Nintendo Switch - E3 2019 Software Lineup

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
Check out these incredible additions to the Nintendo Switch lineup with games like Luigi's Mansion 3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, The Witcher: Wild Hunt, and more!
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Rating Pending to Mature 17+: RP - M
Titles rated M (Mature) have content that is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
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  • Loogie home 3 is almost here

  • Time to **Get Ready**. Wait, wrong year


  • Reply And Put A Timestamp If You Find The Hidden Spoon 🥄 Clue: God

  • why no 3D world...

  • Best lineup I’ve saw yet!!!! Now I’m glad I purchased the switch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So many free games im gonna download, you can't stop me Nintendo

  • No walking dead 2 and 4?

  • Please bring back super mario rpg for 3ds/2ds xl.

  • Alien isolation! Yessssss.

  • You know Nintendo's Fall, Winter and Wraly Spring lineup cranks the awesomeness level to 11 when you got Banjo, Dark Crystal, Animal Crossing, Zelda, The Witcher, SpongeBob, even godamn SPYRO!!! I'm totally hyped for these new games!

  • Me: I’m not buying new games for a while Nintendo: show this Me : well gosh dang it there goes my wallet

  • I want the song, please anyone ?

  • It seems 2020 is the year of Switch Love. Finally, something better than this indie-side scrolling-trash in the current store. ( besides botw)

  • Still no news for Metroid Prime 4 😢

    • They restarted development, it’ll be a little while before we hear anything about it

  • Nintendo shat on everyone at e3 and i love it

  • Sees Pokemon Sword and Shield Super Mario Maker 2 Dragon Quest Just Dance 2020 Luigi Mansion 3 Links Awakening And Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo, I don't even have a job and yet you want me to spend 500 on games to play, meanwhile I'm trying to think about returning to vyond for the safety of my RU-tv career. How do you expect I'm gonna get the funds to do so?

  • name of the song?

  • Who can tell me the name of this song?

  • 2:37 that art style reminds me of Ponyo

  • I can't hit the like button because the Pokémon Sword and Shield games. #BringBackTheNationalDex

  • Music is dope though!!

  • yo what’s the song they use for these trailers? it’s pretty badass

  • Rip wallet Died 2018 - 2020

  • I was searching a tutorial on how to win E3 and then I found this

  • A New Minecraft Game Is Coming Out!

    • I Can't Wait For The New Minecraft Game To Come Out!

    • That Is Prety Cool!

  • Spyro for Smash

  • 2019 really is Nintendo's year. I mean, damn.

  • Nintendo...I don't have money. You have made me a sad panda. 😭

  • What an awesome lineup of games Nintendo!

  • So good to see BanjoKazooie back with Nintendo

  • I am currently only looking to get Pokémon Links awakening Animal crossing Other than these I don’t really see anything else

  • Alien isolation was something no one saw coming, like banjo for smash ultimate fighter pack and botw 2 in development Edit 1: Panzer dragoon too

  • With the Witcher III on Switch, what are the odds of Cyberpunk being for Switch as well?

  • It was good to know you while it lasted Pokemon, maybe next time?

  • I'm so frickin hyped for ni no kuni mann

  • Netflix just casually mentioned 0:39

  • *Catan* Me: OMG

  • Music?


  • Ending with the Jinjo… EPIC

  • 95% of these titles coming out look boring af ....

  • Song anyone ??

  • Not buy Pokémon this year

  • Astral Chain, Fire Emblem, Super Lucky's Tale, Daemon X Machina, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Spyro... my funds cannot handle this Nintendo!

  • Why is nobody talking about Witcher 3 “A GODDAMN WITCHER 3 ON A SWITCH!!!”

    • I actually have quite played it yet but I glad I waited this long as i going to get it for the switch cause in hand-held form of game-play seems so cool with this title.

  • 4:49 epic gamer moment from Nintendo right there

  • Oh baby...that’s what I’m talking about...yeah...

  • Anyone know what the music is? It makes me feel happy and hype.

    • Wouldn't be surprised if it was by the splatoon artist

    • I think they make it themselves. Also, I don't care about the games, just here for the music

  • Zelda 2 xd?

  • I got pc , ps4 and xbox dude...and i know when i say its for kids bro...its not worth buying,, this video just promoting switch ,they never tell the truth about it, and the joystick really sucks after a few months it dangling really bad...and the game price it just the same price as ps4 games,so you tell me which is worth

  • music ?

  • I will need to sell some part of my body this year ....

  • Please upload the music on spotify

  • I just got my Switch yesterday and this lineup is what made me do it. Honestly, I was holding off for so long because of the price, but man the games!

  • Awesome! But why is this in Ashman792's Animation Playlist

  • SPYRO!!!!

  • Does anyone know what the name of the music is?

  • Yeaaaaaah, oh yeah, yeaaah! (Oh yeah!)

  • What's the name of the song played here? Is it an existing song or was it made for the direct?