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  • 5:06 Mini- "And here I am, 5M." Me- "And here I am, 75." I'm a sad potato...

  • That’s one fluffy boy

  • Im from Europe thow?

  • My names just Ty

  • Can you show instagram fanart Like if agree

  • s(he) be(lie)ve(d) (sbeve)

  • r/sbeve much?

  • My name is ty

  • Mini should recreated ricardo when he reach 6 million subs

  • Me: pounding my girlfriend with 4 Hz She: Faster!!! Me: excuse me wtf?!

  • Thanos snaps mini's income out of existence during Demonitization War (2019, colorized)

  • 1:55 to 2:08 *When you''re brain stops working.* "Dev.EX has stoped working."

  • Im not aisian

  • Every one have a n-word pass just say vinegar slowly

  • U should lern hao to speek Mexico

  • european audience here! (without VPN!)

  • Me and my wife forking love ur vids bc he content is epic

  • Sbeve.

  • My name is Ricardo don’t bully me mini


  • My name is Orion

  • 1:58 S(HE) (BE)LIEV(E)D SLIEVD

  • Vietnam ???

  • 2:25 My mum walked by...

  • Mini: *talking about demonetize* “Ad-...” *tik tok add cuts him off* Me: Bootyful

  • I’m a EUROPEAN

  • I shit you not every video that says it will get demonitized always gets monitized

  • Sbeve is pronounced like stev e with a b


  • Anyone want to play TF2 with me?

  • You are half way there

  • mini finally getting some exercise

  • ... fanart= Fart

  • Liked and subbed for anti-gnome spray

  • Use pig latin for your swears

  • I sure do love speaking Mexican homie

  • I'm European but I'm Norwegian

  • Mini I'll be your black friend that says it for you

  • Ah sbeve



  • what sound board does he use

  • r/sbeve is something I would LOOOOOVE to see on you`re channel

  • Me:That's a good bowling pin, wanna go bowling? Mini:DONT YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY SON THAT WAY!

  • Respostas not Repostas

  • Ayy thatsa me

  • Omg I got an ad lol

  • What if i don't use Twitter or Instagram? How do I send you stuff

  • r/

  • Article 13 in Eu litherally does nothing xD I'm in Eu

  • "Spanish or Mexican language...." - NICE MEME! God youtubers are as dumb as they themselves say :D

  • I followed u on Instagram miniladdd 😊😀

  • moved 2 Europe shnit

  • r/cardistry

  • 9:25 his 2nd form

  • When RU-tv goes to shit download StoryFire

  • I like and I safe

  • Mexican has now gained its own language

  • Reditt add 😂

  • 2:14 I just barely noticed ricardo is in that pic lmao

  • Mini Ladd saying sbeve for 10 hours or Mini Ladd saying sbeve compilation because we all need it

  • slievd 1:59

  • Ya know... Why isn't this happening Mark? Not that I want it to.. But why just Mini an many others? Does RU-tv have favorites??

  • White people’s n-word is either SbEvE or Patagonia

  • I’m actually looking at this from Italy so your European audience is not completely gone ;D

  • 7:39 what does he mean Rap?

    • +Yelhsa Violet Yes I do

    • Oats 69 do you mean what HE means when he says Rap?

  • mini- repostas brazilian- repost

  • I am way to high for 2:03 EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • mini it's reSpostas

  • Jokes on you mini i dont have dog

  • Im european and still watching ur vids


  • She believed S(he) be(lie)ve(d) (S)he (be)lie(ve)d She believed He lied Sbeve

  • you cant blind fire in airsoft u twat

  • 1:33 looks like sandy hook shooter

  • 285 dislikes are all gnome alts

  • 8:09 xbox players are fucked my guy

  • 2:41 looks like you missed your spanish lesson

  • when you don't have twitter...


  • minidad

  • Sbeve. (S)(b)(ee)(v)

  • Game with Tye?

  • I've had an airsoft PISTOL up my butt... Does that count?

  • I thought it said min fan fart

  • I don't see any commercials. I've got RU-tvRed

  • oR MeXiCaN

  • ;)

  • 1:55 that’s not E, that’s just my electric guitar making feedback noises.

  • Skeeg

  • Mini how often do you actually get demonetized now in days?

  • Mini does shadman's fan art count😂

  • Did u see Jamie’s from theoddonesout

  • Well article 13 is done now

  • 6:08, eyes closed

  • r/toptalent

  • I would bye that

  • boi i am European

  • When your country is so shit that it isn't a part of EU so article 13 doesn't apply to you