Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
Watch this live demonstration of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, streamed right from the E3 show floor! You’ll get your best look yet at what it’s like to play the game, delivered by the people who know it best-the developers and Nintendo.
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  • Can't wait for this game, it will definitely break records if Let's Go sold pretty well

  • Why did anyone like this video 1 like is too much

  • In the same system with breath of the wild, Mario odyssey, and super smash bros ultimate 3 of the greatest nentendo games ever and now from one of the most profitable company’s ever created we get this garbage

  • The animations are terrible and now they can’t give us the bare minimum that every other Pokemon game has

  • Always coming to check the dislikes on this trainwreck. Hope future games are handed to a developer that cares for pokemon

  • If you take issue with the shortcomings of Sword & Shield, PLEASE vote with your wallet and refrain from buying the games.

  • I hated mega evolution and I hear they're going to have megazords,is this true?

  • Despite this game's criticism and problems like current animations being meh, not all pokemon available, and ok graphics, I'm still very optimistic for these games and am waiting to get enough money to where I can pre-order that double pack for both these games. Seriously excited to see what Galar has to offer.

    • XenoGames 91 they already look fine though. Sure certain textures like the trees look off, but that can be fixed during development from now to release. Also after watching the treehouse live, I’m certain this game will run at least at a steady 1080p 60fps. Even in battles.

    • @Sanic 41 "Who actually plays Pokémon for the graphics?" On the switch I just expect good graphics. Pokémon-Games have to look good too in 2019 on the 1080p-Switch-Console.

    • XenoGames 91 not bothered by the graphics. They look fine but people are annoyed because they look similar to 3DS graphics. The 3DS weren’t even bad, people are just nitpicking any flaws they encounter. Plus who actually plays Pokémon for the graphics?

  • Won't be picking up

  • despite the dislike im still super hyped for this game ! im going to get it no matther what you dislikers say !

    • lol Okay have fun with a Switch game with less content then a 3DS game


    • Good joke

  • I really want this game to fail but I know that won’t happen. But keep your hopes up maybe some paid dlc will add them back

    • I shouldnt have to pay extra for content that should be in the base game

  • 1 like and I'll animate the entire national dex myself and sell it to GameFreak for $20 bucks and a signed contract that says they'll include the national dex in every Pokemon game afterwards

    • Say no more

  • #Nomoreeasymoney #Pokemondeservesbetter

  • I need a demo or something to see the game for myself (urrgggg) I’m not judging the game till I try it. I personally like the game so far. Nintendo your killing me lol

  • GF could co-op with fans that are digital designers and the results would be beautiful. With full pokedex. I mean, this franchise is huuuge. I would gladly help.

  • I demand you bring back the national dex!!! Whatever's good for everyone.

  • "Gotta Catch 'Em All!"

  • Boys, a titan has fallen. Game Freak, one of the better examples of long lasting game is going down for the count. That's all the time I have for today, I am going back to play sun and moon on my nintendo 3ds

  • Proud to be hitting the dislike button today. Fix it now dev's. You kno what you did

  • the game does look good in opinion

  • I hope it sells bad

  • You know what is funny? Nowadays, more than 60% of the money for pokemon comes from merchandising, games not included. The games are just here to promote merchandising, it's not the merchandising who promote the games anymore. So, GF is right. Why bother themselves to make a great game, when basically they don't even need to make a "main pokemon game" to make money. And that's why (part of the problem), the Beta team who developed Sword & Shield makes all the cuts, and bring an unfinished game. Because in the end of the day, even if they don't produce a game, they have money who comes in their pockets. It's not "pocket monster", it's "pocket money". That's why a new application on IOS and Android like "Pokemon Masters" (an idea from Ken Sugimori by the way, co-fundator of GF), looks better than Sword and Shield. It's not like GF is lazy. It's just they want to stop. Today they develop the game with 50% of the staff, tomorrow they just not develop pokemon main game anymore, just additional bait game like let's GO for money. We all have seen the intrusive pokemon GO concept in Sword and Shield and let's GO. We have pokemon home, who give possibility to import for GO. Why? Because with that, they can monetize even more trough app, who seems free. If you import from GO trough sword and shield, you must have sword or shield, a 60 dollars game, but you can't bring from SS to GO. I'm sure, long time ago, pokemon was developped for fans. But this time is gone. I play since 1998... And when i see Pokemon Players nowadays (newbies), they don't care anything, they just want pokemon, anyone, whatever. i'm with the # BBND, but i know it's useless. Even if 50% of long date players will not buy the game, GF will anyway make at least 15M selling copies. So, what can we do? Well, replay old games. But remember when gen 6 was launched? They cut the gen 5 system online. They are smart business man, i can deny that.

