Опубликовано: 27 сен 2020
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🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
🔵 JJ (KSI)


  • What minute is jk mike Tyson at

  • Mike Tyson would uppercut JJ to heaven to meet the Lord

  • Petition to bring back w2s Chanel from the dead

  • 6:05 ethan saying that sounds like Ron shouting at harry potter

  • Zzzz

  • Can someone explain at 1:02:08 when Simon said ‘why’s ethan always talking about keys’

  • 500k more till 10mill Bois 🅲🅾🅲🅰🥶🅲🅾🅻🅰🥵🅴🆂🅿🆄🅼🅰


  • It is ksi's first sponsored video 😂😂🤣

  • This is entertaining to yall?

  • Bruv why does vok talk too much

  • Simon is officially my favorite sidemen😂

  • What was the keys joke that simon did on ethan?

  • I loved the Whole zlatan part it made me happy lmfao

  • 29:00

  • how is there a 1hr long video with 6M views where the title is “SIDEMEN DRINKING MUKBANG”

  • i lost my last brain cell watching this

  • what’s the key joke i don’t get it

  • what’s the key joke i don’t get it

  • what’s the key joke i don’t get it

  • what’s the key joke i don’t get it

  • 1:02:10 can someone explain the key joke

  • Vick carrying the whole conversation

  • Can I be part of the sidemen

  • man I love these lads

  • 33:45

  • JJ doing tasks in the bedroom with Simon

  • Gold ps5 is 10k usd... 🤯

  • 3:06 JJ: I was doing a bit of tasks in the bedroom too 🧐 (Bed shakes)

  • First and last time watching can't believe they believe in covid and got tested they are all rigged, u can order a test open it grab the swap and put in the the tube send it back and get positive lol hoax hoax hoax

  • Prefer simons drink massive kopperberg fan

  • this gave me podcast typa vibes

  • Oiii my home country finland

  • I'm in love with a man nearly twice my age

  • Finland mentioned on the video!!! :DDDD

  • Josh is the best looking one 🥰

  • Subscribe to the supporter reporter

  • Harry did the thing with his bottom lip

  • As a Bosnian guy it hurts my soul to hear them try to pronounce "Zlatan Ibrahimović"

  • Whats the joke behind "drivers of London"?

    • it’s something harry said in an older video when playing beer pong

  • Anyone drinking along? Cheers

  • He could have got corona of the dead rabbit 😂😂

  • Big shots at h3🤣

  • JJ really said he could beat Mike Tyson

  • 1:06:44 I love Tobi's laugh a bit too much, send help.

  • Vodka selzer today

  • I love JJ but him saying he could beat Mike Tyson in a fight sent me hahahaha.

  • Among us irl

  • cant understand how someone can be friends for what 10 years and still believe if JJ is lying MAD

  • JJ could beat Mike

  • 40:00 JJ:Delusionalism is my specialty (ik that’s not a word Issa joke)

  • Jj called Vik a snake Ironic😂

  • 59:33 how the turn tables

  • Ethan is fun to see a reaction of

  • they didnt get it from a food market vik... was a lab round the corner i wish i remembered the link to the video


  • Espress vpn? Ew nord vpn gang

  • Never thought watching uk millionare adults drinking alcohol would be so entretaining

  • Mukbanks are sick


  • jj looks like my nan

  • Simon's part at end was great🤣🤣🤣

  • It makes me sad thinking into the future about the sidemen like thinking of them growing all old and changing and not doing videos anymore like it’s gunna be such a sad nostalgic feeling watching these again

    • @Rogue 9 well said

    • We will all grow old. Thats sad..but we do it together from different parts of the world..with memories along the way..bitter sweet times

  • what is that app harrys using?

  • Ggybm mc bob =/be ,j,”+ zM

  • Little did they know this vid is a banger.

  • wait... it can still be seen if I go to a private tab... I’m sorry mom

  • I slapped myself

  • Did Ethan actually get coronavirus

    • yes


  • Good video :)

  • We need another lock down

  • JJ looks like such a karen 😂

  • Tobi looks Soo sad when jj didn’t want to put the painting up

  • Who else thinks The Sidemen should do more Hide and Seek videos?

  • They want Vik out so bad

  • What is the key joke?

  • Why is harry drinking I thought he was muslim?

  • I found it so wholesome when they were complimenting each other. 54:30 is when it starts 😁

  • What's a broow. Is it like a bro?

  • Suomi mainittu!

  • They can chat bullshit for 1 hr and get 5 mil views, they’re that relevant

  • harry rockin that childish merch

  • Simon is turning into the new JJ with his spending habits lmao he’s becoming soft af a fold ps4 really

  • Harry rocking that childish hoodie

  • 1:10:41 how does Simon know😧

  • Srsrrt.

  • Economy harry!! Melbourne is cooked we been in lockdown for like 7 months kinda

  • 27:58

  • 59:45 aged well

  • Exspress VPN actually is reaching jeez they have way to much advertisement

  • after 24 hours where will this video be--- me who has watched it 2 weeks later....

  • ah yes the sidemen drinking

  • 5:20 10:46 14:25

  • Ronald tested positive for COVID-19 today

  • bro tobi needs to drink actual beer/liquor

  • JJ looks so feminine with the whine glass😂

  • U do realise u never got corona, it’s turning winter. U probably got a cold because when u tested positive it tests positive when u have a cold or flu. There’s no Covid and there never will be. Wake up already

    • @Thomas Eadon wake up sheep

    • Say that to my neighbors exwife that died of Corona within 3 days dumbass, a 29 yo woman thats been healthy her whole life hundreds of colds and flus shes had but this took her out because of her asthma

    • Shut up

  • 59:31 Whos The Snake Now Bro?

  • at the end all i can hear us JJs laugh and its sooooooo funny😂😭

  • JJ is a imposter