NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020

Опубликовано: 15 окт 2020
“TODAY” anchor Savannah Guthrie hosts a live discussion with President Donald Trump in an NBC News town hall event in Miami on Thursday. Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden were supposed to hold their second debate on Thursday night but it will instead take place on Oct. 22.
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NBC News hosts town hall with President Trump - 10/15/2020


  • I honestly have no idea how you keep going

  • She has no idea what is really going on

  • You are the president of the United States and she should respect you no matter what

  • I just want someone to ask Trump directly how much stocks he has for his potential cures for COVID that's coming out before the election according to him.

  • Trump 2020. Good Lord, wake up America. The left has gone insane. Look at what they have done to once great cities like NYC, Seattle, San Fran, Portland....for the love of God, wake up.

  • President Trump cornered like a rat in the kitchen, with his mouth full off cracker barrel.

  • Eviction code 007 states you have 30 days before you must vacate 🤣

  • It's funny how this holds up lmao ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-Qg0pO9VG1J8.html

  • Why is he debating with this reporter? wtf

  • Wow, this lady is pure evil

  • Trump = THE WORST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME SECOND TO NONE. There is not one trait I like.

    • @Charles Charlemagne ?

    • Hurting your feelings doesnt mean as much as you think

  • Confirms Trump as a light weight. Good news - he will be gone soon!! Reagan is rolling in his grave.

  • She’s about the worst interviewer ever

  • Savannah Guthrie is a Trump hater out of the gate. She launches an attack on him about the virus and keeps going, trying to paint him into a corner as a careless person. She might as well be Kamala Harris.

  • This lady let her emotions get the best of her. Her job is to impartially inquire and push for answers which can be done without being rude and obnoxiously unprofessional.

  • 50:33 lol did anyone else notice this

  • Love you Mr President!!!!

  • I was cracking up, because she is repeatedly grilling about him not wearing a mask, while she is not wearing a mask.

  • Why ask him question, he’s going to answer with a lie anyway

  • Why is this joke our president

  • 15:36 the only part i loved was when Trump said "HAHA So cute"😂

  • Who else is here from SNL????

  • At 50:30 Trump dodges a question.

  • this is so painful to listen to. It's like a Jordan Peterson "interview" where the host has a bunch of loaded questions to try to make the guest look guilty of several things. Trump tries to answer the questions from the guests and Savannah immediately attacks him every chance she gets.

  • this is an actual debate between trump and Savana.

  • If they could do town halls then why wasn’t there just a debate?

    • Because Dementia Joe looks better when he gets softballs from George Steponallofus

    • the second presidential candidate debate was changed to a virtual one. The theory/speculation is that this would give the DNC the ability to feed Biden the answers to questions via an unseen teleprompter. Therefore, Trump didn't want anything to do with it. Even Saturday Night Live Made Jest of the Biden town hall for being helpfull and easy to him to make him look good, while NBC tried their hardest to make Trump look bad.

  • wow that woman is awful! Shows that all media is against our great president.


  • Such a rude interviewer .. what a shame.. you can see she is like gatcha!


  • She’s attacking him for not wearing a mask... but where is her mask??

  • "When did you last test negative?" Normal person: *1 or 2 word answer* Lying politician: *5 minute meaningless rant to avoid the truth* Wow. Right off the bat this is pathetic.

  • If were talking about conspiracy theories then what about bohemian grove?

  • She was so aggressive Biden didn't get the same treatment! I don't mind if you challenge the president but that's not the way

  • Q an non? Qenon? Qunon? Who is that really Im asking.

  • Thank you Savannah for doing such a good job 👏🙏

  • Biden 2020!

  • I use to like Savanna, not any more!!! Be fair!!

  • What an annoying host!!

  • How was this a fair reporting?!!! The comments for Trump is open yet it’s closed for Biden!!🤔🤔🤔🤔 This reporter was biting Trump but George was petting Biden. 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • Savannah is such a badass omg

  • moderator debating the most awesome, intelligent President Trump!

  • If this woman is a journalist I'm an astrophysicist 🙄

  • This woman speaks to him with zero respect. Her job is to ask questions. Not argue with him pushing her own opinions. Ask the question, LET HIM ANSWER, the move to the next question. How hard is that? I say they ditch all moderators and questioners and just let the town hall people ask the questions directly. Sheesh.

    • Hawk qOjOp well what’s the difference he has zero respect for the people that work at NBC News.

