New Rule: Oprah 2020 | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Опубликовано: 22 июн 2019
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In his editorial New Rule, Bill argues that there's only person who can OWN Trump in 2020.
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  • oprah cant win .. for trump is most talanted and presidental .

  • You are the smartest and funniest comedian Bill. Keep it up.

  • who the democrats need to beat drumpf is the democratic voters themselves. We should be able to put a chicken on the ballot opposite IT and if we show up and vote we will be rid of the THING!!

  • Wasn't/isn't Oprah the best of friends with Harvey Weinstein (just like Meryl Streep is) and didn't Oprah trick young women into being snagged by Weinstein? Really, Bill???

  • Right. The woman who inflicted Dr Phil, Dr Oz, and Deepak Chopra on us. I’d vote for Ivanka’s left ovary first.

  • Give me a break. Oprah for president?

  • OPRAH needs to run & NOW! Americans currently too busy, DISTRACTED, or too naïve to thoroughly research candidates. We need SLAM DUNK candidate based on NAME alone! Grew up Black, dirt poor in SEGREGATED MISSISSIPPI, later a successful, educated humanitarian, Intellectual, & billionaire🌲🇺🇸🌎

    • Oprah's about as "humanitarian" as Harvey Weinstein is.

  • Yall shouldve asked us Minnesotans about celebrity politicians with crazy hair and late stage dementia. Jesse Ventura was our own personal Trump and it's something the people of the best state in union cant forget. Oh and eat shit California we got more shoreline than your coast, our Turkey meat doesnt taste smokey unless by choice, and we are decent human beings that dont need constant admiration for being decent. Skol you punk ass bitches

  • Don't elect her though. She has enough on her conscience to warrant a life sentence. But yeah, she'd definitely win.

  • She fills all the boxes, black,female,lesbian. Yes she is a closet lesbian. Another liberal bad idea.

  • White men won’t vote for her. Black men won’t vote for her.

  • crucial boxes for democrats to win: African americans. After all these years, the dems still want blacks to do stuff for them to make their lives easier.

  • oprah a sure thing? Sure to lose, yes. Oprah's image is too good. Every piece of dirt someone finds on her will stick. By the end of the campaign, Oprah is done for. Unlike trump, who is made of dirt. So some dems will try to find something and trow it at him. guess what, nobody will notice since he's all dirt to begin with. Trump doesn't give a f*ck about people saying stuff. And in a way, that's what the people like about him. yes, i screw up sometimes. yes, i said grab them by the pussy. Who hasn't? In that way, trump is just an ordinary guy.

  • No, Darth Vader was cool and smart.

  • Whoopi Goldberg would be even better.

  • Oprah sucks now

  • Depending on which Dems form top3 candidates group, she might consider to run

  • If you vote for someone cuz "Hey, they're the same race/sex as me" then you shouldn't be allowed to vote at all.

  • Wise man

  • Do we need to know anything more about Democrat desperation--that now they're floating fantasy Hail-Mary candidates for 2020? The primary began with 23 candidates; how about running one GOOD candidate? not one of them has the ganas and gravitas to beat Trump.

  • I don't understand why they want to change the president 2020 the countries doing very well right now

  • Oprah has no political experience. Trump 2020!

  • You guys are fucking delusional. Please run Oprah Winfrey. Just like the rest of the democratic ticket it's just a guarantee that we're going to get Trump for a second term

  • Hell no, screw oprah. Shes been hiding Weinstein among many other things.

  • Bill Maher has gone NUTS!

  • Oprah doesn't give a fuck, she has got all she wants, no need for politics to mess her life up.

  • Crucial boxes checked to win as a Democrat: doesn’t have any actual policies


  • This monologues are getting dumber and dumber by the day

  • Hell no! You really want to see Trump win, go right ahead....

  • What about Al Gore?

  • Annnnnnndddddddd fast forward 3 monthssss......Oprah is not running! Vote Andrew Yang!

  • For the Democrats to surely win, they need to get behind Ocasio Cortez. She is energizing the base and will continue to energize democrats. Occasio2020!

  • It will never happen because she doesn't need the headache, the pay cut nor the ego trip. Months ago I said that American voters are casting the president role like every next Bachelorette or talent show champion so I get exactly what Bill is saying. The donald once said he had dirt on her when her name was first being kicked around for a presidential run. Who needs their life raked through the sewers by bonespurs when you already have what you need out of life? None of the names that stepped forward seem like they can win this thing. It's still the sh!tshow's election to lose right now - sad to say.

