Northgard - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Опубликовано: 30 май 2019
Northgard, the revolutionary Strategy Game is finally coming to Nintendo Switch! Build your settlement, gather resources, survive harsh winters and defeat your enemies in this million seller hit!
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  • Thanks

  • Been eyeing this on Steam but def will pick up on Switch if it runs well.

  • Is there any info on when this will release for the switch?

  • When will it release ?

  • Dumb question you play against other players??

  • Guys, this is a KILLER RTS. Played hundred of hours, totally worth it.


  • Day 1 for me! :)

  • looks like WarCraft III but better

  • Where’s it at on the eshop? I want a price

  • Dude what? I love this game, found it awhile back as an early access title.

  • They're the same people behind Evoland. So I know this game Will be good.

  • This looks terrible don’t even pretend you will play this.

  • lol, the best selling strategy game? What an obvious lie xD

    • Yeah, but still.. Its pretty fun tho!

  • Now bring command and conquer

  • Bought this right as early access came out on steam, definitely reccomend the buy.

  • This is such a good game and glad its coming to Switch!

  • Physical copy please!!

  • Nice.

  • The thumbnail looks cool, but the gameplay looks kinda meh. Should I bother or just stick w Clash of Clans?

    • Dark Void I mean it looks a whole lot better than Clash of Clans to me, though it’s not like Clash sets a very high bar to begin with.

  • Looks amazing , I´ll get it.

  • Northgard is a great game. Alittle slow but still great and fun to play.

  • If this is on then w3 reforged can come to switch too! My body is ready! Hype it up boys i'm just gonna SEND it ^^

  • "The best selling RTS game" And yet I've never heard of it.

  • How much?

  • Hey. Bought it as early access on pc, it's crap.. they don't really made this game as everyone though they will. It's not warcraft 3 at all :( its boring if you want to play only single player mode.. and theres no campaign, at least there wasn't any.

  • i don't even know this kind of game exist, need to play it on PC

  • Лол, я на комп купил давно, так ни разу и не сыграл, видимо зря. Отзывы хорошие.

  • Yes please, moar like this... more RTS/strategy games a la Age of Empires to Switch

  • RTS on a console is like playing Chess on a Pc

  • SO nice !!!!

  • I have seen the art station concept art for this game!

  • TBH I was hoping for an rts game on switch

  • Ok... I want it... I'll buy it!

  • Nintendo became like the netflix of games were there are many games but most of them are bad

  • So what is this game like to those who have played it?

  • No thanks! I’ll stick with Asgard instead.

  • So Nintendo can sell multiple different strategy games on the same console, but when it comes to racing games, Mario kart is all they can do, no F-Zero. They can’t handle putting out multiple racing games. It doesn’t make sense to them for some reason.

    • Nodto@ don’t care, the other racing games suck. At this point I just want GX on the eshop. Is this hard for them?

    • It's one thing to be frustration at Nintendo for basically abandoning F-Zero, but getting mad at them for not having other racing games besides Mario Kart on the Switch is just bad form. Especially considering that there's already a few racing games on the system.

    • Dark void@ don’t care crash is a dumb character and sonic is lame af. I want F-Zero

    • There's Team Sonic Racing and soon Crash TR

    • Yeah, I know and they are still putting it on their console. The fact is it’s there, not where it came from.

  • Just play clash of clans

  • WE NEED A WEBBROWSER !!! ( I Loved that Game on the pc.Thanks for bringing it on the switch)

  • I see this and I think to myself. Where is starcraft on switch now?

  • what do you guys think this game would cost on the Switch? 60 bucks? I see its 30 on Steam.

    • Meathamski Didn't actually think about it. however I know they changed the price depending on the size of the switch cart and Northgard is a relatively small game.

  • Sadly all the people you linked for ratings can be bought.

  • Luigi's mansión 3 😱👻🎃 2019

  • The scenery immediately made me think, "Chrono Trigger"

  • Yessss please keep bringing these strategy games onto the Switch!

  • Hm. From playing the pc version I really do wonder how controls will work for it?

  • “The best selling strategy game”. Umm, excuse me? Since when?!

  • Jackie Chan is an 8

  • wow

  • In breath of the wild

  • Can you add a wizrob mask so kilton can sell it 2 me

  • never even heard of it

  • I bet you can play it with random people but not with your friends.... like every other game on switch :(

  • Pls make splatoon 3

  • 😍😍😍

  • Age of mythology LFG

  • Not being rude but um can you release Super Mario Galaxy 3 for the switch?

  • Looks very much alike Age of Empires / Warcraft 3-vibes here!! I really like that! I am going to give this game a go! 😃

    • @Jamie Lishbrook you're thinking of another and of a irregular definition of fast. What we RTS players mean by fast is fastpaced (micro) (starcraft and warcraft etc)

    • @Mattias Kollnitz if you don't to micromanage as much and can devote all your time to your armies wouldn't that make northgard the faster paced game of the 2? Once your army reaches maximum size there wouldn't much to stop you from conquering the world at that point.

    • @Jamie Lishbrook not rly there is a lot of micro there which doesnt exist in northgard etc, villagers going to put away recourses at stations etc

    • @Ryan Perrault dude the original age of empires was pretty slow too.

    • It's not though. I was hoping it was but it plays more like a slower paced strategy games that isn't military focused, whereas Age of Empires, Warcraft 3, Startcraft ect....all were more battle driven. Build your econ then attack.......Northguard is slower paced and about surviving the winter and kind of out strategizing your opponents. I have it on PC/STEAM but didn't play it a whole lot as I bought it early access. This game being slower paced than a normal RTS will actually be better on a console like the Switch as you don't need twich fast reactions for this game. Solid addition to the Switch lineup though and I wish consoles got more games like this.

  • Why cant you guys please make gta 5 on th swich it will be awsome