Reacting to the Tennessee Vols firing head coach Jeremy Pruitt | KJZ

Опубликовано: 19 янв 2021
Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti react to the Tennessee Volunteers parting ways with head coach Jeremy Pruitt following an investigation into potential recruiting violations.
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  • Hire Tee Martin? I'd prefer not ruin Tee's rep. He's not ready for a power 5 job. Heupel is a meh hire but better than Martin

  • Makes you wonder what was going on at Alabama possibly.

  • Tee isnt a good coach

  • I dont believe he did anything wrong I think fullmer is the guilty one and theyre throwing pruitt under the bus

  • Is Spurrier available?

  • Tenn be fine. They cleaned house and will get a coach that's proven.

  • Tennessee needs to quit thinking they’re where they were when Peyton Manning was there! Y’all need to hire a small town coach that’s had great success in state like U.A.B did with Bill Clark & build that program back up!

  • Right loudmouth. lol

  • Tee did not win the championship by him self. The defense carried that team

  • Time for Lance Decker!!!

  • We already tried an accomplished defensive coordinator, why go the opposite route with an offensive coordinator? We need someone who can get control of the program and stabilize it for a few years, the hiring of the new ad today was a pretty nice step in the right direction though

  • lol keyshawn is clueless - yea tenn please hire a guy with little coordinator experience and zero HC experience and shove him into this middle of this mess - it will continue to be easy dubs for UGA

  • “Hire Tee Martin” I respect him for what he’s done for this university. But NO

    • "RIGHT" hey I don't know that much about football but what I do "KNOW" my ex wife was/is a "HUGE" UT and Peyton fan, 1st Time I heard of T Martin was during a Colts game, and like always my wife at the time had to "RANT" Peyton always "Choked" in the Big Games, gotta em there (UT) but could never win it, Now since The Dumb Guy wants somebody to call up Peyton Manning and Have Peyton Manning call UT up and be like Hire T.Martin I am just going to say Since all the roads around UT Campus are along the lines of Peyton's Way, Manning Lane, Manning Drive he Must be a "CREATIVE" head coach @ UT for that man to want to somebody to "CALL" Peyton Manning and Have Peyton Manning call UT and tell em to hire T.Martin at least hire Peerless Price who caught the ball, All this comes up #1 me being a Brady fan who my ex wife can't stand #2 Peyton's last game with the Colts would really sum up his year and Like Brady and Tampa making it to the Super Bowl as a "Team" effort, well like I always told my ex-wife when she would Rant about Tea Martin and Peyton choking in the Big Games, It's a Team Effort and your saying he choked yet it was the Whole Team just look at his Last game with The Colts and Still He must be a "CREATIVE" HEAD COACH, for not only the Call comment but the fact of the Names of the Roads in UT guess its Manning's Call as Head Coach lol.

  • Maybe he hasn’t been hired because he’s not HC material. Go the route like most coaches go. Mid-level school get some experience and eventually get a top job.

  • Hire Tee Martin why??? Because he’s black? Gtfo

  • *Trevor Lawrence apparently preferred Chick-Fil-A to McDonalds*

  • K. Johnson reading prompters, raising his eyebrows, yelling, acting smart. ........

  • Tee Martin has experience coaching on the high school level in order for Tennessee to be successful they have to recruit Atlanta Metro. I say Tennessee should go with Tee Martin and give him 3 yrs to win the SEC East...

  • I've been saying Tee Martin for years smh

  • No more extensions for coaches who don't make the playoffs or don't win their conference

  • BLM

  • Fulmar problem whole time

  • Too much wisdom key! Lol

  • Jeremy is just the scape goat for Fulmers short comings. Let the dumpster fire continue.

  • Sooo a McDonald's bag takes a whole new meaning around campus🤔

    • Wonder where the money came from

  • Thank God Fulmer is leaving.

    • He has mucked TN up a long, long time. A losing record to 15 coaches. Always a blunder to knock TN out of real chances except of course the ARK NC in 98.

  • Screw integrity Give me Hugh freeze or I’m setting every mattress from Knoxville to Memphis a blaze.

