Our Boyfriends BROKE UP with us after this Prank..

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Our Boyfriends BROKE UP with us after this Prank..
Ivanita Lomeli



  • No they didn’t they didn’t break up with you guys 😓😑🤨

  • You guys lyed they didn't break up with you

  • The love filming shirtless

  • U should do a video with madi ignoring your boyfriends

  • I'm braking up with you I am your biggest fan I love you so much

  • You got them good

  • You and Maddy seek into there house for 24hours without getting cought

  • Haha Girls

  • This is how much people loves lvanita and Maddie👇

  • You should do a prank on Lucas and act like u this Lucas is Marcus and Marcus is Lucas

  • This is how much people think that Maddie should have a channel 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • U guys are silly like really

  • Outside

  • Ivanita you should catfish Lucas too see if he cheats

  • Ivanita you should cat

  • This. Video is so awesome and. Funny 😆

  • I just love ❤️ slime

  • Hey

  • 10:32 is the good part btw love u all so much

  • Love you ivanita and maddie💗💗💗💗💙💙💙💚💚💚

  • Water

  • Did they really break up with you lvanita Lomeli and Maddie💖💖

  • Sorry

  • Don't watch is clickbate they want views

  • I’m so sorry

  • You his did a great job with the prank

  • Lawrence Hughes is my RU-tv channel

  • You should slime everything

  • Am i the only one who heres the dog in the backround 😂😂😂😂

  • Do you know the stokes twins

  • The sad part is the broke up😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Girl u said they broke up with chu

  • Ivanita should move into the dobre house

  • I would never do that on my boyfriend Christian

  • Who else knew it was a prank

  • did you brake up?

  • Hahahahahaha

  • Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Lucas whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Darius

  • This is how many people like all the cupples

  • Catfish

  • Say you adopted a baby

  • U r perfect with lucus

  • Love you ivinita

  • Jeffrey is me i love you beautiful delicate angel

  • Marcas needs a gf

  • I spell my name MADELINE too

  • Maddie is WAY better then ivanita

  • Prank Maddie

  • Chicken head

  • Do a prank on that u broke up with lucas♥♡

  • Your not supposed to add in water but how Care's

  • you should do like challenges in the pool

  • Edit: OMG TYSM FOR 314 LIKES

  • U deferently pasted 50 likes

  • No.

  • A car video

  • I'm thinking you Maddie and cristina should be the powerpuff girls

  • Awww sad

  • yes ivonne u should add water to the slime when u r sliming ur boyfirend.

  • What so funny what is the next prank going to be 😂😂

  • I loved that prank Marcus and lucas😂😂😂

  • You guys should really aim for the head

  • Did you actually break up

  • Hi💗

  • I love your pranks

  • Hola vanita

  • You should do a girls vs boys prank wars

  • You should surprise him with all his favorite foods in his sports car.....

  • Mommy

  • You guys should do that when they are asleep

  • Maddie*

  • Oh my goodness wowwww ivanita and maddy

  • If they actully broke up with you, you wouldn't make a video about it 'cause you'd be really angry or sad

  • You are always doing it with Maddie no hate but where is Christina?

  • 😊😊

  • Ivanita and Maddie should make a yt channel together ❤❤

  • I love you

  • Love you family 😘

  • Did they really brake up with yall


  • i do not know

  • Lvanita do a prank on your boyfriend and prank him!your breaking up with him and going to Marcus Plases and if it it goes to far than tell him its a prank

  • Maddie make a you tube channel with lucas girlfriend

  • 5 Million of your subs didn't watch

  • I have a great time at the end of 50th anniversary of my favorite part of my 3rd year . I'm not sure if you want to go back 2nd place .

    • I am not going to be a good idea to get a free shopping

  • Izzy

  • And you will pure some many water in your boyfriends

  • Can you do a you most sticky slime and super and then a prank and that broke up with you boyfriends

  • You should add an intro

  • Did they really

  • Dari is so tall and Maddie is so much shorter than him

  • That is so funny 😂😆

  • Lol u asked for 50 likes and got 200 times what u wanted and got 100k 💯 👍

  • I love you guys so much prank yo bfs with song lyrics

  • Lol 🤣

  • Kk

  • You schooled have had Christiania with you to slime Cyrus to

  • Hi lvanita you are awesome RU-tvr ever I love you you are amazing

  • Hi