Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin Gameplay - Nintendo Treehouse: Live | E3 2019

Опубликовано: 13 июн 2019
Farming is critical in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, releasing this winter! In this live demonstration from E3 2019, you can get your first in-depth look at this mechanic in action.
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  • The lady's enthusiasm for the game is infectious. I'm really loving the game too. I can't wait to play it.

  • please dont be an eshop exclusives. I hate digital games. This game looks fun.

  • I am very new to the switch, and I must say, I can see myself selling my house. Just sooo many quality game to play.

  • I’m a bit late to find out about this game but damn am I really hoping this game gets a physical release. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Wow. This looks pretty lit.

  • Welcome to the rice fields nintendo!

  • how do I get to work at Xseeds?

  • Is this getting a physical release? 🤔

  • This is like Harvest Moon and Muramasa combined! Love those two games!

  • Minimum wage simulator

  • Hope we get a physical release

  • Shocked that this game was hidden in the three house i almost missed it It will be an instabuy for me

  • ano.... umm...

  • Gameplay starts at 2:42

  • I wish there was a harvest moon in this style.

    • @El Hoffman idk feels different now.

  • As long as all the levels and bosses are replayable,this is starting to catch my interest.

  • The player can choose English Or Japanese Voices...... INSTANT DAY1 BUY

  • 3:35 I love the way she says “you won’t get away!”.

  • Yup, I believe I'm sold on this game. Gonna be picking it up.

  • ricist

  • This looks sweet, definitely getting it. But goddamn, we really need some VanillaWare games.

  • Makes me think of a mix between Muramasa: The Demon Blade and Rune Factory.

  • I like the mechanic of this game, plus I quite like Japan's culture, I'll probably get this game

  • The art, the music, the theme, the gameplay. And thank god for japanese dub. This is a must have game.

  • Another hidden gem of E3 I didn't hear about until just today. Looks really good.

  • clarification: Sakuna is the God OF harvest and battle, not the child of the god of harvest and the god of battle, according to what the game staff said. Understandable mistake, but a mistake none the less.

  • Day 1 buy for me!

  • Sakuna: Take a good look at Tama. Does this sentient little blob truly look omniscient to you? Tama: P-princess, such savagery... XD

  • Kobito of the Shining Needle intensify

  • 海外展開するんなら英語ぐらい話せるようになってほしい

  • Day one baby!

  • Don't mind as I freak out over them having actually modeled different clothing options instead of them being just number boosters.

  • It's like the beautiful child of Muramasa and Harvest Moon.

  • voice acting for it is soooooooooooooooooooo bad ugh

  • But can you pet the dog

  • . This game will give me nightmares. So it’s a pass

    • solarlola 9 why? Monsters??

  • This reminds me of the original Naruto Ultimate Ninja series, especially the music.

  • Nintendo!! Stop already, you won e3 three times over by now And my wallet is looking terrified of the near future

  • Wow the action looks Amazing. Very satisfying

  • A cutesy 2D platformer with farming mechanics!? CAN DIG IT!!!

  • This is the most unique game concept I have ever come across this age! So refreshing! It’s kinda like Rune Factory with a twist, more action and less farming. Thank you 2 man dev team!! Hope to make great memories playing this game 👏👏👏

  • I remember watching something on this either last year or early this year, but it looks even better now than it did when I first saw it.

  • This looks soooooooo cool, but if we have to harvest the rice like that for the whole game, that’s going to get old really quickly.

  • Props to the interpreter here. He was really struggling with his own Japanese, but he managed to get through each time and his English interpreting was spot on.

  • Is this game gonna get a physical release? I would love to see this game on my shelf

  • Wow the translator though...

  • weird if nintendo showed games like this at the E3 show it would of been received better...

  • Sakuna Matata

  • 音楽 雰囲気 描写の細さ 読み込みの速さどれも素晴らしいですね。

  • Music and gameplay reminds me a bit of Goemon 64.

  • 9:56 You're gonna be able to pet the dog :O

  • id rather want to buy Japanese rice 😋

  • I love the Nintendo E3 shows the most. You really get the sense that everyone is excited about the games, and they have experience with them and ask good questions. Just watch the Destroy All Humans E3 gameplay video for the exact opposite of this.


  • SWEET!!! :D

  • good to see this game again and im surprised it has dual audio.

  • Looks fantastic. Physical release?


  • Looks really awesome 😍

  • My back hurt seeing that thumbnail. Reminded me of the time I helped harvest rice once.

    • @icecreamcake Oh. Alright. Thank you again.

    • @Amechi Smallwood Oh and it really did feel satisfying knowing I worked for it. I've seen a lot of vids about japanese food culture where they give so much care to food because the idea is someone had to work hard for it to be available to the general public and if it's meat, an animal had to give it's life to sustain our species so we should be thankful and not waste them. That's how it felt to me. It also made me appreciate my father more cuz we don't really get along that much and experiencing something that he does makes you really feel grateful.

    • @Amechi Smallwood No, hot season is for harvesting and rainy is for planting. Our rainy season is June-December and then January-May is sunny.

    • @icecreamcake So, if hot season is for planting rice, I take it that rainy season is fall?? That sounds like very hard but rewarding work. I knew famers had to work hard to plant their rice but I didn't know the first clue about how they actually did any of it. I'm sure once you ate that rice you helped harvested yourself, it tasted a lot more sastifing. 🙂 After hearing that, I would really like to try it for myself. Thank you for talking with me.

    • @Amechi Smallwood It was my first and last experience actually. I live in Southeast Asia btw. It was a scorching hot summer in the province cuz it's during summer that they harvest rice (rainy season is for planting). I did not help cut down the rice grass with a scythe cuz it was already done and I only had to collect the rice grains. We did it by slamming the rice grass through a makeshift wood platform (I don't know how to describe it) which makes it so the rice grains would scatter all across a tiny hut we made on the spot. We covered the entire hut with a wide blanket from the floor all through the sides so it was easy to gather the grains after we were done slamming them all over the place. We had to do it with all the rice grass that was cut down from 2 medium sized rice fields. It took us two days to finish everything and we worked from 6am-11am then from 1pm-4pm everyday. We collected about 8 sacks (50 kg each) of rice from them afterwards. I hurt the back of my waist the very first day and it was really bad but I kept going. The second day it still hurt but I tried to do my best to get everything done. Afterwards, I had to help carry the sacks which sucked cuz they were heavy. I had to carry them on my shoulders but I only did each sack half at a time cuz I would die if I had to carry 50kg all at once. It wasn't that far though (just about 1 or 2 meters away) cuz we just needed to carry them from the hut we made in the ricefield to the side of the road where we had our vehicle parked. I had been studying in the city, miles and miles away from the province for the last six years and it was the first summer I've been home so I was happy to help even if I had thoughts of dying because it was so hard to fall asleep with the back of my waist hurting when I move (and I really move a lot when I sleep lol). It was an amazing experience though and now I have more respect and appreciation for those people who grow rice. P.S. We didn't actually grow them. Our relatives (my father's siblings and their families) did and because my father owned part of the land they used for planting, we got our share, although we had to harvest them ourselves.