  • "I have to say you have a great smile" - highlight

  • It's funny how all his arguments are based on some self selected statistics or just random facts favarable for him. So superficial. "Why not to use a mask? Because people who use mask get sick anyway." "Why making an event without masks? Because I am the President, I can't be locked" His explanations never face the real question and never give a proper solution.

  • BIDEN 2020

  • Wonder how much that head nodding lady got paid....

  • The next debate may be worse. Cristen Welker is a biased Democrat who has been bashing Trump on her Twitter account that she now has deleted. Thank goodness some saved screen shots of her Trmp hostility..

  • Never had a new health care plan replacement on his watch. Had the senate and house Excuse after excuse Failed

  • Trump said NO ONE IS TO BLAME WTF He has blamed China all along He will not release his taxes because he will go to jail

  • I'm shocked some people managed to listen through this whole thing. 2 minutes in, and I need to "change the channel". If this were a job interview, the candidate would've been sent home long ago. Too much bs that doesn't even answer the questions.

  • So if Trump can be in a town hall now? Why not debate him?

    • Confusing Zark yeah exactly. He probably won’t even show up on Thursday cause Kiersten Weller moderates and he doesn’t like anyone at NBC.

  • ru-tv.org/tv/%D0%B2%D0%B8%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BE-0doSWS0Fj24.html

  • Complete bombardment. Why didn’t Biden get questions of his son or Antifta

  • Boy, this woman hosting is a nasty witch. She is so disrespectful. See, this is the problem with a lot of people. She thinks she has the right to be disrespectful to the President.

  • "They would touch me." Thank you for your admission of guilt, that's all we needed to hear.

  • 14:23 did a demon just come out of her?

  • I think he lost this debate.

  • This is so cringey 😶

  • Trump 2020

  • That woman sitting over his right shoulder is either a nodding dog or is bopping away to her ipod.

  • The man is worth billions, why does it matter if there is money owed? Corporations use debt to make money all the time! Why is this even an issue?

  • The background woman must be mcenany wearing a wig and a spray tan...

  • The line :"400 million, its a peanut" is clearly on the list of what a president shouldnt say^^

  • He calls it social media....

  • I know nothing about it, I do know they fight paedophilia, they fight it very hard........so you do know about it then!

  • Savanna is a puppet

  • Is Donald Trump the face of America🤔 He is literally wobbling insincerity and a sense of defeat even before the votes are cast.

  • Samantha Guthrie- you are the worst- STOP arguing with the President of the United States and interrupting him when he's answering audience members. Your job is to ask questions - NOT TO DEBATE, ARGUE AND BE RUDE. You should be ASHAMED!!!!!

  • Republicans don’t want to see abortion band lady maybe if you had two brain cells to rub together you would be able to see that there for abortion in certain circumstances not to be used as a birth control method OK why don’t you check your fax again lady Miss Guthrie you clueless person

  • That guy is an abolute arsehole, he's him own worst enemy.

  • Deadlier than the flu? Which flu? There are flu viruses that are far deadlier than sars-cov-2 . One of them has killed more people than sars-cov-2 has in the past 12 months. Too bad the president doesn;t know that.

  • Keep America free vote for Trump that's right vote for Trump

  • i feel like im watching an interview with the biggest CROOK in the history.

  • I say with all sincerity this woman and I think pink shirt it’s hard to say but savanna whatever the hell her name is so who in the hell picture for this job needs to get their own head examined like who would pick a woman like her to do such an important town hall these people need their heads examined

  • Savannah Guthrie: What happened to 1 person 1 vote and every vote counts? There are just a whole bunch of isolated incidents, there is no evidence of widespread fraud!

  • Her voice is like a knife

  • Clearly she dont like him . Shes a gardrn tool 😂😂

  • How dare you stare at the president and ask him questions when you know he’s done everything he supposed to and is he supposed to be ashamed because he is a billionaire and he made his worth and now he’s trying to run our country so we get back on track like I don’t like the Democrats want to do do you want to just give everything away give away the farm take our babies at any age up to even 40 weeks of birth I mean just ridiculous stuff she has for everything I oppose maybe she needs to send her tax returns

    • Send your tax returns MS Guthrie let us comb through your tac returns!!!!!! how fun would that be

    • Discuss Rae if I decide that I’m going to just quit my job I want to go back to school and I’m do you know enough support my ass while I do that is overture seems go through because it sounds to me like you just want everyone to get paid paid paid for everything and they don’t never have to even work and they can quit for any reason they can be fired for any reason you just want to give them benefits benefits benefits it doesn’t matter what the cause so I think I might try to get on that gravy train you’re going to‘s going to give the whole world away that’s what you want our government to do just give everyone who seemingly thinks you’re entitled to give them everything are you going to give them your farm to maybe your condo in the Hamptons or wherever the hell else u live

  • She was cooking Trump. I was throughly entertained for 15 consecutive minutes.

