Sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - First Look Trailer - Nintendo E3 2019

Опубликовано: 11 июн 2019
The sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is now in development for Nintendo Switch!
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  • Calamity Ganon was quite easy and it so called "Puppet Ganon" so I'm not surprised there's going to be another boss I actually hope this one is going to be much more difficult

  • I need to know more about this game, one year since this and we got nothing

  • Nice, i just bought botw, and i was just hopeing that i can play through it before the sequel releases, but it looks like i still have plenty of time...

  • I dont think its a sequel, I think its the story befor botw...

  • Still waiting for this....

  • Has it always been named "first look trailer" all this time?

  • The Legend of Zelda Prince's Madness?

  • At this point, Ganon has already taken over the world

  • Now à year later....

  • People who are hyped for botw 2 :”it’s been a year, how much longer is this going to take !” People who waited for botw 1 for 5 years : “first time kid ?”

  • omg i loveeeeeeee it

  • Lmao some people I’ve seen are so bored that they are literally replying to every comment lol

  • Nintendo, I politely ask of you to relay information about BotW 2... PLEASE.

  • The green tendrils wrapping around link's arm feel like a callback to princess mononoke. Where Ashitaka gets his arm cursed. Hmmmmm

  • It would be so amazing to see the castle repaired

  • First look at BOTW2, also last look at BOTW2

  • I keep watching til the end to make sure that this wasn’t my imagination and the Sequel is actually in development.

  • As SpongeBob: I need it!

  • Fake.

    • nintendo wouldn't release it if it was fake, plus miyamoto con firmed it multiple times during several interviews plus it has been stated that nintendo wanted to use all the unused ideas for breath of the wild i another game and it's conferrmed that this sequal is that game

    • @Mance Venture it IS real.

    • @Ghost2008 If I was, it wouldn't make it any less fake.

    • @Jacob Reynolds Yes.

    • Are you blind???

  • At least concept art or something, or at least pls add some of the Zelda game’s clothing to animal crossing

  • Happy 4 of july hope they give us a trailer today🥳🥳

  • nintendo gave us this trailer and dipped

  • Ain't getting any younger here Nintendo

  • I'll need to steal a switch for this b!tch

  • That face at the end legit gives me nightmares

  • I'm still waiting

  • Comment how many hours you have in the original i have 325+ hours 🙃

  • You know I still wonder how's the map going to be, i mean, is it going to still the same??

  • at the point Ganon probably looks like a demonic steak

  • This holiday 2020 would be the right time Nintendo, give it to us!!

  • are they still developing during the quarentine?

  • Here I am, wating for another trailer! Because it seems that we are getting another trailer soon... Right?

    • Idk man maybe or maybe not only time will tell

  • thank nintendo thanks


  • we prob gonna need to earn that green hand me way or another, trust me it might even be dlc

    • They made this cause of all the ideas they still had

  • I just finished the game and I NEEEED the second one lockdown is killing me

  • A Zelda where we are not looking after Zelda? Holy...

  • I hope we can pet the doggos in this one!

  • Before Watching: please tell me Zelda dosen't have a voice actress After Watching: oh thank God

  • Everyone’s waiting for more information I guess

  • But I just got the master sword

  • Nintendo already releases a new trailer or gives me something.

  • dose minda come back


  • Ganondorf will return...

  • =-= it's 3 of July, soon well be calling it "zelda switch"

  • Imagine after 1 year nintendo releases the footage trailer and all we see is us getting rick rolled...

  • I can’t wait for more info about this game

  • We pray to Godess Hylia to Sidon being in the sequel.

  • It sounds so creepy

  • our planet will be consumed by the sun before this game comes out

  • Considering this teaser was 2019, its safe to say this has been in development atleast a year before, so we should be hearing somethin maybe at TGS or a Nintendo direct at that time hopefully. Gonna be massive yet again lmao cant wait for the pain.

  • I feel like it couldn't too much longer because they said this is going to be for the Nintendo Switch. I feel like a new console would be coming out in 2 to 3 years to combat Sony and Microsoft.

    • Val I mean, every main console they’ve dished out since they started has been 5 to 6 years apart and they released the switch in 2017. That’s where I got 2 to 3 years.

    • The early mention of platform is not indicative of a time frame, for example early on BotW was hinted "for Wii U" but was mostly sold for Switch. OTOH if they did release BotW2 with a new console, that would surely still work on Switch. In any case they've been at it since late 2017 so even only 2 more years seems a lot at this point.

  • I totally forgot about this for a minute!

  • Brooo it’s already been a year??!! I swear to god this just came out like a week ago

  • Its 2020 and this game still hasn't can out

  • This is a 2020 game, Nintendo dosen't announce 1st party games that far out.

  • I know it's a bit late now to tell you guys this but there are just a few staples of the zelda series that needs better realization in botw2. Like everyone knows, you need to fix the weapon and shield durability problem. Again like I see a lot, you need underwater exploration, every other zelda game has the underwater portions, and link shouldn't drown after 10 seconds of swimming, especially after getting zora armor. And finally the music was nice, but come on guys.... no playable instrument? No ocarina, harp, guitar, conductor's baton, or even howling. I would have expected something more from the only zelda game ever with voice acting.

  • Idk why but the music kinda reminds me of jojo a bit

  • Day 7986, still waiting for the damn game to come out but to no avail

  • The zelda games for CDi were better then BOTW... esp faces of evil. Hopefully this game won't disappoint.. but since the switch is so underpowered, I have little reason to get excited esp since the graphics are the same.

    • nothing is worse than the cdi games.

    • Saying CDi games are better than Botw is trash

    • It's cool if you didn't like BotW but that's quiet a petty take

  • I heard on Google,this game might be a prequel.

    • @Detective Pikachu All sorts of speculations exist online, though a prequel would make no sense based on what was shown here. They wouldn't _only now_ tell us about Link and Zelda meeting Ganondorf before, underground and leaking malice. In BotW no one knew where Calamity Ganon came from besides "from under Hyrule castle".

    • Or she cut it after the events of botw any way Im gonna have to wait till all games stores open and botw 2 gets released cause my country don't have good online shopping apps.

    • @Mau M honesty it could be a prequel cause Zelda's hair is cut

    • The trailer said sequel :/ though it could be argued that a sequel can be a prequel I dont find it likely this is the case

  • Bruh it’s been over a year now I’m running out of patience

  • man, this is real

  • The champion tunic looks better because they combined it with the Hylian tunic

  • One year later annnnd nothing new😠

  • I noticed something that we didn't a year ago...! It's been a year since the trailer :)

  • The E3 live is the perfect opportunity for a new trailer!

  • Sad Reckful will never see this game.

  • Got secret connections to Nintendo. Once the botw 2 trailer hits 9 million views, a new trailer will drop!!

  • 1 year nice y need another trailer o only designs (pictures or designs map) and the new Hyrule or news races.

  • @Nintendo Please make something new about this game because it needs to be shown again so we can have information

  • Sorry but i really hate zelda hairstyle. Now looks like Link's sister

  • 2019:wow a new Zelda will come!!! 2020:but nobody come.....

  • This is soo cool

  • omg luuuuuuv it

  • What about the formations around Ganon? The rocks and such with paint on them which almost seem to point at him, along with the spire directly above him almost resembling the spires on Sheikah towers that drip onto the Sheikah slate. Maybe this is another Divine Beast/Weapon which aided the seal in preserving Ganon’s body to prevent the cycle of reincarnation

  • The real botw 2 was inside us alllllllll alllllllllong

  • Absolutely terrifying beginning. Why do they keep us on our toes for the release?

  • I cant tell if thats urbosa or gannon