Spelling Bee-Kini Wax #7 w/ Gus Johnson

We invited spelling bee champion Gus Johnson and Abelina Sabrina to come over and get WAXED! Gus is the king of Try Not To Laugh, but will his skills transfer over to Bee-Kini wax? Let's find out!
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  • I'm good at two things: spelling dumb words, and being a third wheel. This video was made for me.

    • I’m proud of u son

    • Damien Haas at least you still got some action down there

    • yes

    • Got a sneaking suspicious feeling Gus is into ball busting

    • Love u damien haas

  • Where. Is. Rachel.

  • Try to get weggie and Shane Dawson. Or the try guys and Rett and Link

  • Please do a couples version of this where you have to spell for your partner

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="318">5:18</a> I had a pain down there, don't know how

  • Just like at home that killed me

  • Is K of C(Knights of Columbus) from Missouri

  • when you live in the big fish house (from the movie) and get hyped when they mention the musical about it

  • Is the sound of the waxing a sound effect or it's it the actual sound?

  • Get MatPat and Stephanie

  • Do "german words" as a category sometime... Nietzsche, Schweinsteiger, Torschlusspanik (and these are easy ones)

  • please do category - polish food

  • Baby u got that Steatopygous😏 hahaha

  • They should do this with accordians in their mouths like the tik tok vid they did

  • Does that mic Sarah has even work? 😂

  • Sometimes Sarah is just to frixkin cute. Btw love the shirt with the red fluffies.

  • Sabrina's face at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="314">5:14</a> has me ROLLING

  • Porcelain is not a clolor lol

  • Courtney sentences are the best!

  • Gus should have low key said Harvey two taint

  • why cant we see the waxing


  • You should get Markiplier and Ethan (more commonly known as Crankgameplays)

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="110">1:50</a> Is that shade against Olivia?

  • Sarah: it's difficult to get people to agree to participate on this show Me, a willing participant of pain and torture: it's what? Edit: you sure are bad at spelling, you sure you want to participate buddy?

  • You should have MrBeast join Spelling Bee-Kini Wax

  • Definition: Ptomesis- She asked me where she can throw that fat ass, and i said "To-me-sis".

  • You should get mr. Beast

  • Courtney says throw it to me sis. I give her a 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 because that one was good.

  • rembrandt the time Gus got all his words right?... yeah, i don't rembrandt that either

  • you guys should get the try guys to do the spelling bee-kini wax with saint Patrick's day theme.

  • The next episode should be the Squad who haven't been on here, Noah, Keith, and Olivia, and Ian should be the Sentencer.

  • Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart.

  • Category: BIG WORDS Word: TMESIS ...OK

  • Ian and Gus need to compete in this head to head and see which them makes us more uncomfortable/creeped out

  • Yo i was Zachy Price in Bish Fish lmao

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="280">4:40</a> this is the face of a woman who knows what’s about to be said

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="679">11:19</a> Listen to Damien just throwing out Beksinski like its nothing

  • Damien haas(has) balls

  • i mean rosemary is nice but what happened to rachel? :(

  • s o f u n n y i f o r g o t t o l a u g h

  • can we get some people from critical role on next?

  • we need rhett and link on this showwww

  • I would love to see a metal RU-tvr like Jared Dines, Austin Dickey, Ola Englund, Steve T, or the guy from Spectre Sound Studios get their pubes ripped out while trying to spell musician's names.

  • Gus outs himself as having trichotillomania aka hair pulling disorder lol

  • Ways to make Gus laugh: 1: Read the bible 2: Graduate from the university of pheonix.

  • I want Sarah’s jacket and pants. Super stylish!

  • Not a fan of the editing, but very funny.

  • Category suggestion: Names of cities in the U.S. (or anywhere really. These are just the ones I thought of) Albuquerque (NM) Skaneateles or Schenectady (NY) Kaumalapau (HI) Meeteetse (WY) Ketchikan (AK) Kissimmee (FL) Just to name a few Love this show, Sarah!!!

  • gus johnson playing edward bloom made my mood go up like 100x

  • Gus being classic Gus. Boys support boys

  • you should have Rhett and Link on to get waxed. it would be so funny.

  • like my comment if you think garrets should be on here

  • Is sabrina a little person

  • A synonym of "Steatopygous" is, per Wiktionary... Bootylicious.

  • R@N:D0M

  • olivia and sam for next couple on the show 👀

  • I want the willems

  • the sims music is killing me.

  • 'Tmesis' is a really really big word, 6 letters is unwieldy!

  • So here is a possible idea. Do all guys with the hairiest butt holes!!

  • Rhett and link!!!

  • Gus is a monster 😅

  • "I'm trying really hord"

  • They should do polish city names

  • They screwed Gus bad on this one lol

  • What about having them spell pokemon names???

  • You should try and get Markiplier on this

  • Is it weird that I kind of want to be in this show? Lol

  • When will we see Lasercorn and Sohinki on this show?

  • Can you guys bring on jujimufu

  • Are they... Are they just naked under there? 😬 Like I've been watching this imagining they've got tiny underpants on or something but if they're just fully... Out. I would feel way more uncomfortable just, just knowing that.

  • Bush's gf is a stunner

  • you gotta put Wes and Garrett into the show :D


  • Can we have damien and shayne and ian do a round?

  • What happend to water Rachel

  • Ah, poor Gus. That last one wasn't based on "adipose". The fat part is "steato". Good guess, though.

  • They did gus dirty here. His words were way harder than the others'.

  • That host is way too giddy.