Steph Curry or Ray Allen: Who would win a 3-point contest showdown? | Get Up!

Ray Allen joins Get Up! to discuss the difference between his Boston Celtics squad with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and modern superteams and also reveals if he could beat Steph Curry in a 3-point contest when he was in his prime.
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  • If it wasn't for Ray making that 3 queen james would be 2 and 7


  • Ray Allen is clutch, Stephe is not. Next question.

  • I think Steve Nash and Larry Bird will beat this 2


  • I'd take steph and I LOVE Ray

  • If I wanna win I’m going with Ray...

  • I love Ray. My favorite player in college and pro. His game was too sweet. Steph game is was a better verison of Ray Allen but Steph didnt have a bounce like Ray. And Ray had a real bounce in his game for most of his career.

  • I was one of the earliest to follow Curry, and Curry makes crazy shots as we all know with that said, Ray is a better shooter in game coz he's bigger and taller, he does NOT need a screen, and he can get his shots off against anyone when you NEED to score, Ray is more reliable coz he's less likely to get blocked, requires less help, can shoot OVER anyone, these are the things that Curry cant do Curry is limited by his size and physicality, Curry has better pure skill and longer range, no debate on that, but Ray is more reliable if you truly think about it

  • Ray Allen was clutch as hell Steph shaky as hell when it counts

  • Dis nigga still look like he still enrolled at Lincoln lol #agelikewine

  • The Maserati is “certainly affordable for the everyday guy that likes cars.” LOL. I Love Jesus Shuttlesworth but stick to basketball knowledge 😂😂😂

  • This is the first time I’ve ever heard him talk😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • in today’s NBA, with Ray Allen at his very best; he’d probably be considered one of the best players ever. 😂 today’s league is so soft and more catering to shooting that Ray Allen (in his prime) would be an extraordinary player. Allen was great at shooting, slashing, his handles were great, defense was on point too! I’d take Allen over Curry.

  • Stephen curry will win the 3 point constest

  • Ray Allen n Kyrie irvin save overrated lebron james so called legacy

  • They was leaving they prime & it was trades.. but curry Klay every 1 else pick a #.. That y LBJ not better Jordan u heard young NBA fan dnt be a 🤡

  • I does have a point about Eddie house that guy would hit 2 threes and next thing you know he got 30 points

  • Ray Allen is a pure jump shooter , you don't see those around anymore .

  • Allen n Steph r great shooters..Cant say who will win the contest....

  • Lol Steph will never get the respect he deserves.


  • This was very good

  • People forget that Ray Allen would’ve have still been just as good with out his 3 point shot ! Dude really had game and wasn’t shooting 15 3s a game !

  • ray never fell for kobes pump fake haha

  • Lol.. Ray is not even a better shooter than Klay, and KD.. Steph is 10x better than him,, trust me, I grew up watching Ray Allen.

  • Ray Allen is the 🐐

  • They already went head to head

  • Y’all still really don’t know this answer...

  • ray allen a class act, always.

  • Meanwhile... Paul Pierce: I’m the greatest shooter and player of all time, with my imaginary 12 rings!

  • Ray Allen from a 3pt contest type of challenge

  • To see the full range of a shooters capabilities and creativity play a game of H.O.R.S.E. (no dunks).

  • Ray Allen is the best shooter of all time prolific and clutch shooter! players today just shoot more 3s volume shooter and defense today is less physical while ray dominated and shoot a high 3pt fg in a tough physical game back in the day.

  • Ray allen in 3 points contest but in real game curry is better

  • delete this retarded question

  • Joe Harris....

  • No one else can beat the damn thing of a player that has all star skill set in his arsenal in the game, name those players. And compare it to your best shooter in this era. There are only 2 of the player in the NBA that has the BEST skills in their era rather than best shooter today.