  • Al Franken 2020

  • Michelle Obama Jill Biden 2020

  • America hates jews bernie is out of luck !

    • I'd modify that assertion to guess he is personally the wrong sort to get across to the masses just like Jesse Jackson was never in hell going to be the first Black president when he used to campaign. It's not the same as saying there will never be a First-Whatever in the WH. Hilary had too much baggage to cross over with the battleground states. She wasn't Al Sharpton, but there's too much "never Hilary" baggage to overcome. Same for crotchety old man Bernie in purple states. That said, it's Hobson's choice for democrats in this race. Whichever bowlegged dusty nag is standing at the last gate is the candidate.

  • I’m a black woman and not a fan of Oprah. We need intellectuals not another dumb celebrity. America is a celebrity country full of ignorant religious fans

  • Why don't u run for president bill. U make people laugh and people love to laugh.


    • As far as lefties go, he'd be a good choice cuz he often has to talk sense into his own party

  • Fucking Oprah, no way. That would totally suck. Women aren't that desperate, I hope.

  • Yo the boondocks predicted Oprah 2020

  • Bill taking a huge dick in the ass would be less gay, but he right about oprah

  • New Reality: Black people just ain't into Oprah like that anymore

  • Oprah Winfrey is an Infinitely better businessperson than the dotard -- and she did not get a million dollar head start than he did.

  • I really hope that this is a joke segment sound like stupid ass Michael Moore when he said Michelle Obama should be the next president. We don't want to sell America to the billionaire class Oprah included.

  • Hearing Bill Maher promote Oprah Winfrey as the next President tells me one thing. America is fucked. It was screwed when it voted for Trump, but if this idea is acceptable to Americans, then all I can say is, God help us. So glad that I don’t live in your shithole country.

  • Stop it with the fucking celebrity politics!!! FUCKKKK!!! The most powerful seat in the world should sit someone with experience governing, and a track record of beneficial achievements. To do that you need someone with academics ..economics might be best..corporate success is worst.. a person sensitive of the plight of those struggling classes. Someone with eloquent transparency and NO ties to any corporations or private interests. He or she will be plugged in at the top of the iceberg with a massive network below. The person needs to know how to poke this network and no be manipulated by it. A captain of a 747 needs to know how the fucking plane works almost as much as an engineer, not just be popular in the admin headquarters of the airline. Many faces currently fit the rightful mold, and some more. Real Wonderwoman Tulsy, Yoda Sanders (smart and only wealthy in experience battling injustice for decades), AOC..the squad really... Yang "Why does Amazon remove a huge chuck of jobs and automated...then pay ZERO taxes!!!" I like is not the the Tech corporations!! Warren is great too...and they all take global warming seriously.

  • There was another option.... will never happen, but.... Michelle Obama

  • I for one am sick of Oprah still trying to be relevant. She makes me sick.

  • Did he just mispronounce Tivoli? 😅

  • Yang is the only serious candidate who checks all the boxes

  • I'm voting warren or klobushar

  • That's just about the only candidate I can think of that would simply guarantee that I vote for the other person or no one at all. The last thing in the world we need is another idiot personality from TV.

  • To run only to defeat trump, means you've already lost

  • You can't be serious Oprah Windbag.

  • ROLEX is a cha... char.... a charity, the charity racket! Like in if Billionaires were really philanthropic they'd no longer be billionaires.

  • Bernie for me!

  • *The Blackbird's Revenge* *Disinformation of the Higher History* Today goes general revenge through books and scholarship, friends a generous guilt proceeds A blackbird sits softly their shoulder and bibliophiles, they wander so, even these churches concede And, common discourses to connect maths, or science they respect a scout'd engineer wants see straight Disinformation of dire Into higher history conspired To catch late medicine, of Renaissance Or, periodic tables with metals both, separated and so endeavored Occultists with Freemason's sentry A marketed populace is preached spending their gold beseeched Their Vatican treasures so empty -F. Nienow, Sept 31, 19

  • You prick bill black poles you just basically said oprah for black votes your anxiety is high indeed

  • Bernie sandees a real hero even your audience neede to see the applause sign dick