Rhett Becomes Jason Momoa For His Wife

Опубликовано: 16 янв 2021
For Jessie's birthday, Rhett turns himself into Jason Momoa. RL #018
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Keith Urban: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Keith_Urban_Talks_%27Fuse%27_Album_and_More!_(9941602026).jpg

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  • I have watched this channel for 5 years.. I have never snorted so much in my life. This one never made it in my feed!!! I have been married 18 years....this is so awesome.😂😂💝🥰🥰😂😂😂💕❤️

  • The dedication of Jenna

  • I wish they would start doing vlogs more often again. Love this

  • I love how casual they both are with asking, "When was the last time you were laid?"

  • 15:06 i love how Michael B Jordan is in the back lol

  • Wow the furst time i see his wife in 10 years lol i thought they would never come on camera

  • I just want Rhett to roll his shoulders back and sit up straight and he can pull some of these looks off 🤣

  • Rhett smiling 🌝

  • Jason is pretty to me too ✋

  • So sweet!

  • So funny that the hall passes resemble them.

  • I feel like this is what would happen if I ordered Jason Momoa on Wish.

  • Lies .... he paid a hooker to act like his wife

  • The pink outfit genuinely looked great on him

  • The jolly dash substantially hurry because party gully brake toward a unruly comma. slow, efficacious spot

  • The guy she tells you to not worry about The guy:

  • His posture is all wrong, he's too slunched and crunched

  • I think arranging a meeting would be a very bad idea..

  • If momoa has a less attractive twin I think you got it covered 😬😂 just kidding

  • Jason Momoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Swoon😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

  • So fun, great work all round. Link's direction was also flawless.

  • 1:42 this is exactly how we men think 😂

  • Lmao where is your self esteem if you're willing to become someone else to please your partner!

  • So cute the thats awesome

  • This Jenna girl is thicc, nice body of hers

  • Jessie is a lucky woman.

  • THAT is one of the most romantic things I've ever seen! 💕💖💕 That is one lucky lady!

  • He looks like Discount Mamoa.

  • "I've gotta get wet again" "I got a garden hose!" So ghetto lmao

  • jason momoa has to see this

  • I love Jason Momoa

  • 12:28 Jenna mhm... looking mighty fine

  • If you would have trimmed your mustache you could have shown your smile better

  • I wonder how long Rhett and link have ben friends

  • I have a big crush on Jenna so you know I love to watch her in the vids🖤. Also do more vlogs please🙏

  • As soon as he said I'm a marvel guy I liked the video

  • AAHAHA! Why is this so funny??

  • Jessie like rhet and link never lost her southern accent

  • That’s why Rhett was growing his hair and beard all year to gift his wife on her birthday

  • Rhetts hair😍

  • This is epic!!!! ❤

  • Aqua makes man happy

  • Tremendous

  • 13:46 this clip without context is pure gold

  • Thats crazy Jason Momoa came for a photoshoot for you guys!

  • This video all around great

  • Bro Jenna is so fire 😍

  • The hurt in Rhett eyes when Jessie started laughing

  • That's a lucky woman to have a guy who would do this for her

  • Would love to see Link as Keith Urban ! Make it happen fellas 💗

  • More vlogs it’s bin a month and the video before this one it’s 9 months ago

  • Please post more

  • Where did you get the paining of with the reds and yellows??? I have that identical painting and it’s definitely hand painted, so what’s up with that??

  • I really hope they post more often here. I really loved and enjoyed their vlogs

  • Jenna making stuff the wrong size 😂

  • "By her"😂😂😂

  • Rhett's Khal Drogo is if Khal Drogo went vegan for a month

  • 7:01 lol!

  • Rhett looks more like Eivor in the thumbnail!

  • Damn Jenna!!!!!

  • more vlogs plsss

  • Heeeyy!!! What's up guys?! I'm from Brazil, and I really wanna learn English... So, I'd love to get new American friend... If you want, give me u @ below :) (I can talk about everything)

  • Was just watching the Carolina Reaper video. Dear Rhett and Link, I would like to see some of your staff do this challenge. Please!

  • Used to watch you fellas religiously a few years ago Now I'm back and I'm here to stay lol funny guys haha

  • my fave part ... Jenna's reaction on 5:58 🤣

  • i think he looks hot

  • 5:58 😏😋

  • Omg I laughed so hard. This was awesome! Way to go Rhett! I love your spirit and humility. If my guy did this for me I’d fall in love all over again. Way to go! I reposted it on my FB so others can watch it and laugh. ❤️

  • "Aqua makes Men happy" 😂

  • It would be awesome for JM to watch this and next year make some shots of Momoa in the GMM studio

  • sweet! lol

  • He looks like if daniel Bryan became jason mamoa 🤣

  • Just needed a mustache trim and hair extensions, little straightening. And what a sweetheart to wear the big cone! Awww

  • Jenna is so freaking beautiful and adorable.

  • she was definitely recording with them for a long time, I'm no mask denier but I feel like it wasn't really making a difference here

  • I stopped watching for 6 years and now I see this

  • 😭😭😭I love this

  • Love this!!

  • So men are ok with their wives fantasizing about another man 😑

  • Goodness, I laugh so much, this is a great idea actually


  • Lol

  • That was so random.

  • pink fit is the ✨

  • Nobody asked for this video, yet all needed it

  • He looks like eivor

  • these two guys are funny, they should get a talk show

  • Funny how rhett is probably more famous than jason yet rhetts the one impersonating him lol

  • everyday im hoping for more rhett and link vlogs

  • Wowowowowow he actually looks like him though XD sorry Link I'm posting his ego gotta be honest love honesTea XD

  • Hasn’t your camera man ever heard of role playing? Don’t kink shame him & his wife, dude!

    • Did you just call 1/2 of Rhett & Link.... "camera man".... okay, okay

  • What about a picture of him from Stargate Atlantis?

  • more on r&l pls

  • Keith urban

  • i missed the vlogs, welcome back (':

  • 😃 amazing! 👏

  • I think this is my favorite Rhett and Link video I've ever seen,, no homo....

  • What-did-I-just-watch-at-the-end- “do to me as you please” 🤭

  • He looks more like floki or Ragnar from vikings

  • Dat laugh bwo. hAh hAh hAh