No More Heroes III - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
The latest numbered entry in the No More Heroes series... No More Heroes 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2020!
Travis Touchdown returns to Santa Destroy after a ten-year absence. There he finds a huge artificial island metropolis floating in the sea, and a mysterious flying object hovering high above. Who really is the deadly killer Travis must face off against this time?!
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  • Travis Touchdown- *The original John Wick*

  • The Assassin otuaku is back

  • Travis looking like tony stark in the thumbnail, lol.

  • I’m new to the No More Heroes series, will I need to be familiar with the past games to understand the story or will I be fine?

    • No one knows yet, but if I were to guess I would say yes. But don't worry i'm almost 100% sure a port of 1&2 is coming to the switch.


  • I can’t hear Travis Touchdown’s voice, but the music has to tone down a little bit.

  • I see Keanu everywhere

  • “HENSHIN!”

  • You know I wonder if we're going to get a physical cartridge of this game? Because I think the only way we'll get a physical is if there's a lot of demand at least maybe a thousand people or more wanting it to be on physical cartridge!

  • ahh, it`s not the full triler but it`s amazing to see travis back!!!!

  • 1:28 Now that's an innuendo if I've ever seen one.

  • I'm hyped. give me a travis in in smash and I'm 100% happy xd

  • Hence the name baby!

  • Why’d he say “henshin” it literally means transform. It’s not a special phrase.

  • Finally a good game with a beamkatana...

  • Can’t wait to play NMH 3, but I recommend people who want to play this game to please play Travis Strikes Again. In my opinion it is one of if not the most underrated game so far this year, it’s very good and the DLC for the game setups up some of the characters and plot of No More Heroes 3 as well as a surprise of NMH 3 when you beat the story.

  • Who is so excited for next year?

  • #TravisTouchdown4Smash

  • 0:16 Kamen Rider Moe Blueberry squash. HAH HA.

  • > censors "fuckface" > censors blood > "As you can see, things got real fucky real quick" Someone's getting fired

  • I think I might get into this series. It sounds really fun


  • Cheesy

  • Please make him in smash

  • Epic robot time

  • We'd better get Cyber Jeane in this

  • Hmm i was expecting mecha-ish jrpg to be more on Ps4.. welp there plenty but its all SD.. guess im eyeeing on switch while waiting for my wallet build up

  • How did he come back to life

  • Oh no now i have to play all the other games


  • I never played no more hero’s but this looks awesome


  • All we want is Travis in Smash bros.

  • 3 😮😍

  • Travis says henshin like a true weeb 😂

  • Well that scenario feels like it was ripped right out of a middle schooler's day dream. Which means the story has to actually be serious for it to be bad.

  • *Moe~*

  • I'm a simple man...I see Travis Touchdown, I make masturbatory motions with the Wiimote.

  • That sound mixing needs work. I can barely hearing anything over the music.

  • This game better have music that can come up to par with fight music Pleather for Breakfast and Subuta.1. Akira you better be there 👀

  • prepare to take a massive save

  • Por fin

  • Cat petting with joycon in HD

  • "Just an assassin passing by" I see you there Decade haha

  • Travis is a Kamen Rider and my I'm here for it!!

  • Trailer starts. Me: Ah music sounds cool. Could be a good game. Guy starts talking. Me: Ah...never mind. XD

  • Welcome Back TRAVIS


  • 0:47 Jeez, who animated this part, Death Battle?