MYSTERY Riddles To Test Survival (7 Second Riddles Called Me Out)

Опубликовано: 20 июл 2019
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Gloom (me) and Kubz Scouts are back at it again testing how dumb they (we) are. 7 Second Riddles also called me out, so it’s real this time. Watch Jay's Video HERE:
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  • I watched the seven second riddle video

  • the girl in the cage would die cause she is trapped in a cage she cant swim up to get air but the girl that is dangaling can just swim away from the paranas

  • The kid is going to die because pirahnas don't feed off of human until the other piranhas have eaten each other

  • Riddles:Ron came to visit his uncle Me:Ron Weasley?Did Harry and Hermione go too?

  • What is ur tiktok mine is @ybtowa

  • Oh yea I seen that seven second riddle that said gloom won't dare to take this.

  • John is so mean

  • John is so mean

  • Wait wasn’t it three photos

  • Hi

  • I think in the last one it will be the one who’s not In the cage cause she can grab onto the top piece of rope but the one in the cage can’t and when she falls under she won’t even be able to swim up she will be held down by the cage and will drown immediately

  • i have tolld 29 of my friends t odownload tik tok

  • At 26:58 I want to tell you that piranhas don’t eat anything bigger then themselves.

  • Why her eyes so red

  • I saw the video before i came to watch your video

  • Hey Gloom, I think you should do TedEds Riddles!

  • Your tik tok Kassie

  • I asked my mother to follow your tik TOK info

  • Gloom is the best

  • Gloom: why do i get the cannibal riddles Me: bcuz 7 second riddles want to eat you 😂😂😂HAHAHA😂😂😂

  • Dang 7 second riddles be calling her out

  • He shot the old man because the story was about the old man and his friend that he Killed in the fight

  • I saw the vid


  • You gotta love the last one where they think that this childs rope is about to break and she is gonna survive under water like she has underwater breathing 😂 I had to make it that specific

  • 11:4 it was so funny

  • Gold

  • It's my birthday today.

  • he wanted to eat the old guy

  • It was gold they spelled them out

  • first sssiperwolf now gloom

  • To the last riddle/ them both will die the one girl can’t breath under water and the other one will gonna be done eat

  • I just watched that video lol I know all the awnsars

  • 27:00 A will die because B can grab the rope and climb up, but A will drown stuck in the cage

  • I had to pause it for where Annie got kidnapped and I new it was gold because in the middle in everyone it spells gold

  • Plot twist the old man was not the cannibal he was the one who got ate

  • i have 4 thooh buseise

  • I have two toothbrushes.....

  • Gloom-Lauren is gonna die Laurenzside-triggered

  • I’m sorry gloom but I have two toothbrush

  • he chose the jacked up dentist because the rich dentist is probally not a real dentist (p.s i did this before kacie andy ja

  • Never under estimate gloom

  • My family unplugs unnecessary electronics before they leave the house for vacation because it lowers the risk of a electrical fire. Safety first kids!⚡️🔥

  • HEY!!! I have three toothbrushes

  • I have 5 toothbrushes

  • I don't know why but Jay always makes me laugh 😂😂😂

  • Last question- B because she has blood on her hand and you need blood in you to survive

  • MY MOM WON'T LET ME GET TIK TOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pause it at 16:43 if u saw how gloom's face was. leave a like if u did

  • Nuce

  • who steals a knife and fork tho

  • Both can die The cage is going to drop into the water and sink but the sharks can’t get her but she will be underwater and can’t breathe but the woman could hold onto the rope above the part that’s going to breaks down climb up it to get away

  • 7 seconds riddles: gloom wont dare watch this!👹 gloom: umm lets watch! 0w0w

  • Vampires arent weak to silver, werewolves are.

  • A

  • Comments We don’t know the answer so We don’t care if you get mad Me : I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER

  • Im from Turkey ❤️🇹🇷🤍

  • Riddle be like: A man grabbed you, tied your hands behind your back and put you in the backseat of the car. Option A be like: Jump out of the car. Me: *Practices tumbling with hands behind back*

    • Brown Bearッ It would be best to just wait and memorize directions. There was a story of a girl doing that. She behaved, never left, and eventually found a way out while the kidnapper was asleep. He got caught. I forgot the name of the case, but it was interesting. That’s if you absolutely can’t jump out of the car.

  • It is easy, A will die because she has no way out of the cage. The cage will likely sink and she will drown relatively quickly. While on the other hand for B, she has more mobility and she could be able to grab the rope before it snaps and climb up to safety.

  • b