  • *They cut 50% of the pokedex, so why not cut 50% of the selling price?*

  • Those disgusting Greedy Bastards you don’t deserve all the money you have #boycottswordandshield

    • Good thing I have more than $60

  • I don't understand the hate this game gets. Pikachu was always yellow and had two eyes.

  • GOTTA CATCH'EM ALL!... ...Or not. You clearly don't care anymore about the franchise, nor your fans. Oh wait, you never cared about your fans.

    • @MissDibule Yeah

    • @Foxes And?

    • @MissDibule But that's not really catching them

    • @Foxes You know that this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you can have them all in the dex right? Because even when a Pokémon is transferred/traded instead of caught in the wild, it is considered CAUGHT by the Pokédex.

    • The only time you could really 'catch em all' was gen 1

  • Lol are those Wingulls literally SLIDING 4 feets from the ground?

  • 추억팔이해야되는 니들이 그추억을 밟고있어

  • Do you not care anymore, gamefreak?

  • Can we get a Sonic the movie treatment to this game. Creators who actually care and respond to what fans want?

  • 3ds game

  • “Better animation and expression” *Reuses 3ds animation*

  • So is pokemon sword and shield going to be 39.99 in the USA since it has less content than sun and moon??🤔

  • I'm not buying this if all the pokemon aren't present!

  • Gamefreak got hated The entire SEGA: First time?

  • #BuyItUsed #UsedSalesSkyrocket #GamefreakWillNotGetMyMoney

  • Please bring back the national dex!!😭😭😭

  • I didn't know Pokemon was handed over to Bethesda

    • unlile bethesda though, Gamefreak doesnt need to buy people to defend their games.

  • We all love X and Y pokemon animations

  • This is atrocious. Don’t even want to buy the game now.


  • The next pokemon games should have a feature where u can connect to your friend or family's pokemon game so you can play with them and journey together that would be cool but you'd need a iP so each person who starts their journey get a iP once they get a pokemon and they can trade once they finish the tutorial like how to catch a pokemon so if u wanted more starters u can have them as long as you have another nintendo switch

  • I think to make the game more British is to have a 5% more rain because it's mostly cold and rains a lot in england

  • It's sad but.. this is gonna be the first Pokemon game I won't buy 😢😢😢 It looked so good at first 😢

  • I'm so excited

    • @Amphy Boi Just telling it like it is. If the truth comes off negative, so be it. Ampharos isn't in the Galar Dex right now, and might not make the cut. By your name and profile pic, you clearly like it on some level. I'd be doing the same for xXFieryChickenChickXx if her Blaziken wasn't in, and Mew2King if Mewtwo wasn't in (But he has Smash to worry about, so I think he's good).

    • @Hawkeye117 I appreciate the negativity /s

    • Just so you know, your Amphy isn't in the Galar Dex. So yeah, might need to change your name.

    • Amphy Boi for trash

  • What the fack nintando!

  • If you think the outrage is bad now. Can you guys just imagine that if they make Sword and Shield 2 and decided to add the National Dex then? Gamefreak would be like, "We were kidding about the no nat dex guys. $60 more pls."

    • @MeruMSB In my view, it means they decided to use the nat dex as a selling point for their next game, even though it should've been in the last one. It makes this game feel very rushed, and if they really wanted to do a good thing, they would add the nat dex and free DLC in Sword and Shield.

    • and tutor moves but still no battle frontier

    • But at least this means they backpedaled in a bad decision. This would be a good thing.

  • Gonna buy the game used so GF doesn't see a dime of my money.

  • Oh, look! A red lightsaber...oh, wait! It's just the dislikes 😂😂😂😂