Pokémon Direct 6.5.2019

Опубликовано: 5 июн 2019
Tune in for roughly 15 minutes of information on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield for Nintendo Switch in a Pokémon Direct presentation.
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  • dynamax=mandjtv

  • the grass gym leader looks like a ditto XD

  • Dynamax Rayguaza and you have the world serpent


  • Where's Satoshi Tajiri?

  • Why does James Turner talk in a fake broken English dialect when he is British?

  • Is there still z rings Or z Moves? And is there Alolan pokemon?

  • Give us gen 4 remakes

  • why do they always design it so that the trianer has a possibility of getting hit by one of the Pokemon's moves. Its almost as if one of the people at game freak went and said "I have an idea, when we make these arenas, lets place the trainers boxes 5 feet away from each other and in the middle where the trainers will slowly die to when that dam muk used toxic.

  • Hype!

  • Sobble is the best this made this company

  • Dynamax snorlax uses rest put the switch on sleep mode

  • Think about it. No game has had every single Pokémon.

  • :'( your town game is going to fail. I just got home from canceling my pre order for sword and shield thanks for nothing game freak.

  • If Electrode is in the game, dynamax it and make it use self destruct at a gym

  • WOW Dynamax pokemon. Take that Z-moves

  • This was exiting until we found out about the national dex

  • This sucks so bad... These people really need to take more fan suggestions before making crazy huge pokemons

  • I hope nidoran is in this game

  • Delay game for national dex?

  • Dynamax Snorlax VS Dynamax Waillord

  • I love this game

  • Wow.... The like button is DYNAMAXED!

  • Nintendo : "Well boys , we did it. National Dex is no more"

  • Hi I am looking for Pokemon game

  • This is revolutionary


  • I spotted Milotic :D my favourite!!

  • This one’s gunna be a good one, trust me on that.

    • @Wobbuffet135 Because my two favorite are not

    • Somalian Dictatorship I trust you. My two favorite Pokémon are in it (1:19), so why would it not be good?

  • trash animation

  • How come pokemon home and sleep is going to be released in 2020? Can it come in September or October?

  • Will everyone from gen 1 be there?😭 plz

  • Where's Milos nose?

  • I never would have thought it to happen, but my enthusiasm for these games plummeted quite a bit.

  • Milo? Where is your nose! Lol

  • Ok 👌🏼

  • Im from sweden

  • Можно пожалуйста сделать перевод игры на русском

  • Gawd I'm soo excited for dis qwq

  • How is the new region called? Im exided

  • 0:56 oh wow GREAT "HiGh QuAlItY aNiMaTiOnS yOu GuYs!1!1!" I can really FEEL the IMPACT of those attacks.

  • *Dynamaxes a jigglypuff and puts everyone to sleep

  • I love Pokemon and can you play Pokemon sword and play with a player that is play Pokemon shield 😄😌

    • It's a safe bet. Of course knowing Gamefreak and all the corners they've been cutting, I wouldn't be shocked if they never let the games communicate with each other. They need time to perfect those HIGH QUALITY ANIMATIONS ;)

  • I can't wait to play both of this games! 😍

    • Well I mean I never said I wasn't

    • Don't worry I'll defend you The person below is mega gay

  • It's so sad everyone was hyped for this, but Masuda said not all Pokemon are programmed in, thus every fan nitpicking on the graphics...

    • Add everything Masuda said. He said they were studious removing pokémon to work on high quality, expressive animations, then gave us the same animation quality we've had for 6 years. In fact, he gave us the exact same animations as USUM and LGPE. Nobody is nitpicking. _He_ told us something that was inconsistent with the facts. On top of that, this direct advertised Home under the promise of keeping all our pokémon on every adventure for years to come. That would've been the perfect time to tell us about this limitation. Nope, they waited. They waited and gave us a horrible reason for it, too.

    • @Troy Lake IKR! But people still crap on it...

    • Graphics look better in the new trailer, though!

  • Likes I choose u Like dynamax and use smash dem likes

  • Game freak vocês tiraram a mega evolução agora o Charizard não vai servir para nada não sua bosta mas mesmo assim eu gosto de Pokémon e sempre vou gostar


    • Ontos no in the games he is it never said it in the anime

    • No Mohn is thier dad

  • I really love the synergy between this story and detective pikachu

  • Big let down, was really looking forward to this. But after the no National Dex/graphics news, I will definitely NOT be getting this. People play Pokemon for different reasons. Catching them all, breeding & training them was a huge part of the game, more so than the core story of the particular region, which only lasted for so long, where training etc can make the game last months. Now after years of collecting them & having a console version brought out that many have waited for since gen 1, we're told only some will be included. All that breeding & training gone to waste. Now I could have accepted that to some degree, but they say the reason for that was to work on the graphics? Really? And also adding gimmicks like Dynamaxing, which no one asked for & seems like a lazy concept to me, while cutting out things like Megas. If they do add them in the future, being a patch or part of the next instalment, such as gen 4 remake, I will definitely re-consider. But as things are now, I'll be saving my money. Especially with the whole Pokemon Home concept, paying extra for transferring Pokemon, when not all of them are even available? No thanks.