Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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  • So are we positive that was Ganondorf?

  • Wow

  • Link: Ganon is finally dead! Ganon: I was just using 0.00001% of my power.

  • I come back here every day..

  • Whatever the challenge, this Hero of Time with the sword that seals the darkness is ALWAYS ready!!!!

  • Can we just take a moment to give Zelda kudos on her new hair cut?

  • I just got an idea! Breath of the wild online. It’s like GTA online but Zelda themed. Could that be something? You could create your own character, too.

  • Going insane in 3... 2... 1...


  • Do want. Was un aware of this game. DO WANT GIVE NOW


  • Since i heard this might be darker than Majora’s Mask, I’m willing to watch gameplay

  • Zelda and Link: finally he’s gone! Ganon: that’s where you’re wrong kiddo

  • 強そう

  • First BOTW trailer: Scenery! OH LOOK! HORSES! BEES! Link a little sleepy! HE CLIMB NOW! BOTW sequel trailer: spooky castle.. dungeon.... zelda new hair cut. MUMMIES! LINKS HAND?! MORE HANDS! Gannon not dead?! EaRtH qUaKe!!! Spooky.. spooky..

  • Will this outbeat the Majora's Mask? The darkest Zelda ever?!!!!!!!!! (No, Twlight Princess was not dark)

  • 900 korok seeds here I come..

  • There has to be a love story!

  • I hope there is a vr version for this

  • Gannon dwarf is back from twilight princess!!

  • I hope to god this has the same creepy factor that rivals majoras mask

  • link seals ganon ganon: uses miphas grace link: WTF

  • Is this available for preorder?

  • Zelda: Ganon is dead? Tell me ganon is dead, I need to hear these words. Link: Do you need to hear all those words exactly? Zelda: Hes still alive!? Link: Well, hes not as dead as we'd hoped. Zelda: Link! 😡 Link: Just thought I'd give you a heads up. In case he ever came back. Zelda: He cant come back! Link: yeah that would be awkward.

  • **Ganon has activated Mipha’s Grace**

  • 啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊快一点出啊我好激动!

  • Can't wait for this game!! 🤩

  • This game will be the last game of the nintendo switch, but the first game for the next console of nintendo R.I.P. WII U

    • No it won’t, was Skyward Sword also released on the Wii U as well as the Wii? No, this game will come out on Switch and stay on Switch

    • ?

  • 日本人ーーー

  • what is the release date

    • Idk a few years probably

    • We don't know 😭

  • I love BOTW and all Zelda games. I've played every one ranging from the original on the NES up to present. Every one has it's own flavor. As such I have a few suggestions that I believe would enhance this game and make it even better than BOTW. Full disclosure I'm not DEMANDING and saying that the game will be horrible if these aren't in it, but I feel that they would benefit the game: 1. Music. The lack of music or very subdued music in BOTW was neat at first, but after my 60th hour of exploring in almost complete silence I was kinda wishing there was some sort of overworld theme. When there was prominent music it was amazing. Even giving the option to toggle music on and off via the slate would be nice. If you really wanted to go all out then giving the option to turn music on or off in certain regions, or choose what theme plays in a certain area more then others similar to how you can do that with stage music in Smash Bros would be spectacular. 2. Themed dungeons or at least some different aesthetics. The Divine Beasts and shrines were fun and all, but different puzzles with the same color palette did kinda become tedious. I'm not saying they have to be like a forest/fire/water/earth temple, but a little more visual distinction between levels during a dungeon crawl would be refreshing. 3. Enemies. I'm all for making enemies more difficult as the game progresses, but when you have four different versions of the same enemy it can get repetitious. Darknuts, Iron Knuckles, Dinoflos, Poes, Redeads, Skulltulas, etc. There are more than enough iconic Zelda enemies that we shouldn't have to recolor the same enemies and make them a little stronger as we progress. 4. I would like to be able to throw on some Zora armor and swim or walk underwater without having to worry about drowning. 5. Does most of Hyrule have to be post apocalyptic ruins? To me the biggest what if in BOTW was when they would show flashbacks of castle town and the castle pre-Ganon. It would have been awesome to explore some of these places without malice and crumbled buildings everywhere. The Light/Dark world in ALttP and the time travel in OoT were great for going back and forth. A chapter select option or some magic book/spell/technology to go back to Hyrule in it's prime would be awesome. 6. If I spend a month using amiibos Daily to get a Biggoron, Helix, or Goddess sword then they should not break halfway through a fight with a Lynel......or ever for that matter. Once again I don't want people thinking that I'm whining about these things or demanding that they be in the game, I just feel like a BOTW sequel would be even more enjoyable with some of these things. I wanna thank you all for listening to my TED talk.

