MYSTERY Riddles To Test Survival (7 Second Riddles Called Me Out)

Опубликовано: 20 июл 2019
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Gloom (me) and Kubz Scouts are back at it again testing how dumb they (we) are. 7 Second Riddles also called me out, so it’s real this time. Watch Jay's Video HERE:
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I'm Kassie, also known as Gloom! I'm a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
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  • I just realized that in 23:03 they moved their heads at the same time

  • B can just grab the other part of the rope while A cannot.

  • Werewolves can’t touch silver

  • For the last one A will die because she will drown well B can climb up the rope

  • Can you do roblox or Minecraft riddles they are better Fact #1:More Fun Fact #2:More interesting Fact #3:More cool

  • Jay and kassie The girl with the piranhas can climb the rope before it breaks, whereas the girl in the cage will drown drown when she can't get out of the cage

  • Jay and kassie The girl with the piranhas can climb the rope before it breaks, whereas the girl in the cage will drown drown when she can't get out of the cage

  • Seven second riddles will regret they ever did that to you even though I’m still mad at you for disrespecting cats


  • Cannibal john

  • I new it was john

  • You and Jay should play secret neighbor again. I really like those videos from you

  • In the beginning of the old man one it said THAT THE OLD MAN COULDNT TELL ANY STORIES

  • 12:23 I noticed that doggo in the background before the text >:3

  • Gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • B had the poison

  • 7 Second Riddles:Gloom can’t solve this *Evil Anime Laugh* W-Wait w-who is THAT NANI?! Azzy:Haha foolish 7 second riddles *Punches*

  • r G f t O h w L k s D p It’s Gold not a fill in the word it tricks you on the key one

  • On the old man telling stories I Gould it right

  • That’s what I said

  • Sans:well i have a trum BONE :papyrus:SANS WHY

  • When it said comments on on the soup I think it was B because usually people who have poison want the tiniest bit so that if they want to not get caught the would be able to just throw it out and then it would look like a...well so,etching else other than poison and the yummy soup had a bigger container, which means they probably wouldn’t care if someone found it because it wouldn’t be anything bad, but the green soup girl had a smaller container which means she probably wanted to hide it and throw it away and if someone found it then they wouldn’t think it was poison probably so she wouldn’t be caught so she got a small container/bottle also in the next comments the last thing I think it was the girl with the rope around her waist because she could’ve broken the rope and climbed up the rope part that wasn’t broken or she could’ve took a little of the blood to distract the fish because she had blood on her hand and then she could’ve swam away so ya I think it was the girl with the rope around her waist. And btw I love your guy’s videos and I love when you and azzy do videos together!!

  • Now I'm imagining how the wolf would look putting his hind legs in those HUMAN shoes

  • WoW you can REALLY dance

  • I think it’s A - would probably drown in the cage For B- Piranha don’t usually prey on humans or large animals, unless there already dead, so she would have a chance

  • Wait I have 6 toothbrushes

  • B will die

  • A is a killer

  • My phone screen is cracked and i just cut my finger on a piece of glass from it F in the chat

  • 14:37 he just moved he cant afford it

  • Gloom:our brains are THICC Me:yeah its big brain time

  • You can watch this on LaurenZside too

  • But how you post the open it though the door so you couldn't jump out

  • Just wanted to say, the riddle with the sharks in door one, you would still die. The water is electrified. You would die by the water. So that riddle is not precisely correct with the theory

  • I have tiktok lol

  • it said that you should jump out of the car but if you fall over your hands are tied and most people can't get back up without using their hands

  • Hello

  • Jay sounds better like that 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  • 1:19 Cassie, did you literally just say Will Smith?

  • I just started watching Gloom because of Jay btw thanks to THAT DUDE

  • I love your videos gloom

  • Cannibal ???

  • Both cage girl and rope girl will die cage girl will go under water the shark can't get her but she will drown, and rope girl will be eaten by the fish because she had some blood on her.

  • I know a teacher at my school named mrs sullivan

  • Gloom:when he foud out one of his chikens was missing Me:It was a fox!!! Finds out what the anwser Me again:Well I was wrong😒

  • The last riddle when Jay an gloom pickt the girl in the cage and they said that the girl was in the cage and they can't get her but when the roap snaps and the girl drops in the ocean she can't swim she will be stuck in the cage and can't breath

    • But the gir who was not in the cage she could swim or clime the roap before it snaps

  • One of your eyes is red Casey are u ok

  • Prarnas don’t eat people

  • For the dentist had no heating on the right the one with the really rich if you look at both of his hands one has a haematoma in the check for the other one is not has not had

  • Well if Kassie died we know jay went to her house XD

  • They just put those because sssniperwolf also got called out seven second riddles just want veiws

  • Also wolf men can’t have silver they will die

  • I know the answer to this riddle right I'm gonna tell you the answer Because he said no one would find out, how did he know, then they fought so he was the winner and ate the dead man or else he couldn't tell the story. Thank you.

  • a she has no gloves


  • f

  • What does f in the chat mean

  • F

  • Kskksk