Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review

Опубликовано: 4 июн 2020
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Dissimulation review:
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  • Just look at his progress from Lamborghini to now

  • ˙op noʎ ʇɐɥʍ ǝʞıן ı 'ouɐʇuɐɟ

  • Nigga didn't even subscribe 😒

  • "I thought my audience was bad on my subreddit" lol, this is too much.

  • i feel like this is the grown up version of repeating what the other guy said as a joke

  • just noticed anthony's astigmatism through his glasses lmao

  • From all the videos fantano made, somehow a reaction to someone reacting had to be his most popular video

  • Fantano always hates on the corny lines but I like em. Boom boom kangaroos

  • Pretty sure only 9 unarmed black men have been killed in 2019

  • Really? Didnt intro yourself as Knthony SantanI?

  • React to im on a horse

  • scarlord

  • Not me having watched all three videos 😭 so essentially I've watched: KSI's album review three times KSI reacting to his album's review twice And Anthony reacting to ksi reacting to his review of dissimulation once

  • It still makes me happy that KSI won his battle with cancer.

    • bruh

  • imagine rating lil pump album higher than album by aries how tf that shit makes sense bruh. both of lil pump albums are fucking 3/10

  • This is me reacting to fantano reacting to ksi reacting to fantano reacting to ksi

  • Lmaoooo this is lit!! Top 10 Best anime crossover You ever heard of DDG? Fuck with him, he’s hard. Heard him before KSI. Love for this video, reaction-ception lmao

  • pewdiepies songs were memes lmao

    • Exactly what i thought, and they weren't even bad lol

  • "It's not deep enough. Where are the layers?" hahaaaaa

  • Waiting on that KSI reacts to Anthony "Reacting to KSI Reacting to My Review" video

  • your laugh scares me melon

  • would be great if KSI reacted to this and it kept going. Meta.

  • i feel like we are sleeping on that Chewbacca impression

  • Ksi better than eminem confirmed

  • LOL

  • 7:02 thats our way of showing love to him

    • "Where are the layers?"

  • This is so wholesome :)

  • Damn It’s like he’s really having a conversation with KSI.

  • thought id kill 2 videos with one stone.

  • They basically hate it cause it has lil pump and smokepurp Basically it has mumble rappers on the track so they just automatically hate it and thinks it's trash

    • If mbdtf got a light 6 & ksi’s album got a 4 then it must be an AMAZING album

  • Bromance....I see a collaboration coming on.

  • This is fascinating

  • that's not KSI, that's JJ Olatunji, clcikbate

  • Anthony reacting to KSI reacting to Anthony reacting to KSI.

  • Do a review on Heskey Time pls Melon

  • KSI: has 21 mill subs Also KSI after meeting a man with 1/21th of his subs: OmFg tHiS cAnT bE rEaL

    • This is a complete copy of another comment lmao

  • "I have 10 Million subscribers I Must Rap Now!”

  • Petition for him to review Scrubby’s SoundCloud

  • 15:31 im english and excuse me what the fuck

  • Make him listen to "Friends with Benefits" by ksi

  • "Where are the layers?"

  • at 15:30 he sounded like captain price

  • light mode

  • Logan paul *-was-* great

  • If mbdtf got a light 6 & ksi’s album got a 4 then it must be an AMAZING album

    • mbdtf isn't that good, get over it

  • i feel like we are sleeping on that Chewbacca impression

  • Anthony with that cheetah print 😳

  • Alternative title: two giggly bois

  • Mans not even subscribed to jj, weirdchamp.

  • You need to be careful man. KSI might want to box you later on homie.

  • he has the most contagious laugh on the planet

  • ngl I’d love to see a live album or track review

  • just three kings having a wholesome time together

  • KSI should do a reaction video of this video. It'll be like Inception, but with reactions....

    • anthony and ksi could be best friends

  • Did KSI make a reaction to this video yet?

  • I'd like to point out that Jj put in his description "Listen to *my's* recent singles"

  • down like that means so much because it was his walkout for boxing hence the knockdown lyrics etc.

  • do TMG

  • I’d be very interested to see a review on some tiny meat gang music

  • 19:22 i'm still shocked at anthony's perfect chewbacca impression ??

  • I wanna go back and watch the first two videos in this trilogy now

  • Something about this is surprisingly wholesome

  • Now KSI has to react to you reacting to his reaction to your review.

  • Why haven’t you subbed to JJ yet.

  • when is ksi gonna react to tthis


  • ksi is the definition of multi talented, even if he's meh at most of it mans is a musician, youtuber, boxer, etc.

  • He is reacting to ksi reacting to anthony reacting to ksi, just reminding yall

  • I believe this guy knows nothing abt music 💯💀

  • anthony and ksi could be best friends

  • Damn It’s like he’s really having a conversation with KSI.

  • Haven’t watch this Is it a 3/10

  • ahhh

  • I like how this has more views than the original review.

  • Say what you will about PewDiePie's rapping but "Mine All Day" is a straight up fucking *banger.* The first half of the track that is.

  • review lamborghini next.

  • KSI is obviously better than Rice

    • Seeing KSI be humbled at a 4/10 was one of the most mature things I have seen in a while

  • Two based dudes

    • ?? But enjoying the video. ????

  • i cant believe i am watching three videos at the same time

  • Can't wait to record my reaction to this