  • Zelda: Link you have saved hyrule ganon is defeated Ganon: 0:51 EXCUSE ME?

  • I think link right HAND will have dah powet off god in thumbnail.

  • Bringing in friends in the house Mom: Having a party Mom: Wearing shoes in the house: 0:49

  • Can not wait I’m not even done with the first zelda

  • Why can’t Ganon stay 💀 dead

  • Hopefully they spend more time on new enemies. The same ones but recolored just felt boring.

    • Or just bring back some of the many older ones that didn’t appear in BotW

  • #bringbackclawshot

  • yay

  • yay

  • yay

  • Me: sees over head view of land and thinks “oh they’re showing us maybe some map changes.” Also me: sees castle going up and thinks “ooooohhhhhhh”

  • Does 0:54 remind anyone of skyward sword?

  • Like for link and Zelda online Multiplayer mode👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Lorenz Lapp Not Every Game needs MP.

  • The song is when the blood moon raises

    • It's a new song mixed with backwards notes from the first Zelda game over screen.

    • It’s really not

  • Link: Kills ganon in his second Form Also ganon: YOU FOOL,THIS ISNT EVEN MY LAST FORM

  • cant believe the four champions died all for nothing

    • That reminds me.....will link be having their powers in botw 2?

  • Every month I will comment until it comes out 2019 aug still waiting

  • So link doesnot need the shieka slate now the power is right in his arm.

  • Link : yes I've defeated gannon Gannon: erm Zelda:LINK WHY HIS HE STILL ALIVE YOU NOT A HERO link: well excuse me princess I've actually done stuff while yoive been in hrule castle doing nothing I've collected 999 korok seeds done all side quests and shrine ones so until toi can do that dont comment on my skills oh wait gannon has already killed you and took over godamm. Gannon :haha

  • I wonder (if we have the original game) can we port our items and armour onto the sequel?

    • Ah yeah of cource, max upgraded armor, that bike rune, dlc mastersword in the start of the game, makes sense


    • Hopefully holiday 2020, if not by then it'll most likely be early to mid 2021

  • I'm getting a bit of sonic and the secret rings vibes from the floating castle

  • 0:29 does this mean rats are a new animal in botw 2 :0

  • I hope I can get Epona and the Twilight armor with my Smash Link amiibo again.

  • (○□○》》》》》》》

  • Finaly!!!I think its going to be better than BOTW

    • @Rami Abdallah Hey, I'd be mind=blown if it turned out better 🤞

    • Haha lol Everyone has an different opinion! :)

    • If it's even _almost_ as good as the first one it'll be GOTY. The idea of it being better than BOTW is impossible to process for me.

  • this game is COOL. SHORT HAIRED ZELDA after all!

  • Dear god multiplayer please

    • Dinner Bonk No. Not Every Game needs MP.

  • Is this where the rehydrated ganon comes from?

  • This is why Nintendo needs an account limit

  • I idk what i view but It's more scary than majora's mask?


  • I think that’s the note theme backwards

  • nintendo, please make a direct for the breath of the wild sequel

  • Ganon: You ignorant fool! You have only defeated my cow form! My human form is next! Link: Wut? Come again?

  • I dont know if ganon uses link as a puppet because in one shortcut it appears that link has the green hand like ganon

  • 1st of april 2020 be like : botw 2 is now free in the nintendo eshop! And then we download it and we get the chrome dino game while saying april fools on top

  • Malice randomly kills rat Zelda and link fall when they reach the corpse of ganon Link tries to catch zelda but fails Magic hand randomly catches link Zelda and ganon fall??? Link gets the magic hand Malice gets everywhere Castle randomly stands up *end*

  • Urbosa kinda foreshadowed Ganondorf.

  • 2 months later I'm still hype

  • Guys Legend died this is so sad Alexa play all star

  • Holy sh- WOW

  • Zelda need to give up her cheeks to Link.

  • I like zeldas short hair


    • It’s Ganondorf. Look at the Gerudo symbols.

  • At the top of my head, 1) I hope we get a big new map, 2) big cities (instead of just villages/like twilight princess’ castle town vibe), 3) and the ability to cross a river with your horse. 4) and somehow we can fly (maybe)

    • Some old zelda stuff return(dungeons, items, and WOLF LINK) Plus maybe co-op with travelers like they give you missions to defeat a certain group of enemys with them

  • Who's here after gamescom and the new BoTW sequel trailer?

  • The song of the trailer is unused spell