Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS - Nintendo Switch Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 12 июн 2019
Romancing SaGa 3 and SaGa SCARLET GRACE: AMBITIONS will both be coming to the West for NintendoSwitch!
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  • £27.99. You're disgusting nintendo

  • I never knew about this series, looking interesting.

  • excellent!

  • Uh...they're not bringing all three Romanacing SaGa games on one cart? Also, I hope you can play the game in high-resolution but with its original battle effects, music and the likes because that remastered stuff looks out of place. I'd like it in its original condition.

  • You feelin' okay, Square-Enix? It's not like you to release so many untranslated games that fans have been waiting decades for like this... it's definitely appreciated though!

    • From the Squaresoft side Treasure Hunter G, Treasure of the Rudras,Front Mission Gun Hazzard and Bahamut Lagoon are all that's left for unreleased Super Famicom games. Crazy.

  • I have Saga Scarlet grace on ps4. So its not going to get a U.s Version for the ps4 ??

  • Please, Terranigma next

  • Fantastic

  • ロマサガ3はよ頼むぞ〜

  • 한글화좀 해라 재발좀..

  • やったーーーー!!

  • How about SaGa Frontier 3?

  • Nihonngo ban ha?

  • 0:40 i dont see how that choice mattered when something came out when they chose to close it immediately. I would think that same thing would happen when you'd wait lol

    • Probably not. I think something else should happen.

  • It annoys me that there is no release date. XD

  • Wow! SquareEnix is reviving those Squaresoft's Snes and Ps1 games. Now I have highly hope about there's greatest RPG ever made "Chrono Trigger".

  • All Nintendo's E3 showings has shown me I'm going to be broke for a very, very, very long time.

  • I feel like, after 15 years, Square Enix has really come back to form. This E3, they really pulled out all stops and shown what they could do when they have good vision, are willing to appeal to their core base, and not just try to appeal to people who have no interest in supporting them. Just localize and rerelease games people want to play as well as make great new games that are in your own style, not the style of whatever is new and hot at the moment. That's all we want.

  • Am I... am I the only one who reads the title as “romancing salsa”?

  • Anybody know the tracks name at minute 1:02

    • It's called: Trampling Petals ~ Urpina Battle

  • Is not right safa but it still look graet how long has it been seand the last one my first and favort was the one with the actial character that think the are heros. But its veen to long i can remember the name

  • Squenix wants my money almost as much as Nintendo does

  • Oh good This ISNT VAPORWARE

  • Now that SquEnix discovered the internet, they seem to have realized there's cult following for 20 year old games they never released to the West.

  • The god tier OST from the romancing saga games will be coming to the Switch, let's go!

  • 1 - 3 😲😲😲👍👍

  • Finally! I'm so excited to get confirmation on these two games again. But please, give us a physical release. At least of SaGa Scarlet Grace.

  • Romancing salsa?

  • I wait for more than two years for English Scarlet grace.

  • Is this SaGa thing a continuation of what we in the west know as Final Fantasy Legends?

  • Ah yes, Square Enix’s most hyped games. Trials of Mana, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and... *looks at smudged writing on hand* ... Romancing Salsa.

    • A female gamer on RU-tv who loves playing Nintendo games.

    • @AshKirby I have no idea who that is.

    • tsukinoakuma That a Miss Click reference?

  • Can we have a physical release of that? Please!

  • Finally being able to play Scarlet Grace was definitely a highlight for me this E3. Hope you remaster Romancing SaGa 1!

    • One of the BEST PS2 rpgs not from megaten, play it on PS2 must be cheap now.

    • They already remade it entirely for PS2.

  • Awesome! Now, we need SaGa Frontier 1 and SaGa Frontier 2.

  • This and Trials of Mana. What's next? Bahamut Lagoon?

    • I HOPE! Or Terranigma, or Illusion of Gaia

  • i hope they ported minstrel song very soon

  • Woooooooooooo!! YEAH.

  • Saga 3??? Are you kidding me???? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!


  • S-Saga frontier remake coming?

  • Hot damn, with the announcement of the Mana trilogy, Pokémon, Dragon Quest, and this, it seems like it's raining rpgs. But now my money will dry up :'(

    • @Miguel Carrillo :'(

    • We're still missing a Mother 3 official translation.

    • The only thing that`d be icing on a cake would be a persona game.

  • Cool, but I've never been able to get into the Romancing Saga game. They have interesting ideas, but they always end up just being a convoluted mess.

  • Hey! It's that game with the music from those Mario hacks!

    • this is exactly where my stance on Romancing Saga comes from. _(Wanted to play it but saw they were Japan only, rip.)_

  • Am I the only one that thought the title read as Romancing Salsa 3?

