Slay the Spire - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Опубликовано: 6 июн 2019
The critically-acclaimed fusion of card games and rogue-likes has arrived to Nintendo Switch! Slay the Spire allows you to craft unique decks, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power in an ever-changing dungeon run to the top.
Slay the Spire is out now on the Nintendo eShop!
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  • This doesn't look like it was recorded on a Switch. The Switch version has some pretty hardcore slowdowns.

  • Thank you for not using commercials in your vids, Nintendo ❤❤❤ 10/10

  • Our egg NL getting some deserved love and attention

  • ''Horribly addictive'' Jacksepticeye

  • I am playing this and love it. A collectable card game, single player- mostly- that you just buy and play?! How refreshing!

  • This looks GREAT!!! So cute yet seems pretty exciting. What an eye-cleanser after watching the horrible monsters from Doom.

  • This looks GREAT!!! So cute yet seems pretty exciting. What an eye-cleanser after watching the horrible monsters from Doom.

  • I still havent beat the heart ugh

  • *Breaths in excitement*

  • Finally

  • Kingdom hearts chain memories

  • It's the same that Gilgamesh

  • Welp. There goes my life.

  • Bought it a couple of weeks ago on Steam (would have bought it on Switch if I knew it was coming out so soon!). It's a great game. Highly addictive.

  • nice

  • "The software was closed because an error occured"

  • I wanna be in smash but I can’t :(

  • I bought when it was in alpha. It's beautiful

  • *If anyone reads that, it will honestly make my day and make me happy. I'm a Paris beatmaker and I know most people write this kind of comment all the time, but I think I'll be the one you'll be glad to have listened to. If a person could put a blue thumb, you could help me go one step further to make my dream come true! You will not be disappointed. Give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you so much !!!!*

  • Nintendo should put the sims on the switch ?

  • great, another game I'll have to buy a second time 🙄

  • Fun Game. Been almost 200 hours on PC. This trailer isn’t very attractive to newcomers tho.

  • This game is damn good

  • 1:00 let's GOOOOO BOIS

  • It is time to finally sacrifice my life for the greater goods.

  • Finally!

  • YEEEEEESSS! I've been looking to try this game but I wanted to get it on a handheld system! This is perfect! I need my card game fix!

  • I think this is the last game I buy for the switch ,with MHGU, FFXII,Slay the spire, Disgaea 5 can play wholelife time

  • I'm actually not a huge fan of the in-game music, but they really killed it with this track. Phenomenal.

  • Let's actually GO!

  • Can we gift this game to a friend?

  • I require the spire

  • Now Northerlion can keep up his losing streak even when he isn't at his computer.

  • It would be cool if link was a exclusive for the switch version.

  • Hearthstone waiting room

  • Yo, buy this game. You, the person reading this. Buy it.

  • *Junji Ito Flashbacks Intensifies*

  • vert disappointed... why... too much errors....

    • what

  • 120hrs gameplay so far, might go for 200hrs

  • Great to see all these indie games

  • Did FWOB make anyone else wanna get this game?

  • i suck at this game but really like it. Will probably get it on the Switch (only have it on Steam so far) so i can play in bed :)

  • why does this even have dislikes, its amazing must be people who've never played the game

    • I'd guess some people dont find the art style appealing

  • YES!


  • Literally in my top 5 games of all time.

  • Boat

  • mobile version when I want the spire to consume every minute of my life >_>

  • "Die Die Die, Deal 13 Dmg to ALL enemies"??!?! REAPER?!?! What are you doing here?!

  • Praise be to the canada egg

  • Probably shouldn't watch this video... don't wanna get sucked into this game again and lose track of all time and reality. It was definitely one of the most fun videos I've done. For a card game of all games...

  • Woohoo- finally!! Welp it’s been nice knowin ya productivity....

  • Nintendo please smash dlc!!!

  • What about this quote? “One of the ugliest games ever conceived by a living organism“ ~ IDubbbz

  • The lack of seemingly any sprite animation is a let down, but I pretty interested in this, so I'll probably pick it up sometime soonish hopefully

  • Marre des jeux de cartes.

  • finally!

  • This is one of my favorite PC games. Glad to see it come to switch

  • 0:48

  • Trash.