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Revealing your bathroom secrets...
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  • 6:09 IoI They where doing 69

  • Wait did i write that last one wtf I do that 🤣

  • Im actually taking a huge, steamy shit while watching this :)

  • Eh that’s ok

  • You didn’t read mine. :(

  • K I did one, I’ll add more ;)

  • Her laugh though

  • one time i was holding my cousins phone when i used the bathroom and it fell in my pee.. she still doesn’t know 😂😬🤷🏼‍♀️

  • 14:29 same

  • Please do an ex one

  • Not pooping were you parkour 😂😂😂

  • Do one revealing weird Snapchat’s you have received I have submitted one

  • The one about isolation is a British school. You basically sit in a hall in silence for the whole day. You have to eat your lunch in silence and at break you have to sit there too. 6 hours of silence.

  • Whatever happened to guilt goblin 🤧

  • Do GIRL!

  • *Nobody’s safe in bathrooms*

  • I have a secret... So this girl named Julie came up to me and started talking randomly , I ignored her (bc she was ugly) and then I said “ya ya I have to go to the bathroom” I ran to the bathroom hoping the ugly girl wouldn’t follow me. (The bathroom was like really disgusting... toilet paper was on the floor and literally covering it) I waited there for like 10 minutes and then looked out the window and the girl was still waiting outside for me! Then she looked up and saw me and my heart dropped. She ran over the the bathroom and said “HI WANNA PLAY FLASH?” And I said “um, no... like... your kinda ugly” and the girl said “fine , let’s just play it for a second. AND THEN SHE FLASHED ME HER BOOBS.

  • 4:26 Yay a relatable story!

  • The powder room

  • They Bloody Mary story also made me check the show curtain cause I was traumatized

  • im 16 and honestly I like to juul but im not as addicted as some of my friends are, but i like it and yes... im not really as “goodie” as i look (I look 12 plus im short :) i sound like an addict but im not

  • At 5:37 that happend to me with the exact same story except I was in kindergarten btw I’m a girl

  • I have a feww secrets that might not be that big of secrets 1. I watch Law & Order at a really young age. 2. I some times think that my friends are too needy 3.I have a weird guy friend at school and one day he SPANKED MY ASS. I have this fellow artist friend who said that if he went to far she would come over and help me deal with it. Note: I am in 6th grade. I am still waiting for that haunting day to come.

  • two seconds in I can already tell ima regret eating while watching this

  • Ok so I have a story: I was at a sleepover with two of my other friends. We were all curious on how to pee like a boy. (None of my friends are transgender but one of bi) we all went into the bathroom,locked the door, and went one at a time. We went all the way up to the toilet. ( mind this was me,my cousin, and my best friend and we were 7)...and then we all started to pee...AT THE SAME TIME! We all ended up peeing on each other, and our parents still don’t know to this day.

  • 7:16 nice dolphin impression. love the vids :)

  • Water closet I love it

  • Wtf, is wrong with these teachers?

  • As a future/studying teacher this sort of perverted thing messes me up so much lol

  • Wait where do u submit secrets? Idk where but kinda just want to share this with everyone lol so here we go!! A few days ago I was going to the bathroom (Btw I’m in middle school and in my school we only have 7th and 8th grade) and after I was done going to the bathroom I was about to get up and go back to lunch, but before I even had time to flush I heard these two boys talking and stuff so like the lil bitch I am I totally listened in (Wish I would have just left tbh) anyways I hear this thump and realize that one of the guys (We will call the blonde on Luke and the brown haired one Max) Luke had pushed Max up against the wall in the girls bathroom...anyways at this point I’m like wtf is going on and why are there two boys in the girls bathroom? Well pretty soon Max and Luke start MAKING OUT in the bathroom and I’m still just trapped in my stall having to wait it out...and Luke starts to lift up Max’s shirt, and Max starts to lift up Luke’s shirt!!! And I’m like holy shit they’re gonna have sex...I would speak up but I’m very shy and could never do that...anyways they start getting pretty fucking heavy with it and from where I was I could tell that they both fully had their shirts off and where definitely making out with tongue. Anyways long story short after like what seemed like hours (but was prolly only 20 min) of me just being trapped Max finally says that maybe they shouldn’t have sex in the girls bathroom and Luke agrees and they put back on their shirts and go down stairs(Idk why they didn’t have sex but holy shit am I glad they didn’t, I thought I was about to watch a full on porno) anyways after I knew the cost was clear I went down stairs and I fucking SAW them and let me tell you they both had hickys all over their necks...they still don’t know I saw everything go down so yeah....that was a weird day😂


  • This is totally out of text but I just dried my dog with a blow dryer and he liked it ( I gave him a bath cause he smelt DANK)

  • Do you guys not have isolation at school?? Isolation is for when kids have miss behaved. It just means that they're taken out of class and separated. Literally just being put in an isolated room. Not the chokey from Matlida. It's not as bad as it sounds. Like timeout or being grounded but for teens at school.

