Rick and Morty x PlayStation 5 Console [ad]

Опубликовано: 20 ноя 2020
Hear all the marketing points PlayStation gave Rick to say about the new PlayStation 5 console, from Morty.
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  • Actually in the first moment I have the creepy feeling that these two guys are real actors just paid to make an advertisement. Only in a second moment I recognize that are from a cartoon

  • Marketing slam-dunk!! 🙌👏👌If companies are these straightforward about riding to the bank fame wave of show/movie/celeb etc., most folks would be less cynical and irritated by it. Just be honest about it! Don't tell us you're teaching us the macarena when we can see you pulling out cash from our pockets!🤷‍♂️

  • Plot twist:rick just went another dimension to get a Xbox

  • This is why we like playstation xbox players.

  • How sad that they got someone who jokes about fucking kids to endorse them Well done playstation

  • Holy shit I don't remember the last time I've actually enjoyed watching an ad.

  • Morty: buy ps5 Me: but I want Xbox series X...

  • Xbox>ps5

  • Never got that Nintendo sponsor, eh?

  • sellout

  • Man where’s the dam show at

  • I like how rick can literally build one thats 10x better😂

  • Play has no limits... unless there are no games.

  • sold for me

  • This why I'm going to get 1

  • Yea!! 🎶"El dinero es dinero, cuando vas a aprender algo dinero?" 🎶

  • Ps5 so fast it can compete with midsize computers. Bah. Or do your self a favor. Get a pc. And know you don't need to wait months 😉

  • Sony didn’t need to do this. Their system was always going to sell well. They just wanted more Rick and Morty too.

  • One of the only ads that I enjoy watching

  • Rick and morty:Go buy the *PS5* Moon man : GOOoooodbyyyyy moneeey, I said GOoodddbyyyy mooooneeeeey

  • 😂😂😂

  • Ohhhhhh the rick and morty ads just makes me go I want thattttttt

  • why does rick count in 3s? and how is 27 x largest bill in any currency "a lot"? did they pay them in 1700's $1000 bills? Or flurbos? Rick gets 300 more flurbos by just selling illegal arms

  • Можо русские субтитры?

  • Wish I could get one..

  • I love how we love the show so much that we all went out of our way to watch a commercial.

  • rick and morty just... just a godly show

  • Bruh bruh bruh ps5 sucks bruh bruh bruh

  • It would of be nicer if they showed bots buying all of them

  • I will wait for PS5 slim or pro to come out. Also the price will go down.

  • i would buy one if they made more than 40 of them

  • WTF

  • In my country Ps5 costs nearly 10000 with taxes. I am not kidding....

  • I have to buy it now

  • I want to get the ps but the websites just fricken froze now I need to wait longer

  • La quiero

  • You made the add after it sold out by like a week

  • BUT what if we can make it even MORE POERFUL 😈😈😈

  • This is the first time I clicked on a ad purposely

  • Rick's a damn sellout

  • Bitch!!! I can’t even get one!

  • when is season 5

  • Don't lie, you watched this ad more than once

  • They shoulda made enough for everyone to buy instead of a few people buying a lot and selling the for a rack

  • xddd

  • 2020: People still buying consoles at launch, when prices are highest, game selection is lowest and hardware failure is more likely.

  • How do you do, fellow kids?

  • Only limit is production

  • Tripping off acid this shit is wicked

  • Yeah I cant afford a PlayStation 5 price to high don’t have internet

  • and just like that my a ps fan 😌

  • If they spent as much money producing them as they did on this commercial, then I would have one by now.

  • Ps5? you mean demon souls and Spider-Man machine

  • Playstation bought him free stuff

  • Play has no limits but your restocks certainly do 😢

  • Fuck ps5

  • Rick must have been paid a whole lot to say that last line, unless he did it for the lulz.

  • Eat that xbox

  • “Come to Walmart, we have the Sony consoles in PS4 and PS5! What’s that? I’m being told we’re all out of PS5’s!”

  • Yes RICK my master, I shall buy the PS5 at 1500 dollars scalper prices......

  • LOL 😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I was getting an xbox series x until this commercial.

  • A commercial that knows it’s a commercial ooooooooooo rICk anD MoRtY is sO SmaRT fuck that dumb ass show

  • This is so far the best console ad I've ever seen. I love how Rick says they were paid to talk well about the PS5.

  • Bro i wanna see astros playroom with commentary from rick

  • Jjajajajajaja

  • PlayStation: Play has no limits. Life: Except getting one.

  • U know when youtube comments glitch and then they show another videos comments

  • Shup up and take my money :V

  • I’m gonna get that Xbox, but this add is awesome. Tempting...

  • Fuck ps5. PC all the way. You can buy a 3090 card for same price the scalper rats sell ps5 for.

  • We better get a nice season for this

  • That’s it I’m buying a ps5

  • Consumers: can’t wait to get my hands on a PS5 Price Scalpers: Reality is often disappointing...

  • Oh gosh

  • Lmao


  • Is it just me or is Narrator the one who just said the closing lines

  • Im so thirsty for rick and morty content that i enjoyed watching an ad

  • This is why Sony wins 😂

  • Only ad I wouldn't want to skip

  • Surprised they didn't make fun of how no one can get one

  • What is the price

  • Jajaja necesitaba ver esta publicidad

  • good ads are so rare

  • i proudly will, thanks rick n morty

  • Notice how it’s EXACTLY 30 seconds

  • Gotta admit that this is pretty boring.

  • You fuks don't have enough money yet?! What the Actual Fuk???!!! Get Season 5 on the air!!!!!

  • My god they want me to buynit

  • Hey Rick and Morty fans, have you noticed that they're calling you brainless in this ad? Lol.

  • Lol, can't believe over a dozens of these broke on people

  • And the winner is...... SONY sorry XBOX this just ain't your year.

  • and then it overheated behind the scenes :D

  • Xbox is better...

  • I like having one and rubbing it in to everyone that doesn't.

  • Is Rick and Morty even a show anymore or just a platform for massive companies to advertise their bullshit?

  • I tried... They sold out to someone who bought 30 of them

  • Now this is the type of ads I wanna see

  • well i guess I'm getting a PS5 now