ROLLS ROYCE - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

Опубликовано: 28 мар 2019
Rolls Royce makes the fanciest cars in the world. BAR. FREAKIN’. NONE. You want diamonds in the dash? Done. Umbrellas in the door? Easy. 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds in a car weighing nearly 3 tons? No problemo Amigo. Join James as he explores the illustrious history of Britain’s most exclusive automaker.
Hosted by James Pumphrey
Edited by Colby Mann
Animation by Raghav Arumugam
Written by George Back & Bart Bidlingmeyer
Directed by Jesse Wood
Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..
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  • What’s your favorite Rolls Royce moment in today’s vid? Drop a time stamp and we’ll Heart our favorite one! 💪🏻🐴

    • Bob Ross @9:37

    • cullinan

    • The silver dawn. Hands down

    • Do FORD FALCON FPV range BA - FG series

    • wraith and ill paint it in a luminous green whit brown/forest green interiours

  • So there is not going to talk about there wwII airplane motors. WHICH REKT THOSE NAZI'S

  • Gray poupon

  • I've really grown to love this guy,

  • 0:48

  • @5:28 died laughing

  • The name of the company that made the aircraft was SUPERmarinen no SUBmarine, check that fact

  • him trying to sound english makes him sound australian

  • 💯 grand for the doors of the 40/50 and the actual car was 4 Grand that's crazy. In 1910. Whhatt.

  • JP Is the reason I watch this channel bc of how funny he is. He’s perfect for this channel.

  • I don't know WHAT all of that hype for an ugly car 😂

  • That was not English, that was very definitely Australian.

  • HI !! This guy is so much Fun to watch .!!!! Hes like a teacher > He knows alot about cars , and explains very well the kind of motors they have . Good job !

  • My favorite car 😍

  • Rolls royce is really a fantastic ride, I've driven one for several times in a special occasions. The Ghost, ride comfort is superb d the power is just nice on what you need when in a rush hour. Being the driver is nothing much to explain except comfort and the luxury feels and maybe power? Frankly speaking that car is not meant to drive fast. But being the passenger, that's where it explains it all.

  • Oh man, you always make me laugh :D

  • All the work and Nizam of Hyderabad used it as garbage collector.

  • Could he please have done the whole video in that accent?

  • Never seen a Rolls up close, but I met someone selling a 1965 Bentley once. Only wanted $15K for it. It needed paint and a new windshield, but it was beautiful car and ran like a top. I wish I'd see more of these cars on the road...

  • Uh, it's a Supermarine Spitfire, not a Submarine Spitfire

  • But was it Kelpy G smooth

  • they’ve really lost the dependability and speed cause it’s basically a bmw now

  • Im a classic mopar guy but love my spur too. The other mopar people give me a hard time about it. Most know that the Daytona and superbird was famous for hitting 200+ mph in nascar in 69......but wait till i tell them Rolls Royce went 300 in the 1930s. Cant wait!

  • That king from India tho *He used it as garbage trucks*

  • You crazy! But had to watch your video twice!! Well done.

  • Where's Buell!?!?!?!?

  • Grosser Mercedes please!

  • Didn’t mention why and when they bought Bentley.

  • Who else stopped to count the ponies?

  • actually, VW got denied ownership of RR because they allready had Bentley and would've been overpowered in the luxury market owning both... so the politics gave the rolls to zee bavariens, but BMW still bought the spirit of ecst rights from VW

  • King of speed and power =tanks🤣🤣

  • Roll Royce feeling Moon right always High feeling is my Medikamente Stream

  • Mo powa baby

  • Bentley > RR

  • We don't speak like that, and we are actually speaking more like you 'septic tanks'.

  • My GOD! I think if you would be close-by I would punch your face all the time - because you ask for it all the time!

  • "Fuck you money and tattoos" Sounds like a future Lil Wayne hit.

  • Wala Yan sa pinas 4 k langkatapat nyan 4 na nagpipidal hehehe

  • Anyone else see the Bluebird and think of the Batmobile from the Animated Series???

  • Is it just me or it feels very weird seeing RR doing burnouts and donuts ? :D

  • Can you have a look at any of RR rivals please, like the Maybach.

  • His eyeballs almost started bleeding with that mustard

  • *shows German people speak in French*

  • Don’t be a berk mees only joshin’

  • The SUV is HIDDEOUS! What the FUCK where they thinking when they desighned that ugly ass shit?? LMAO!!! I guess even RR makes mistakes.

  • The Silver Ghost is one of my favorite cars on the planet.

  • Ay that intro is looking a lil racist as a Brit...js🤣

  • It’s the SUPERMARINE S.6B. Not Submarine S.6B. Jesus Christ. As a plane nerd this hurt my ears.

  • Supermarine

  • 7 liter inline 6 these days makes like 400 buff horses so i mean thats wild