  • 💜💜💜

  • Not really a juicy secret but whatever So one time I was home alone (yes ik my parents love me THEY WENT TO GET DOUNUTS WITHOUT ME) Anyways...I was drinking soda (I was not suppose to) and kept drinking it so basically when my family got home I poured the soda in the toilet flushed it down (nobody knows)

  • Can you do a revealing your vacation secrets lol I have a good one

  • Honestly I’m not even trigger by the secrets my friends tell me because of these videos 🤦‍♀️

  • Some of these just can’t be true right? Y’all are nasty and lazyy wow

  • Isolation is when you get put in a room (with other kids) and just sit there. It is like detention. It is also british

  • I always say goodnight and goodmorning to myself. Im so lonely and sad lol

  • They’re never secrets like “I stole something from my grandmas house” it’s always like “I choked a kitten to death. I’m a psychopath! (:”


  • 13:20 is the best out of all of them. Not because of the story but because of how into singing about smoking Alyx got lmao

  • 00:16 You could go back to the 1800s and say Privy which was a term for bathroom

  • I actually feel like a good human being after watching these vids haha


  • Isolation is where you sit at a desk that has black walls that are really narrow and a small ceiling. That’s how it is In my school anyway

  • 5:58😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 7:17 is a mood.

  • Never had a man teacher

  • 3:53 THe OnlY lOgiCal soLuTioN

  • 4:42 I did this too in kindergarten on picture day and it got everywhere on me and I apparently smelt like raisins to the other kid so I went along with it saying shi like “ewww someone smells like raisins or peepee, nastyyyy” lmao I was such a fake

  • I am rolling on the ground laughing my a** off listening to this first story 😂

  • I did the little mermaid for a play literally last week and there’s so much gay shit in this video like woah

  • I’m using the bathroom watching this :)

  • I’m lucky I don’t have perverted teachers.

  • My teachers won't let anyone go to the toilet

  • The beauty blender story made me remember that i lost mine, so I went looking for it and found it thanks

  • The "ee" in pee is silent

  • What didn’t made make sense was why would you want to show your brother poop like it doesn’t matter if it’s from a dog(even though it wasn’t) like just why

  • I’m sorry but from now on I’m calling the bathroom *W A T E R* C L O S E T

  • That is karma for using that word

  • You bring joy to my day😂

  • i-

  • I fucking love this 😂

  • Do coming out stuff

  • LMFAOAOA lowkey these are all her stories

  • Jesus ok

  • 5:57 dedddddd

  • What kind of Matilda motherfucking shit is isolation ????

  • 4:14-4:15 SAME C: Story time c;; Ok so my babysitter’s grandson Told me and my 3 siblings about Bloody Mary Of course me being the baby in the family and in the 3rd grade I was dumb af I would Put a blanket over my head and snuggled my mom and turn forwards the restroom and stared at it forever in till I went to sleep and also I couldn’t go to the bathroom by myself for like 3 years (thanks a lot Emmy) -__-

  • Isolation is like detention but the English version.

  • Y does she remind me of Kristeen or however it’s spelt from simplynaillogical

  • Woooowww honestly bro i feel so much better about myself after hearing this weird shit that goes on

  • Do Americans not have isolation?

  • the one with the mixed gender sleep over thing mad me laugh so hard 😂

  • I-

  • I once accidentally swallowed a jewel.

  • 7:20 the cat is like who is she taking to?? 😂

  • I was going to submit a secret but mine is just WAY too messed up

  • We call it a WC

  • From the Bloody Mary thing luckily my actual toilet and bathroom are in separate rooms yeet

  • From the Bloody Mary thing luckily my actual toilet and bathroom are in separate rooms yeet

  • Once I really needed to pee but my mum, dad and brother were ALL using the three bathrooms we have in our flat (room not the whole entire flat) so I went outside wearing A SHIRT AND UNDERWEAR pulled down my underwear squatted near a drain and pissed, I felt good and relieved, I believe my cleaner thought the dog did it because the next day it was gone. 😐 wTf iS wRoNG wITh Me?¿

  • Isolation and intex is were you sit in a whote room with nothing to do for the whole school day Its fucked up People do this for months


  • YOU DIDNT SAY “the loo”

  • OH MY THE LAST ONE SENT ME I cant process this and the part where u said diy yo the trans guy using a toilet roll to pee... our ally queen

  • 7:15 THAT WAS A LAUGH?! Bish I though that was your cat fighting something 😂😂😂

  • Can you do another one of these cause I have put on the is (horrific) ‘ hint toilet’

  • you don’t know what isolation is, what-

  • yall americans are weird af

  • Isolation is where u r put in a room alone for the whole school day with the teacher, so basically a day long detention

  • Isolation: in my school you get taken out of all lessons and we call it isolation - We’re not aloud fake nails/nail varnish in our school but I went in with a french manicure and well I was on isolation for a week. It was so fun tho you sorta just sit there whilst everyone’s in lesson.

  • What about crush confessions?

  • So, do you like the rice?

  • Do cousin secrets I'm curious

  • The raping dream and the last one relate to me cause that happens to me

  • I low key have a weird ass story I get it won’t be in a video but whatever...So one time I went to a walmart with my aunt and dad and I had to use the bathroom. I told my dad and started to walk over there. When I got to the bathroom and walked in I noticed there were two people in there(each in different stalls). Yet they were obviously...MEN! They were having a full blown conversation while taking a shit... I felt weird so I walked out and made sure it was the women’s bathroom and it was! I went back in and used the restroom. But while I was washing my hands they both came out!! I felt awkward and left. I told my dad and he told me if I go into the women’s bathroom and men were in there to leave and he would take me somewhere else. 😭

  • Bro when I can’t cope with discomfort I laugh too...😅😬

  • I luv her outright. I remember the video when she got that ballon guy thing