  • Trump is so unstable it's ridiculous.

  • Any time Trump gets asked/accused of anything he brings up ANTIFA.

    • Maybe cus no one on the left does...

  • Trump certainly sounded like a racist in 1991 when he was quoted saying “I’ve got black accountants at Trump Castle and at Trump Plaza. Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes…. Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else… Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.” The phrasing, the crude bluntness, the, well, racism - it all certainly sounds like words that would come out of Trump’s mouth. And in 1997 he said the quote attributed to him was “probably” accurate. But in 1999 he denied saying it. And if he denied it, it must not have happened, because he is Trump. Little wonder his supporters, including and especially Senate Republicans, and Nevada Rep. Mark Amodei too, are so confident Trump is no racist.

  • Great job Savanna 👏 👍! Woman behind the scenes nodding trump paid her ! Goodnight lady! Sell out

  • 15:10-15:20 , The deep state and all that are not the democrats. The democrats They are humans like republicans. But there are hundreds of thousands of Epstein's. Multi-millionaires and billionaires who have the power to influence political discourse. While Trump's upbringing leaves him to be incapable of rationalizing the life of an economically poor person and everyday lower to middle problems, his life allowed him to walk within the circles of the wealth beyond what we can even comprehend wealth to be. Trump knows these people exist. Look at the restraint in his face.

  • This woman is so disrespectful of the president and she was just some stupid bimbo positions because she was once with Al Gore.

  • Savannah Guthrie just attacking him left and right. That's not the way they treat Joe Biden

    • you're stupid, the liberal medial lies about trump all the time

    • roger b good she should’ve been attacking him left and right. He attacks people at NBC News left and right.

  • President Trump the best !❤️🇺🇸

  • He never had COVID, he is a big liar 🤥

    • Cherry Thomas yeah it was lie after lie that night as well.

  • So that's what Qanon is! Haha trump #2020

  • I just love that the black woman in the back is like “hell yeah, get her trump!” 😂

  • I definitely don’t respect this woman one iota and nobody else said she is a palled me with her town Square grilling of the president she had him on trial she wasn’t trying to let him even get a word in edgewise and then she just lobbied questions to him that weren’t even relevant half the time she needs to go bye-bye

  • This woman interrupts her president she doesn’t even have any good credentials except maybe she was Al Gores side squeeze, give me a break MS Guthrie

  • who is here after Saturday night live?

  • hmm Tim Scott's bill... "As the vote neared on Scott’s bill, signs of trouble emerged. On the eve of the tally, California Democratic Rep. Karen Bass, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, called the Justice Act “a completely watered-down fake reform bill.” A trio of leading Democratic senators - Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York, Kamala Harris of California, and Cory Booker of New Jersey - sent a letter to McConnell calling the GOP bill “so threadbare and lacking in substance that it does not even provide a proper baseline for negotiations.”... can read more at www.postandcourier.com/politics/tim-scotts-frustrating-and-fated-fight-for-police-reform-this-is-my-issue/article_c50c7018-aff5-11ea-b3d1-87dfabbde33d.html

  • I am so sick and tired of hearing from people that I haven’t worked in years And now all of a sudden they’re trying to get unemployment but guess what you need to have worked in the last 18 months to even be qualified so get off your butt try to find a damn job don’t sit around waiting for an appointment to fill your needs as I’m sick of it I’m sick of these people milking the system and now all the sudden that extra $600 that went down to 300 is gone and now they’re all scrambling to try to find work they didn’t work before that because you were getting paid more money with unemployment go figure out these people don’t want to actually work these people are the lowlifes of the world that are really trying to just get one up trying not to have to work and get all the benefits and we know who those people are

  • The commies were being a jerk to him, but he handled it nicely.

  • I d ok my like her AT ALL! To RUDE and disrespectful!

  • Trump: "look at this one expert.." Savannah: "He is not an infectious disease expert!" Trump: "... I dont know" all we need to know about this "president"