Pokémon Direct 6.5.2019

Опубликовано: 5 июн 2019
Tune in for roughly 15 minutes of information on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch in a Pokémon Direct presentation.
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  • The stadiums kind of remind me of the battle theatres from loomian legacy on roblox

  • Lord almighty this didn't age well

  • OMG SO CUTE!!!!!!

  • Dina max of whale Lord

  • "You can look forward to finding many Pokémon you are familiar with..." Insult to injury.

  • Wait a second your telling me we can find only obtain by trade Pokemon in the wild?! The world is getting so much more beautiful.

  • Man, am I excited for this game! Although it hurts me that old legendaries won't return, there's already so many of my favorite pokemon that I've seen in these trailers that I don't care about the whole cut thing. I really think this game will be great, I can't wait!

  • Imma transfer my charizard to dis game

  • Man I really wish I could dynamax a primal groudon in this game..

  • Hop better be a real deusche canoe of a rival like the OG games had... sun and moons rival was pathetic human being I felt bad every time I crushed him

  • Battle of the ceuntry: Dynamax Wailord VS Thanos

  • Giant klefki

  • Games coming out in 6 days!!!! Super excited!!

  • im still here sitting and wondering has no one notice this game cost 60 and not 40 like the old gen games like they took things out and added new things so basically it should still cost 40 or im i doing the math wrong ??

  • Dynamax and Gigantimax look stupid, I hate the art direction of James Turner where Pokemon is concerned, and I'm not sure there's enough work done in this game making up for all the cut Pokemon. But I'm buying it this month and I hope I don't hate it, I really want to like it.

  • The music is the best

  • Did I hear "shword" (8:40)

  • what a bunch of liars

  • I’m here on the 6th of November, when I saw the date on the title it said 6/5/19, but of course they use the American date format, I thought there was a new direct but I got tricked. F

  • Add me on the Nintendo switch so we can play together in sword and shield My friend code is 1617 1599 9389

  • Was that iris at the end holy crap

  • Shame. This game had some promise with this direct. All downhill after E3.

    • We haven't seen everything, I also think these games could be the best in the seires

  • I want that game!!!!!!!!!

  • Basicly its gonna be like xenoverse 2 raids

  • I feel like Chairman Rose, which is basically the Chairman of the entire Galar League, is actually the main villain of these games. They said Leon has never won an _official_ match right? Well maybe the league is corrupt and he's helping Leon win matches to gain money since he endorsed him. Or, another theory is that he's using the Dynamax and Gigantamax energy from the battles in the League to revive the evil legendary Pokemon. Although these are just theories, I may be wrong about Chairman Rose and either Oleana or Leon could be the true masterminds 😨

  • #Zamazantalife!😎

  • Starter evolutions

  • How much time do you think you'll spend in the Wild Area? I don't mean in normal gameplay like where you just follow the story I meant in general.

    • It really depends on the player

    • I don't know probably alot if you like exploring or if you're a shiny hunter


  • Well that’s it they completely ruined Pokémon for me

  • This saddens me the spirit of Pokémon has become so cookie-cutter so generic we must free the Spirit of Pokémon look at the old trailers of Pokémon 64 and gold and silver for GameBoy color those were great timesEven leaf green and emerald and sapphire were great and then breaking into Pokémon Stadium for GameCube was not as good as the original too but still fun it’s slowly losing his spirit rest in peace Pokémon unless we can bring it back

  • nintendo fix this

  • is leon in smash

  • why is there is brick stick in the game

  • i dont know why nobody is capitalizing on grookey most people say they will choose scorbunny and everyone else will say sobble but I will get a grookey and name it groot the monkey and run out of charicters probly

  • I love the idea for a next news Pokemon Game's for the Nintendo Switch yes perfect but what about the Nintendo 3DS Game's i love my Nintendo 3ds LX but i will get Nintendo Switch Lite i get it for now and please let Nintendo 3ds get more games before 2020 starts

    • Sorry to say but they couldn't do much more after ultra. That's why they moved to the switch.

  • Omori's hair is so beautiful.

  • Everyone else: He has a box on his back!!!! Me: At last there is another like. Nezuko Dumbledore: The prophecy has been fulfilled.

  • Im super hyped for this I CANT STOP WATCHING TRAILERS

  • Wow! Came back here to see how accurate Zame’s recreation of Sonia’s Theme is and it really is spot on! I’m glad I can appreciate it properly now, since before I didn’t even really notice it, due to all the talking.

  • Dynamax Wailord used Giga Impact The enemy pokemon has fainted The audience has fainted you gained *infinte xp*

  • Here comes a trashy world here come a trashy world Jk

  • Please Nintendo all we want is starter evolutions

  • Ayyyy fellow james also like drawing

  • new learning stuff again about these new pokemons and thats what i like about pokemon yay

  • Gigantamaxed alolan executor (forgot how to spell it) would have head in other space and the gigantamaxed wailord will destroy earth

  • its sad knowimg that etika wont get to play this

  • 4:32

  • If that music isn't in the opening scene imma be mad

  • Do you need nintendo switch Online to play this game?

  • 2:33 everyone : wow dynamaxing Me : is he gay? He looks gay! What if he’s the first gay pokemon trainer/character

  • Can there plz be a music soundtrack in iTunes

  • i hope will we get more than 3 legendary pokemon

  • After the Pokémon games after Sword and Shield are out, I'm going to come båck here and edit something onto this comment, I hope I can find it then.

  • Only OG’s remember when directs were called digital events

  • Full version of song pleeeease

  • I'm so excited !!!!!!!

  • Image if Drednaw couldn't learn Bite!

  • Game Freak: we’re putting everything we got into making Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield a game that everyone around the world will enjoy Me: what about all those complaints I have been hearing about?

    • Bo Bo yea, but for all those people that expected to see their favourite Pokémon in these games, game freak is basically saying: nah you don’t get to see your favourite Pokémon in these ones

    • That doesn't mean they didn't out in effort.

  • Looking forward to good post game content, like a Battle Frontier. I'm sure we all still feel the salt on the wound when the Battle Frontier was scrapped in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire so seeing a potential Battle Frontier return in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield wouldn't hurt.