  • Hire that man! Hahaha nice...

  • This is one of the least credible, most ignorant take I've ever seen.

  • Tee is not qualified. Horrible take.

  • love listening to keyshawn. on point as usual.

  • They should hire Gus Malzahn

  • Dude is speaking the truth!


  • No, hiring tee Martin is exactly like hiring Jeremy Pruitt, an unproven HC who was only a good coordinator. Lmao he’ll be gone I’m prolly 4-5 years just cuz he is such a Tennessee legend

  • Ya'll should have kept Schiano.

    • He would have done something. Look what ge has done for Rutgers in year one. They have a pulse again.

  • Phil reaping what he sowed. This pleases me RTR

  • During Saban -- Fulmer's demise, Kiffin (haha--Terrence Cody) , Dooley orange pants, Butch Sgt. Carter, Jeremy the Mole, Fulmer's second demise. Love them Georgia st panthers!

  • Sounds like the SEC to me, if u dont win u out.

  • As a Tennessee fan we do not support Tee Martin as the head coach. Shut ya mouth KJ. Tennessee needs and has to have a proven head coach and Tee is not:

  • Tee Martin........ No

  • They will recruit a NFL coach

  • I agree with Keyshawn Johnson. Tee Martin should have been hired as head coach before Jeremy Pruitt...

    • See that 2020 hindsight

  • Go VOLS

  • How does Tennessee always hire the wrong coach.

  • They literally self-reported these violations, because they wanted to fire Pruitt "for cause", so they could avoid the $12 million buyout.

    • Hope they have to pay pruitt the full amount owed. Pruitt a good coach who had no control of things around him.Jim Chaney should of been fired after game 3. I like Tee Martin as coach but afraid we might ruin his name. And I rather that not happen to Tee.

  • I love Tee but he isnt worthy. Fat & lazy

  • This isn't journalism.... this is ridiculous. Its just three guys yelling into the camera to hire a garbage football coach without ever stating why they should hire a garbage coach

  • I love Tee but the one year he was an OC at USC went so well he got fired. He is a great recruiter but I think Tee needs more experience before coming a head coach.

  • Another incoherent, idiotic rant by Keyshawn Johnson. Tee Martin is already on the staff and was fired as an OC. Does this guy do any show prep?

    • @Lindsey Walker that makes it even worse!

    • Script reader. Watch his eyes

  • Tee was not the best qb to play at tennessee in the mid to late 1990's. That 1998 team got lucky in several games to go undefeated that season. They beat a not so good FSU team that didn't have their star qb for the national championship game.

  • I believe UT has already hired the new coach and he is now in charge.

    • Steele?! LOL

  • Hiring based on off white skin color. Yeah, that'll work.

    • I've been telling my brother since casey clausen was our qb that we needed a black QB if dude can't run a 4.5 to a 4.8 he shouldn't be the QB at Tennessee. And all these years later we've only had one black QB Josh Dobbs. I mean we ain't got one black QB on the roster I see that as a issue,because the last time Tennessee was at least decent was Josh Dobbs at QB. So I agree with you here we need some color at the wheel in charge. Someone the players understand an can stand behind. Not a skin head from Alabama

    • Facts

  • Tee Martin's head coach record: 0-0. Tennessee needs power5 and/or SEC head coaching experience.

  • This guy is only pomoting Tee Martin because of his race. Tennessee does NOT need another unproven head coach playing in the toughest league in the Country. Tennessee also does not need to go bargain-basement shopping for another coach again. The only obvious choice is Gus Malzahn.

    • @New Jack Gus is the only coach to really beat Saban regularly, relatively speaking. Auburn was a better program than UT is now though. If I were an OSU, I might hire Gus as my OC, if he wants to do that for a year or so.

    • Gus is at least 3-7 against Saban, right? Tennessee is 0-14 against Saban

  • I’m a Georgia fan but honestly if Tennessee doesn’t start giving coaches more time it will never get fixed cause right now UGA and UF are light years ahead of Tennessee right now

    • @sNOReNADo 1 Georgia is light years ahead of Tennessee. And yes, winning 9 games at Florida is better than what Tennessee is doing. Tennessee would be happy with 7-5 about now. Ha.

