Nintendo Switch - E3 2019 Software Lineup

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
Check out these incredible additions to the Nintendo Switch lineup with games like Luigi's Mansion 3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, The Witcher: Wild Hunt, and more!
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Rating Pending to Mature 17+: RP - M
Titles rated M (Mature) have content that is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.
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  • I want the song, please anyone ?

  • It seems 2020 is the year of Switch Love. Finally, something better than this indie-side scrolling-trash in the current store. ( besides botw)

  • Still no news for Metroid Prime 4 😢

    • They restarted development, it’ll be a little while before we hear anything about it

  • Nintendo shat on everyone at e3 and i love it

  • Sees Pokemon Sword and Shield Super Mario Maker 2 Dragon Quest Just Dance 2020 Luigi Mansion 3 Links Awakening And Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo, I don't even have a job and yet you want me to spend 500 on games to play, meanwhile I'm trying to think about returning to vyond for the safety of my RU-tv career. How do you expect I'm gonna get the funds to do so?

  • name of the song?

  • Who can tell me the name of this song?

  • 2:37 that art style reminds me of Ponyo

  • I can't hit the like button because the Pokémon Sword and Shield games. #BringBackTheNationalDex

  • Music is dope though!!

  • yo what’s the song they use for these trailers? it’s pretty badass

  • Rip wallet Died 2018 - 2020

  • I was searching a tutorial on how to win E3 and then I found this

  • A New Minecraft Game Is Coming Out!

    • I Can't Wait For The New Minecraft Game To Come Out!

    • That Is Prety Cool!

  • Spyro for Smash

  • 2019 really is Nintendo's year. I mean, damn.

  • Nintendo...I don't have money. You have made me a sad panda. 😭

  • What an awesome lineup of games Nintendo!

  • So good to see BanjoKazooie back with Nintendo

  • I am currently only looking to get Pokémon Links awakening Animal crossing Other than these I don’t really see anything else

  • Alien isolation was something no one saw coming, like banjo for smash ultimate fighter pack and botw 2 in development Edit 1: Panzer dragoon too

  • With the Witcher III on Switch, what are the odds of Cyberpunk being for Switch as well?

  • It was good to know you while it lasted Pokemon, maybe next time?

  • I'm so frickin hyped for ni no kuni mann

  • Netflix just casually mentioned 0:39

  • *Catan* Me: OMG

  • Music?


  • Ending with the Jinjo… EPIC

  • 95% of these titles coming out look boring af ....

  • Song anyone ??

  • Not buy Pokémon this year

  • Astral Chain, Fire Emblem, Super Lucky's Tale, Daemon X Machina, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Spyro... my funds cannot handle this Nintendo!

  • Why is nobody talking about Witcher 3 “A GODDAMN WITCHER 3 ON A SWITCH!!!”

    • I actually have quite played it yet but I glad I waited this long as i going to get it for the switch cause in hand-held form of game-play seems so cool with this title.

  • 4:49 epic gamer moment from Nintendo right there

  • Oh baby...that’s what I’m talking about...yeah...

  • Anyone know what the music is? It makes me feel happy and hype.

    • Wouldn't be surprised if it was by the splatoon artist

    • I think they make it themselves. Also, I don't care about the games, just here for the music

  • Zelda 2 xd?

  • I got pc , ps4 and xbox dude...and i know when i say its for kids bro...its not worth buying,, this video just promoting switch ,they never tell the truth about it, and the joystick really sucks after a few months it dangling really bad...and the game price it just the same price as ps4 games,so you tell me which is worth

  • music ?

  • I will need to sell some part of my body this year ....

  • Please upload the music on spotify

  • I just got my Switch yesterday and this lineup is what made me do it. Honestly, I was holding off for so long because of the price, but man the games!

  • Awesome! But why is this in Ashman792's Animation Playlist

  • SPYRO!!!!

  • Does anyone know what the name of the music is?

  • Yeaaaaaah, oh yeah, yeaaah! (Oh yeah!)

  • What's the name of the song played here? Is it an existing song or was it made for the direct?


  • No rhythm heaven.... TRY AGAIN....