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Revealing your bathroom secrets...
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  • 7:17 Alyx's laugh is everything 😂

  • Isolation ( in my school called i.e or internal exclusion) is basically a whole day detention, in my school, you usually get isolation if u skip a detention after school or if u do something bad like, smoking, taking drugs, and other very bad stuff. Hope this helps :)

  • You should do a summer secret video and if you agree with the fact that she is awesome then please give this a like and it is almost my b day

  • I will forever be haunted by these videos..... but they are great 👍

  • This is like a known story so I don't care if people know im telling it lol but one time in the first grade there were voting elections going on in the gym, I had a really mean teacher right? so she REFUSED to let us go to the bathroom, so just right before our "reading corner" time, I sat right at my desk and peed myself, it went onto the floor and I never said anything until someone else noticed. My mom had to bring me new clothes, and then made me go back to the classroom. I still think about it to this day and it's been over a decade.

  • I'm on the toilet while watching this

  • Can you please do secrets with the words (pretend, imagine, imagined etc.) u get the idea

  • Is it just me, or does alyx’s laugh sound like the wicked witch of the west

  • You look like a younger simply nail logical

  • _or I though_

  • Can you do backyard stories? (I submitted one)

  • Our school made to where we could only go to the bathroom in between classes in our 3 minute time which sucks for girls and the classes are 45 minutes each next year 90 minutes

  • I still check behind the shower curtains at night because I’m scared that I don’t know why I’m scared

  • “ I have a lot of anger cause well um I’m a girl”

  • Dude I absolutely loveeee your laugh!!!! I would make into a ringtone!!!! 😂😂😂

  • 11:17 I can relate so much

  • Isolation is where you sit in a rom by urself and don't go to ur lessons loll

  • Is it just me or is her laugh just the best thing going 😂

  • My sister flushed the toilet right as the toilet in the intro flushed it was very weird

  • water closet i- ok🗿😍

  • OML I LOVE YOU LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wouldn’t the way you cook rice like deinfect it from the pee or would it just cook it in

  • I have 2 stories.. 1. Last year my best friend told me to do the “ Bloody Mary “ challenge with her in the school bathroom.. She did it and I came to, and the lights started flickering.. And that’s why I don’t use the school bathrooms... thanks a lot *******! 2. After a few weeks from story 1, I started to think about if Bloody Mary was real and hid behind the shower curtain, and I still to this day have to look behind the curtain!


  • I've been watching you fir a while nw and boiiii I know your content, I had to pause it whilst eating my tea because if bit I would have threw my curry up all over the floor

  • I have a secret:so when i was in 4th grade i use to sell slime id charge 25 cents for a zip lock back and when people i hate ask for me to make them one id charge them 1 dollar lol

  • this was posted on my Birthday lol

  • I’m in the bathroom while RU-tv Recommend this

  • Bruh I felt 5:21. Like why tho?? ? (Not tryna be mean tho)

  • ok but like i love your laugh lmao

  • By middle school the girls had to inform our theatcher about when they got there first period. One girl had it and i knew. Oneday a boy wanted to go to the toilet and the teatcher sead no. But then that girl askex if sge coukd go abd she could. Everyone knew she was on her period

  • The only RU-tvr that I will watch the ads the whole way through for!!!!

  • So I was 4 and I used to have these dreams where it felt so real, so I’d be dreaming and I’d I,see my self walking up to the toilet and then sitting on the toilet and then eventually peeing and I did do this in real life so I peed in my dream but not only in my dream in real life to in my bed/parents bed, it’s happened a couple of times but I was really young, was this only me?😂

  • I hooked up with a boy in a public bathroom..🙉🙈

  • My secret is that I do pee like a boy and it’s very scarily accurate

  • I’ve done the last one... yeah

  • Lol

  • hahah we have isolation and seclusion at my school, it’s usually a british school thing but idk where that person was from. it’s usually just some room where you go to with other people and sit at a desk and do work away from the whole school besides other people in there. you can’t talk to anyone or anything, and seclusion’s similar but it’s kinda worse, it’s a smaller room with the same concept but with cubicles and desks, whilst isolation has an open concept with desks across the room. it’s pretty much hell. trust me. i know. i’ve been to isolation and seclusion before; multiple times, even. and it’s REALLY depressing. at least you get to miss classes.

  • 4:47 it’s called standing pee

  • You should do pervert teacher stories cuz I submitted one like of you agree ⬇️ Thanks for 3 likes

  • My gf used to smoke cigarettes and used vaping to quit smoking. Shes been vape/smoke/nicotine free for past few months :)

  • being british, listening to her talk about isolation as if it is something terrible is so funny to me. Isolation is (in my school at least) where you don’t go to any of your classes or lunchtimes for the full day and you have to sit in a different room supervised by the same teacher and do a load of work.

  • Who else submitted one??