  • But when

  • I love me some Romancing Salsa

  • Stop Play in & re release Chrono Trigger

    • @Miguel Carrillo that might happen now since Reggie is retiring.

    • That, and finally release Mother 3

  • we need a Saga Frontier 1 Remaster!

  • I reallllly hope this means SaGa Frontier is next! So glad to have an official translation of Romancing SaGa 3 ❤️

    • I thought Xenogears suffered because Square wanted it out by a deadline and they had to drastically alter the second part of the game?

    • @Orbus G Final Fantasy VII took the budget from SaGa Frontier not VIII. Also VIII was rushed as well. From what I heard SaGa Frontier 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Legend of Mana,Brave Fencer Mushashi,Front Mission 3, and Chrono Cross all had budget cuts to fund Final Fantasy The Spirts Within. As much as people like to rag on Square Enix's bad choices, Squaresoft in hindsight make some dumb decisions.

    • I suspect it will be their next project. I love frontier, but it badly needs a remake. Or more accurately, they could actually finish the game this time around. FFVIII doomed a lot of games back then, siphoning their budgets.

    • I hope they remaster it even though I love the original aesthetic on the ps1 lol

    • No, I can't handle a saga frontier remaster for switch after everything coming this year. I can only get so erect, and my wallet weeps.


  • Tbf I wished these were getting released on more than just the Switch.

    • They are.

    • @Machik I found out because of the trailer for these games that Square enix posted, so I guess a good rule of thumb is that when in doubt, see if the developer or publisher have a channel, and if there's a trailer for the game posted there.

    • @Memento Mori Even the vita? Hot damn! I remember they said a while back they were at least trying to get them all on mobile, but I figured those plans were dropped for the Switch. Thanks for looking it up and letting me know! I probably wouldn't have found out for a couple of months.

    • @Machik so i looked it up, and it turns out that this trailer only says Switch because it's a Nintendo trailer and the Switch is currently their only console. Both games are also going to be on PS4, Steam, IPhone, and Android, and 3 is also bizarrely going to be available on XBox One, Microsoft phones, and the PSVita.

    • ​@Memento Mori Yes, yes, I realize that. I'm just moping about the lack of options because I know these won't sell very well.

  • Dang look at all these RPG's and RPG/Strategy games coming to Switch, this year is chock full of them.

  • So much Japanese greatness. ✌️

  • Are those games as punishing as Romancing Saga 2? I hear RS2 is very punishing

    • @Memento Mori Hmmm I'll have to check the game first before I get it,if I get

    • @Isaix Luna diviner the more recent ones are probably better about not accidentally softlocking yourself, though from what I've seen they still look fairly difficult. They certainly look like they have a more interesting story than 2, from what I've seen.

    • @Memento Mori I was playing through Romancing Saga 2 and I was veryyy confused.It was fun at first,but I've read that you can get a dead game and have to replay the entire game all over again.That really turned me off the game and if it's the same for those Saga games I'll probably won't get them

    • I've played it, and yes, it absolutely is. You're definitely expected to die often in that game. In fact, the developers expect it so much that the game becomes much harder if you try to complete as much as possible in one go, since you need your character to die or finish a plotline for time to pass, and if not enough time passes before reaching the final playable character, then you'll miss out on a lot of spells, equipment, and classes that aren't available without a large amount of waiting.

  • FINALLY. Been waiting decades for this...

    • Decades is an understatement. It feels like an eternity.

  • Ok but WHEN?? And also please give us a physical release of the Romancing Saga games :)

  • Squenix is really pulling out all the stops w everything they showed

  • Sigh... My backlog will never end at this rate.

    • @Ryker Hey! So, lately I've been researching & compiling a huge list of the greatest classic JRPGs ever made so I can collect, but mostly for playing. I know this is asking a LOT given your apparent mega collection, but would you feel like typing up a list of 50 favorite turn-based JRPGs? The real hidden gems like Frontier Saga, Minstrel Song, Valkyrie Profile, Legend of Dragoon, Lunar series, Star Ocean Second Story, Xenogears, etc. I feel like a person who has completed 300+ of this wonderful genre would have some brilliant insight on what constitutes the best games in your opinion! I'd give nearly anything to have a collection on par with yours, and that's what I'm determined to do lol.

    • @RogueCheepSheep You know it ! We can't stop, lol.

    • @Ryker and we still continue to add more to the backlog XD

    • I have about 450 games, mostly JRPGS, in my backlog. About 330 complete (100%'ed) some multiple times. It's hard to juggle them all. I'll die before I finish em all.

  • When?

  • So, is this gonna be as lazy as the re release of romancing saga 2?