My Dogs Try On Halloween Costumes 2

Опубликовано: 24 окт 2018
Ooo sorry I almost forgot to type this because whenever I wear a lip color (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS) yall always want to know what it is it's Smashbox liquid lipstick the color is called Teal With It
And also here's last year's costume video :
And my dogs' wedding which was beautiful and I somehow got my actual friends to come to lol
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  • Omg I love the cat dog

  • U should have peace or Kermit be the tiny tooth paste and Jen can be the tooth brush

  • I keep coming back to this video just for 8:17 "kERMIT NO. MY CHAIR. *MY CHAIR. GET OUT.* *_MY CHAIR, GET OUT. M Y C H A I R, G E T O U T._* "

  • make a bar of soap costume for kermit

  • well now we all have to send jenna just a truckload of dog wigs

  • jenna you shouldnt touch dead dogs

  • naughty dogs will be put in the catdog suit of punishment

  • Please say we're getting a part three this year.

  • This video was so validating. I have a medium sized dog (or maybe slightly above but she's not a -big- dog) but she wears fkn X-large because of her weirdly shaped chest and also the fact that her body is as long as a highway x_x

  • Now we get to see Bunny get a Halloween costume this year!!

  • This is the shape of her head. A bycicle seat.

  • Missed opportunity for Marbles to be a land shark!

  • Who is also excited to see Bunny's Halloween costume?!?!?

  • this is too freaking adorable

  • I’m really excited! I hope Bunny gets to try on costumes too!

  • just one month until halloween 2019 letttts gooo

  • Joana Ceddia and Jenna Marbles Craft Collab

  • Ur fucking dog is dead

  • Marbles is so cute it makes me cry

  • Lol 8:41

  • Kermit looks like a damn meerkat in the Incredibles costume.

  • It's almost this time again and I'm excited.

  • Yet again Marble is the only grateful one 🦁 🧛‍♂️

  • Ok I really love you and marble but I have to ask something lmao, btw this isn’t meant as a hate comment but was marble always so Immobile

  • Kermit: Crying dog, adorable, is in every video, has a song, is amazing, peed in a store....... sooo yeaaaaaa

  • slay peach slay

  • The shark one could still work for marble if you pin the hood to the back of the costume so that it’s not in his eyes... it’s so cute!

  • Kermit's crying sounds like a dolphin

  • there somCUTE

  • the cuteness its too much for me im actually dying

  • I want that sweatshirt OMG where can I find something like that!?

  • This Halloween you should dress Kermit up as a baby cuz he likes baby outfits

  • If you can beat the little mermaid costumes this year, I'll be IMPRESSED

  • “There’s something crying on the floor” Wtf Julien.

  • Marbles looks so effing tired by the time they get to the vampire costume. Poor meep.

  • Kermit should be a box of Irish spring

  • I'm kind of annoyed Mr. Marbles didn't wear the shark costume with the mermaids.

  • I fucking love marble

  • thinking about how we get another one of these in a month probably has me So. Excited.

  • Peach in that wig looks like that dog from the fox and the hound 2, omg

  • Kermit's song => 😂😂😂

  • I wish this year Jenna and Julian pick out costumes for each other and try them on or Jenna does different Halloween makeup looks to see which one she wants the most instead of it just being the dogs

  • Spooky time is coming

  • I can’t wait until marbles rides bunny on a saddle this year

  • I can't wait to see the one for this year with Bunny in it because now she can buy large dog costumes.

  • Marbles would pull out his own life support

  • marpel is dead

  • Lmfaoooo

  • Marbles is a reverse vampire

  • 6:28 rawr

  • When you were putting costumes on marble I was legit crying of laughter 🤣🤣🤣

  • I can't wait for next month, I hope Bunny tries on costumes!

  • oh my god i wasnt living until i say a marble in a shark costume... a SHARKLE

  • Boi look at my picture I am Logan Paul Kermit

  • Halloween costume idea for next year Jenna-Toothbrush Julian -Toothpaste Kermit-Toothbrush Peach-Toothpaste Marbles-Peaches Toothpaste cap

  • Who's ready for part 3? Me beech

  • pretty excited for this year’s costumes, ngl

  • Omg the Catdog one was SO CUTE

  • Every other dog: Am I on camera?! Kermit: PUT ME ON CAMERA!!! *whines* I WARNED YOU!!!

  • **e**