  • That great center in the post that ray was talkin about is comin to the league next season and his name is 👉TACKO FALL👈 let him train with hakeem and its OVER.. MARK MY WORDS

  • Get lil Ray Allen’s brown skin Steph curry ass outta here boiii🤣 with his insurance meercat suit having asssss lmao

  • In today's marshmallow puff league I'd take a prime REGGIE MILLER anyday over Steph. He'd make completely contested shot and get hit. Today you breath on a player it's a technical😂😜🤡

  • The first "super team" was when Gary Payton and Karl Malone went to the Lakers with Shaq and Kobe. They just didn't win a title, so we completely forget about that year.

  • Ray Allen all the way.

  • DuDe! Really?! Okay, bReaKingiTdOwN ... Reggie Pacers started the famous 3 pt ridiculous shots ... then Ray Celtics came in 2nd ... then the ULTIMATE 3 pt shooter, actually the GOAT of ALL NBA Shooters is Stephen Warriors ... yeah, I truly believe that if Curry was in a Team that did not believe in Team Playing, only believe in being in the playoffs and DEFINITELY NOT (no way no how) believe in winning the Finals ... Curry be averaging 40 plus points a game, and probably make 100 points in gameS, not one or two games, but several games he would have made over 100 points ... that's how great of an NBA basketball player he is. I'm fortunate in my life time to watch great players like Air Mike, King James, Mail Man Karl, Clyde the Glide, Vicious Carter, Shaq Attack, Olajuwan Rockets, Mamba Kobe, Thee Glove, T-Mac, Stevie Nash, Twin Towers Duncan/Robinson, Barkley the Nut Case, Ewing the Knicks, Westbrook the Ultimate Shortest GOAT NBA Player, ... yeah, basketball is the sht of all sports!

  • Curry is better than Allen doing whatever

  • Ray Allen hit the most clutch 3 pointer in the history of the Finals against the Spurs. Yet he is still so humble. He ranks Eddie House and Mike Miller as better shooters than him, damm Ray you are all class.

  • Ray Allen is underrated and this from a guy that followed him since UCONN.

  • 15 threes a game! And average 30!

  • Love me some Jalen and RJ but there is NOTHING like hearing living, legends stories!

  • Wow Ray Allen is humble A.F. man also he seems to have a really clear perspective on how he was as a player that's rare in these times of delusional superstars.

  • Lol these old heads think they’re better. You weren’t good enough to shoot that many 3s. These players are better 3 point shooters because they practice that shot more. If Ray Allen worked as much as these guys he would be as good or better, but we don’t know that.

  • I’ve watched ray Allen since his rookie year, Steph Curry is better in every way as a shooter besides 2-point shots off screens, and off the dribble 2-point shots.

  • U cant even barely touch curry or any player in today's NBA they call weak calls so I choose Ray Allen all day he had more challengers and more defensive players to shoot over without sissy foul calls

  • Ray Allen of course it's not even close

  • What's funny is they talk free throws but they averaged more in the 80s and 90s than today it's kinda ironic

  • Jesus

  • In a contest.. I have Allen

  • Yea steph is a better shooter, but with the game on the line im taking ray allen

  • cough cough paul pierce 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hmm I go for Larry Joe...

  • All these steph curry nut riders didn’t steph just lost the three point contest this past all star games? The way the league is playing now if it was like that back then where u can’t even look at a player too hard without being called for a foul both Reggie and Ray would’ve had doubled what steph has the only thing steph is doing differently is that he’s hitting threes from deeper but Ray and Reggie created the 3pt

  • Steph would win the 3 point contest. But I would give the ball to Ray for the game winning shot! 2013 Finals Game 6

  • The suit is nice, but he should have centered his tie knot!

  • Steve Nash

  • Ray Allen deals with pressure a lot better so Ray. Curry just has more range

  • In a 3pt contest honestly klay would be better competition than steph. Klays more of a CaS player.

  • James jones barley played minutes with LBJ and wade at Miami.

  • Curry.

  • Ray being modest eddie house mike miller ?

