • 47 people watched this in paraller dimension where dislike is like.

  • Why can't they do more of these its just so good

  • The legendary grandpa bros :D

  • Mr. Miyamoto's smile cured my depression.