Rocket League - Radical Summer Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Опубликовано: 5 июн 2019
You're totally invited to Radical Summer-Rocket League's summer-long celebration of ’80s Blockbusters, Culture, and Television. Get ready for the siiiickest in-game items, limited-time modes, and Premium DLC inspired by the raddest cars of the decade. Get your aviator shades and mixtapes and go back in time on June 10. Check out the full Radical Summer schedule below. Stay radical!
Blockbusters: June 10
Culture: July 1
Television: July 22
#NintendoSwitch #RocketLeague
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  • People who dislike the vid are sad because not everything on TV from the 80s Is not in rocket league

  • I watch this trailer religiously

  • I just got this game today, I missed out on this :(

  • What's the name of the song I love the 80s

  • switch_rocket_league_community follow onninsta for weekly switch gice aways

  • I miss Ghost-Hunt & Spike Rush ?

  • When you realize that a racing game is more optimized than bloodstained

  • Basically 1980s

  • "Several cars were damaged in the making of this trailer."

  • and there goes my wallet

  • That's what racing is about......its FUN.......

  • A E S T H E T I C

  • where is update

  • I don't have nintendo online but i have rocket league 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • @Danzo serve sempre thank you

    • Man, just create more accounts and use the 7 days multiplayer for free

  • Did anyone notice the Cobra Kai logo 0:17

  • Well judging by this trailer at least epic games has completely ruined rocket league....yet.

  • I laughed at that freeze frame at the end. X) You can't get anymore 80's then that!!

  • I haven’t played since ‘rocket pass.’ That changes now

  • Who’s watching in 1989

  • omg i freaking love the et

  • Love how they used a song from top gun

  • The Nintendo Switch logo at the beginning of the trailer was zoomed out.

  • “How do I get back to the year, 1985?” - Marty McFly.

  • Even in the trailer they only use the octane

  • Omg omg omg I love it so much

  • Is this planet coaster?

  • Hands down, the best 3rd party game on the Switch! 🙌

    • celeste would like to have a word

  • This is going to be awesome! :)

  • Kenny Loggins - Playing with the Boys, and no Top Gun theme'd rocket car. Missed opportunity!!!! Looks good though!

  • Wonderfull ! Jajajajaja

  • This is awesome yes!!!!!

  • Dang I thought this was a game at first

  • The KITT car looks sick!

    • Yeast yeah he does!!!

  • 0:46 - There's the Amblin Entertainment logo. 1:41 - It looks like the Motion Picture Association of America logo and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees logo.

  • Rocket League ススイ

  • Awesome

  • Ecto 1...... Take my

  • This is best DLC made for this game so far!!! :) This comes from a person that don't like the game that much...

  • Nintendo, can u please take away online membership on rocket league,because I don't want to pay online just to play my favorite game.

  • Bring more Nintendo cars.

  • This game is total 🔥! Everything on it is just..... so well made. Absolutely tremendous! Perfectly created!👌

  • I own this game 4.5 years... It was one of my first PS4 games ever... I feel so proud to own it.... Every little characteristic of it... Is what it makes it so *special* ...

  • cuando trato de poner un codigo gratuito no me deja me sale que no estoy conectado a los servidores, alguien sabe por que?

  • Had flashbacks to Radical Heights when I saw that Radical Summer logo.

  • music name?

  • 1:46 Big oof to the cars

  • I'm getting KITT day 1!!! #KnightRider

  • You know most of us were born after the 80s? Some gamecube era contentbwould be appreciated for the 20 year crowd

  • *Now we know that the rocket league cars are actual full-sized cars*

  • I just bought a dlc pack

  • Nintendo: How much of an 80s vibe do you want in this? Rocket League: *Yes*

  • *80S!!!!!!!!!!! 80S REVIVAL FOR THE 2020s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! believe it of not the majority of the world is 80s now or has abit of 80s in it!*

  • *I thought KITT would just be a cameo! but they got almost everything right about that scene with him!*

  • They had me at 80’s retro aesthetic

  • Aw man we need the Charlie sheen WRAITH CAR!!

  • Man this all looks good if only they weren't brought out by Epic Games

  • Just missing the a team van and bumblebee then the 80’s nostalgia would be complete 👍 Add any iconic 80’s car/vans I missed and that you would pay for here for the devs...


    • スニコラ it isn’t true 80s. This is based off real life pop culture that happened in that rime

  • 80s themes: The goto update when a few years have passed since launch but you still want people to continue playing.

  • Love it haha