  • Do a sibling esition

  • Do a field trip addition

  • She laughs like a witch 😂😂😂

  • anyone watches this while in the bathroom

  • These videos make me realise how boring I am

  • 0:33 I thought my airpods died lmao

  • 9:42 you say ew just like Jenn

  • Another name for a bathroom is potty box

  • 2:43 (Chilli bottle)

  • I love your laugh btw

  • ok. not to be overly sensitive. but can we please have a trigger warning on the mention of the R word.... because yeah...that was painful

  • Me using the bathroom while watching this:eugghhh

  • *we hid in a disabled toilet* *_que two girls swimming in a autistic toilet_*

  • Sometimes u sound like a witch when u laugh

  • Lil pissed. Sounds like a sound cloud rapper

  • 7:15

  • you should do a family secrets video. Search up different family members like cousin, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandpa, grandma etc.

  • Do aunt and uncle secrets

  • i love her.

  • So I kinda used to have a problem, I would drink way too much water and I would use the bathroom almost every class (I'm in middle school so I have like 7 classes) so I have gym before my last period/class so I drank alot of water and as you may think I needed to go to the bathroom in 7th period so I raised my hand and asked my teacher she said no as we were going over something that was important (it was like instructions for something I dunno) and I like really had to go so a few minutes later I asked again and she said no again so a few more minutes pass and i then pee myself because she wouldn't let me go this was this year in like October or something I dunno or I guess it was 2018 but whatever

  • heeeeeeeeey..vapes are better than cigs and people actually use them to quit smoking

  • When I was 4 I ate a red red red popsicle and the next day there was a streak of red In my poop . So then I panicked and ran downstairs and tripped on the stair and told my mom and then she said it’s just dye and then I held my poop in for like 2 days because I was scared of the red in my poop then I used the bathroom and i was fine . (Don’t ask) LMAO

  • You forgot about wiz palace

  • 6:37 can someone turn this into a meme? I would really appreciate it 😂

  • Okay here’s the thing about teachers and letting you go to the bathroom my teacher never let me so I had to wait til the VERY end of the day when I got on my bus and used the bathroom in my gym

  • #funky #notreallyashamed #stupid #hugediareah

  • Lmaooooooooo the last one

  • Do one about dogs

  • I swear she said gay guys in the intro XD

  • "A solid way of getting cancer mama" "A good way to get addicted to cigarettes " that part always has me dead @13:30

  • You: 'hey guys...' Me: *closing the door bc I'm afraid my sibling could hear these traumatising secrets * Oh btw I love your channel 😂😂❤️

  • You should do revealing your funny secrets that aren’t inappropriate 😂(probably won’t happen)

  • 5:49 one of my teachers never lets us go and my 6th period teacher gave us 2 passes and now im out bc i always get water or go to the bathroom

  • The last one had me ROLLING

  • My biggest secret is... When I was 3 I was scared of the dark at my alder cousins house ... I stood in front of the door and just stood there pissing on the floor ... IN MY PANTS . I blamed it on her cat and no one ever knew it was me XD

  • 4:52 i really got scared...

  • "My poop was bigger than that condom"😭😭😂😂😂😂😂 I AM SCREAMING

  • #bestsog

  • 7:15 me when I get a 50% on a quiz

  • I made my bed today

  • your subscribers are f*cking weird Alyx.

  • These videos disturb me to no end. Thank you for making me want to purposely bleach my eyes out then fuck satan. ( I actually enjoy these videos. Keep making them)

  • if you guys look at her phone in the background Siri is recording everything she’s saying lmaoo

  • I want. Cole sprouse to be my uncle so he can't f**k me and he's FUCKING HAWT

  • It laugh is iconic 😂

  • Here’s a BATHROOM secret: so when i was 13 i already had my period so it was nothing new. one day i went to my friends house (mind you this was the first day of the pool opening) we were waiting for my other friend to come. while we were waiting i felt like i got my period, so i went to her bathroom and i saw that i did get it. 5 minutes later our other friend came and we ran to CVS to get me tampons. when we got back to her house i put it in (this was my first time putting a tampon in). then my mom calls me saying i have to go back home cause i forgot to do something... i had to bike back and it hurt so much. i did end up going to the pool becuz it was opening day and i didn’t want to miss it, so i went and it wasn’t so bad.

  • U should let Siri read these in the future 😂😂😂

  • Whenever you say 'poopoo' or 'poopooed' I die laughing lmao 😂😂


  • When I was little I could not go in the bathroom without my mom cause I thought Bloody Mary was gonna come out the mirror

  • Isolation is a British school thing we’re your pout in a room with lodes of other bad kids

  • Revealing your bathroom secrets said trans rights

  • Do a revelling ur grocery shop secrets

  • 13:17 I started dying of laughter 😂😂

  • Lol peeing standing up seems to be a transboy trend cuz I did it too and peed all over the magazines😂

  • There is something wrong with people

  • Not a good idea to watch this before, during or right after a meal....😅🤣😂