  • The game is a lot softer and commercial, way too much money invested. You cant' touch a player nowadays without a foul being called. Ray shot teams out in an era where defense won games....these guys practice consists of jump shots, no defense!

  • Reggie Miller would win. Zero all stars on his squad. GOAT.

  • It would be close, very close. My heart says The OG Ray Allen, but my mind tells me Steph. It would be a great shoot out if they both got a nice warmup beforehand.

  • Actually all 3 of them aged well Allen, Jefferson, and Rose kinda look like they did 20 years ago

  • It's a copy-cat league. As long as warriors are winning while chucking 3s, everyone will try same. When a Shaq-like center comes out and wins, everyone will be looking for giants again. Magic won and everyone wanted a tall PG, etc.

  • ray seems so genuine and nice

  • Jefferson still salty until😅

  • Klay Thompson!!

  • Curry is good but man yall love dickriding that lightskin nigga

  • Ray easily

  • I’m taking ray Allen hit one of the the most clutch shots in nba history

  • ray allen is the man. unlike paul pierce lol

  • 2:49 Joel Embiid says hello.

  • Ray Allen never been superstar, more like role play, at his best day allstar

  • Ray Allen plays defense Steph don't

  • Stand still it’s ray or klay but off the dribble it’s Steph by a mile and not a soul in the history of the nba is near him.

  • I mean to be fair a 3 point contest between these 2 wouldnt exactly mean something. I think shooting a 3 pointer in a game means more then a contest

  • Jahlil Okafor if given 35 minutes and 20 shots will easily get 30 points per game. Unfortunately the present coaches are just copycats no initiative. Why should you let centers and forwards take 3 pointers at 29% when a center is shooting about 68% from 10 feet away.

  • Even 2k rated their 3pt shooting better then Allen. 2k10 Eddie House has the highest and James Jones was always top

  • In 2 years years Curry will be the career leader in 3 points made all time. He already has more playoffs 3 pts made ever and he did it it in 91 games. Let's not forget the fact that he's had injuries and still won 2 MVPs (1 and only unanimous). Stop hating and put some respeck on his name!

  • Imo they are pretty different. Steph is so versatile and have crazy good handling skills to create space for himself. Combine that with shooting motion that has a super quick release and allows for nice power transfer to shoot effortlessly from anywhere on the court and you have a scary combo right there.

  • Let's just say ray Allen made the 3s when they counted

  • Why would you embarrass Ray like that. We all know the answer . Ray is one of the all time greats. Leave it alone

  • Back then The NBA Was More Harder Players Play Defense Now NBA Players not playing defense & flopping getting easy free throws

  • Tough call. For my money I'd bet on Ray Allen when it's a clutch moment though.

  • Jared Dudley would make a great analyst

  • Growing up watching Miller and Allen I never thought anyone can out do what they did for decades to come. As biased as I am coming from the 90's Ill be honest I never seen anyone shoot like Curry. Curry is currently the greatest shooter of all time. I can even say Thompson and Harden are even better shooters than all the 90's players.

    • Harden is a stretch the guy is 36% from 3's and the reason he made in so many was because he jacks up like 10 3's a game

  • Let's ask Paul Pierce 🤣

  • How is bill russel celts not the first super team? Didnt they have like 7 hall of fame players

  • He’s saying that the Celtics developed and offseason trades for their super team and now the players decide that saying has nothing to do with the warriors 3/4 for their best we’re drafted and KD was a free agent.

    • Their super team was built more to good coaching then the Celtics team was lol

  • Super team... What was Lakers? Kobe with pieces? Prime Pau Gasol Prime Bynum Prime MWP and Odom Please, superteams existed for as long as we can remember. GSW broke all that, theres litteraly no challenge whatsoever to their reign

    • Celtics chaml team started it its why heat was formed with bron but bosh hardly was a superstar

    • Not even supertesm id say shaw n kobe was more super