    • I wouldn't say lightyears. The entire SEC East sucks. UGA won the Peach Bowl by 1 point vs Cincy and Florida lost 3 in a row to end their season. They aren't nearly as good as Bama, A&M at this time

  • Key call donde and tell her that!

  • Tee Martin would absolutely suck as a head coach.

  • Keyshawn Tee Martin has proved nothing. Winning a chip as a QB 20 years ago doesnt transition into head coaching success. Believe he got the axe as OC at USC. Hire Martin be fire Martin in 3 years

    • @New Jack right what?

    • "winning a chip 23 years ago" right?

  • mcdonalds is king

  • Chad Morris is looking for a job....

  • Sincerely as a bama fan , please hire tee.... bahahaha

  • Shut this guys big mouth.

  • honestly losing fulmer is prob the best thing that could happen to UT

    • @New Jack Because the chancellor that hired him (Beverly somebody) that got vilified and fired by the top, top guy may have had a desire to crush TN football. Who in their right mind would rehire a fired employee that resented being fired. I said from day one that Fulmer's exit the second time would not be good.

    • If that's true why did they re-hire him?

  • As of this point they have nothing to lose.


  • you wouldnt say that if he was white

    • @Roho 1977 they just can't help themselves.

    • You're an idiot

  • Tennessee wants Tee Martin to fix this mess more than ever.

  • Yes Tee Martin

  • Tee martin was a coach stuffing money into the Mickey D's bag

    • These stooges you mentioned are not at Alabama. Perhaps you meant Vols stooges.

    • Tee wasn't fired & no he didn't have any involvement in it.Two stooges from ALABAMA were & some stooge who's parents gave him a name that rhymes Shelton Felton!Tee & Jay Graham are VFLS who weren't that stupid to do that BS ruining their names as well as careers.

  • I love Tee Martin, all Volunteer fans do. It’s not the worst hire they can make, but I don’t know that he’s right for UT given all the circumstances. They need a proven, veteran coach at this point. Gus Malzhan is the only thing that makes sense.

  • Tee martin is on staff, do you’re research 😂

  • hire t martin

  • Making "McPayments"

    • whole new definition to the term happy meal.

  • Tennessee needs a proven head coach. Somebody like Mack Brown would have been perfect if he hadn't gone to North Carolina. He is proof that an experienced head coach can do wonders for your program.

    • Agreed. Maybe Malzahn? He’s not a bad coach in my opinion, he just never met Auburn’s “expectations”.

  • Keyshawn why did USC fire Tee Martin again? Oh yeah he was bad at his job. This is clearly a race thing for Keyshawn. He wants a black head coach because Tee Martin only had one OC job that he was fired from and that was at Keyshawn school USC

  • Tee Martin has never ran his own program anywhere. Tennessee doesn't need to be hiring first timers to run that type of program. Get Jamey Chadwell who is from the area and has showed the ability to run a program. If Tee wants to be a HC bad enough he'll go to a Group of 5 job and get a few years experience. Hiring guys purely because they have a tie in to Tennessee is crazy

    • I agree that hiring a guy because he was good at your school as a player and with 0 head coaching or success as a coordinator is a bad hire.

    • @Darius Williams yes, so note the keyword I said which is "purely". So take the location connection out of it, and Chadwell is one of the hottest coaches to land a huge job soon. He's also had experience running a program, hiring coaches, etc. He makes a good candidate for any school. Now what other schools would even think about hiring Tee Martin? That's the point. Location is a nice cherry on top, not the whole sundae.

    • Either you didn’t elaborate enough or you contradicted yourself because you just said hire this guy because from he’s from Tennessee while also saying don’t hire guys purely because they have a tie in to Tennessee is crazy.

  • Do not hire Tee Martin as head coach

    • Noway tee should have been hired he cant even coach recivers all that well and to be hc at tn just cuz he won a championship 23 years ago lmao

    • They should’ve long hired him as HC

  • Just because T Martin won a NC for UT decades ago does not make him a good coach. He was not even a good OC at USC.

  • need too hire a coach with head coaching experience so not witten,peyton or tee martin those guys are vols for life but their not head coaches

  • Tee Martin has been on staff...........

  • When college head coaches are given multi million dollar contracts today, the boosters,alumni,an fans expect to win NOW,not take three to four seasons to build a program! The team better start winning in his 2nd year or BY BY! An if the team makes a run at the CFP, odds now another school with the deep,deep pockets will buy him out! SHOW ME D MONEY!

  • Is COACH Kline from the WATERBOY still around?????????

    • That’s Mr. Coach Kline to you...

  • Hire Tee Martin Stop playing!

    • @Iowa State "you don't see Alabama hiring former QB to the head coach" Dumba**! Mike Shula coached Bama.

    • @Iowa State you don't think they would have promoted sark?

    • Tee is already on the staff, you don't see Alabama hiring former QB to the head coach lol😂

  • What a shitty video

  • Tennessee is so screwed. The next few years are going to really, really suck for them, but, at least, the cancerous slug that is Phillip Fulmer is going to ooze away so there is some hope for the future. The far future, however, after having to hire a third tier coach again to shepherd the program through the upcoming NCAA hammering. Then they can fire that coach, get a second tier coach to bring them back to having winning seasons. If that all works out they can then hire a top tier coach and start dreaming of a playoff berth. If everything goes really, really well, The Vols might make the playoffs by 2031 or so, but only if it has been expanded to 8 teams by then. As for Tee Martin, I have lived in Nashville for most of my adult life. This is a, mostly, a disgusting fan base made up of disgusting humans. Let's just say that the reasons for not hiring Tee Martin are pretty black and white. Also, Roll Tide Roll

  • Tennessee football isn't and hasn't been relevant since Payton Manning walked out that door!

    • 😂😂😅🤣🤣😅 facts

    • Same could be said about Tebow and Florida, who are on probation as we speak with a 3 game losing streak 👌

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣they will 4ever talk about 1998

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣tee martin was fired from usc as a oc 🤣🤣🤣

    • That’s what I’m saying like he’s even less proved than Pruitt was

  • Fox sports is garbage. Paying all that money for Nascar. They even dumped their sportscaster show because it couldn’t compete against ESPN

  • He’s a black man. They aren’t hiring a black man married to a white woman in Trumptard country

  • He was fired from USC as OC

  • Guy is a moron hiring Tee Martin, you don't see winning programs hiring former QB to be the head coach!

  • ESPN is awful

  • Raiders rule #1 cheating is encouraged Rule #2 see rule #1

  • Keyshawn is wrong - why would you put Tee Martin into a buzz saw like that and ruin his name. It might make sense to follow the guy, that takes this job, but nobody wants to be part of this unless they're desperate. Reduction in scholarships, a transfer portal loaded with their top tier talent going elsewhere, and ZERO revenue sharing for multiple years --- Tee is waiting for the right opportunity, he will get it because he deserves it and he can coach kids up!

    • "why would you put Tee Martin into a buzz saw like that and ruin his name." Lol, what name?

    • If Kevin Steele would take the job, TN should probably just hire him to get them through the probation period, and take the lumps.

  • No. Just no.

  • Tee Martin is from my hometown in Mobile, Alabama


  • "If you ain't cheating, you ain't trying"

    • Been the top teams motto for years. OSU, Bama, Clemson, etc.

    • @Tarheelblue63 NC Louisville basketball team got away with it for 15 years

    • So, they should just hide it?

    • @Rod Allen why would you restate what Mr Magoo just implied.

    • @ScootMagoot46 they used that to fire him

  • GO DAWGS!!🔴⚫️

    • 1980... nothing since

    • Y’all coming with us in these violations 😂

    • @Christian England I was the cashier at McDonald's who was the plug for Jeremy Pruitt, when it came to these type of transactions

    • @Carson Logue lmbo, putting cash in McDonald’s bags🤦🏼‍♂️

    • @Carson Logue no way, TENN Football sucks🤣🤣